Alan shore-“Whatever you can”

– What’s the matter ? – Well the state psychologists
finds you competent to stand trial which we anticipated, but moreover in his judgment you fully
understood the nature and quality of your actions.
Basically he won’t support our insanity defense.
– Did you expect them to? – Well I was hopeful, now listen I hired
our own expert very expensive highly pedigreed he could
be an enormous part of our case, it’s important when you meet with them
to act naughty. – Alan! – I’m certainly not suborning false
testimony, or demeanor be yourself. *BUT* that little fist tapping the thing you do. Do that. -Alan ! – Also, the part where mouths were moving but you
didn’t hear words coming out be sure to include that and if true of
course don’t forget to mention you have no
memory of squeezing a trigger. Your a lovely, sweet man but our whole case rests on you coming off as a loon – Now I have a duty to report you. – I prefaced everything with “if true”. – You
just coached a witness to act crazy ! – Nonsense I said “Be yourself” – Alan ! -Tara ! – Did you hear the part about sweet lovely man ?
That’s true. Do you want that sweet lovely man to go
to prison for the rest of his life ? I’m not talking about observation in a
hospital until is cured. I’m talking about prison, * for the rest of his life * ! – That’s not what this is about! – That’s exactly
what it’s about that’s what it’s always about. You not here to serve a process or an adversarial system second to none in the world, if you’re
lucky you’ll have the opportunity every once
in a great while to defend a decent human being who really
doesn’t belong in prison. You got one here. You know what you do in these situations, Tara ? Whatever you can, nothing more but nothing less.