10 World’s Best Islands You Must Visit Before You Die | 4K UHD

10 World’s Best Islands You Must Visit Before
You Die. Whether far or near, islands are a bunch of
unknown experiences and full of nature. If you are planning your next vacation and
want to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city life then island destinations
are your ideal locations. Lush green nature, serene beaches, evenings
over arm chairs and cocktails- islands are a different experience altogether. This article will take you through some of
the best islands across the world that will surely evoke you to spend your next vacation
out there. Spend your Leisure days amidst the hidden
lagoons and unturned nature. Musha Cay, Bahamas:
Our first pick is a privately owned island in the Exuma Chain, in the Southern Bahamas. Illusionist David Copperfield is the owner
of this island. The sandy blue ocean, the private pleasure
is unforgettable. Though the pleasure is pretty expensive but
hitting it once and living a couple of nights in those pretty villas are worth experiencing. Bali, Indonesia:
This iconic island is famous for its picturesque forested volcanic mountains, vast rice fields,
serene beaches and coral reefs. Being home to some of the ancient religious
sites such as Uluwatu Temple, Besakih mother Temple- Bali boasts of its ornate architecture
and lively festivity. Among one of the best honeymoon resorts, Bali
is a must visit island for every traveler out there. Fraser Island, Australia:
It is offbeat and unusual. Famous as the largest sand island in the world,
Fraser is the only place where a dense rainforest has grown on the sand dunes at an elevation
of more than 656 ft. Surprising but it is fact. Explore the rainforest if you desire to or
just stretch out and relax amidst the natural beauty. Maui, Hawaii:
An island in the Central Pacific, Maui is a spectacular island to spend your next vacation
at. The sprawling Haleakala National Park encompasses
the island’s highest peak, volcanic Haleakala. The pools, the waterfalls the winding highways
everything is so beautiful over here. Having a cute nickname, ‘The Valley Isle’,
Maui is an overwhelming island to be at. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador:
Are you up for wildlife-viewing? Then this Pacific Ocean Island should be on
your bucket-list. Playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises
can come closer to you and you can enjoy the most exciting moments of your life over there. Black volcanic rocks, white sand beaches and
stone-blue waters are awaiting your visit. Palau Island:
The Republic of Palau is an island country located in the Central Pacific. It’s magical scenic beauty, emerald forest,
blue lagoon is enough to overwhelm you. Go for kayaking, snorkeling and off-road driving
as they are faboulous. One of the best islands to spend your next
vacation as it provides you with fascinating seascape and stunning diverse marine life. Ischia, Italy:
Ischia is famous for its beaches and healing spas. It is best known for its mineral rich thermal
waters. It is the largest island in the Bay of Naples. Enjoy the abundant gardens, the beauty, the
best bars at Ischia Porto and the chestnut forest over the Monte Epomeo, Ischia’s highest
peak is beyond any description. The Andaman Islands:
Those sun-soaked beaches, lush green forests, divine turquoise blue sea, glorious volcanic
sites, primeval jungle and mangrove forests- The Andaman is just fantastic. Experience the purple sunset from your hotel
room or from the beach and ramble around with your loved ones. Dig into different sea foods and your vacation
is gonna be decked up with beautiful memories. The Cook Islands:
The big thing about the Cook Island is that nature is well preserved from the civilization
here. The service and hotels are of best qualities. The Cook Island is just like a little paradise. The sugar white beaches, warm weather and
friendly locals will help you to enjoy to the maximum. A well-known resort for wildlife visit. The amazing sublime lagoon and underground
cave-pools are a must visit. Maldives:
Our last pick is among one of the world’s ravishing islands. The luminous aquamarine waters, dazzling white
shores, coral islands everything is so refreshing about this island. Fua Mulaku, the largest island among all the
other islands is rich in producing fruits and vegetables. Relish the pristine beach and exclusive house
reefs at Mirihi Islands.