60 minute Surfers Paradise | Gold Coast, Australia | Ambient Sound | Virtual Treadmill Run Walk

Welcome to Treadmill Pack. For 60 minutes we will explore Surfers Paradise Australia; the beach, parks, foreshore paths
and the streets including Cavill Avenue that are the heart of this tourist area. Check the notes for additional information. Subscribe to receive the latest videos and
hit the like button as it makes it easier for others to discover the channel. Turn your preferred music on and lets Go! It is around 7:30 am. Surfers Paradise Beach. On the left is Cavill Avenue Mall; the heart of Surfers Paradise. We will run through there on our return leg. Let’s turn around and look at the scenery behind us. In early 2019 the beaches suffered serious erosion following a cyclone. They are being repaired. Narrowneck Beach. Main Beach. We leave the beach at around the 28 minute mark. Let’s start heading south. Hollindale Park, Southport. Main Beach Parade, Main Beach heading south. We are back at Narrowneck Beach on Main Beach Parade. Sorry, that wasn’t an exit! Let’s head along View Street and take in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise Boulevard. We’ve just turned onto the Cavill Avenue Mall. Cavill Avenue is about resturants, bars and shops associated with beach side living and vacations. Let’s run one block north, then head south on the paths and Surfers Paradise Beach. 5 minutes to go!