we go in the elevator upstairs from the restaurant forces are not present rest and go today to Nama Bay hotel dreams beach resort sharm el sheikh
we stopped 32 corps standard room is close to the beach
close to the pool to one and the second one of them heated 2 central not
heated but about 25 water degrees warm enough next to
There is also an elevator on the You can go down to the beaches and the restaurant
grill house I invite you to the number standard standard room
room with two beds or one big telephone bedside light phone in room
in the evening very good because a lot there is a TV set
small mini bar fridge here you used to be in the system all
included there is a closet with shelves a safe cabinet where
can hang clothes very nice central air conditioning
cool the room well despite that the system is not the first freshness
TV has two Russian channels russia 24 first channel also balcony
terrace on the second floor on the second floor balcony on the first floor terrace hang
swimwear nowhere so I recommend take some rope with you view of the garden partial sea view we live in the building 32 it is located as
once near the beach and near the pool I recommend and
mirror large toilet toilet soap accessories always
report everything there is a shampoo and gel for soul
cream body cream The bath is of course under tired such
number But they clean very clean censures to
there is no cleaning what else is all the hand carpets of work
I seemed