Baby Megalodon On Beach- real or fake?

Hey did this video really record a six-legged moose as its claims, or is this video Just trying to make us believe something that isn’t true I’ve got the answer to that little mystery plus the answers to a whole bunch of other crazy stuff you guys have been sending in like this picture of a huge shark that just might be a baby Megalodon a Video claiming yoga with goats is a hot new trend a picture that says This is a real Freddy fazbear’s pizza van and a video that wants us to believe this plane can land on trucks say whaaaaaaat [What a Meme] But hey before we get into all that I just want to tell you about our very special sponsor this week War Robots Can you believe it? And just in case you haven’t woken up and smell the coffee yet? 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Okay now that you’re all up to speed on that what do you say we get on with the show can you hear the siren? It’s coming Hey guys, it’s me again, you ready to get started all right, let’s go Number five is this crazy photo showing what claims to be a real Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Delivery van [Fnaf Fans Think] The picture was sent in by area code 954 who just wrote: Bill, is this picture for real? Well nine five four you know if you watch this show you know we have looked and looked and looked for Real evidence of a real Freddy fazbear’s pizza have we have never come up with anything So if this is a real Van I think it’s just a fan of Freddy if you know what I mean, but then again Maybe somebody just cooked the whole thing up in Photoshop I mean you know there’s a lot of people out there that would just love to spend Twenty five hours cooking that up on a computer But the important thing here is how did you vote is your real perfect, okay? Now just to make sure we’re all on the same page if that is a real van and somebody Painted Freddy fazbear’s stuff on it. We’re gonna consider. It real. Okay. All right here. We go The van in the picture.. The picture that claims the van is real Okay is.. 100% is.. FAKE [Remember If you see Fnaf on his vids its totally Fake Tips on real on fake :)] Thanks to Bill’s channel viewer byron maven 22, we now know. This is not a real van It’s a 3D creation of artists TheFishE77 and can be seen on [Where Fnaf Fanbase were] As it turns out fishy creates all sorts of fancy cars for stuff like the xbox game Forza, Motorsport Number 4 is this unbelievable video showing a plane that Lands on a moving truck the video was sent in by the king of hunters who wrote hey Bill I want to know if this video is for real and that plane really can land on a truck well king I think we have to be very careful with this one because you know there’s a lot of videos out there with Airplanes hit are complete feint remember that one where the plane lost a wing it looked real But it turned out to be on a fat fake So what do you guys think it out there? You’re thinking real or maybe some more fancy 3d smoke and mirrors by our friend TheFishyE77 would be either one But just in case you want to know I’m gonna give it the answer right now the plane and the video are both completely REAL According to ABC News stunt pilot Kent patch has been flying this little bird for years at air shows About 10 years ago. He started working with jelly bean maker Jelly Belly’s to help promote their brand Kent says he does it to help people gain more confidence in flying well. Thanks Can I you know I feel like just jumping on a plane right now? Number three is a video that claims to show a girl who? accidentally slips that slides into a burning hot volcano the video was posted as a serious mistake on a channel called freaks of nature Bill’s channel viewer Francisco Sarah sent it to me and asked bill is this video real or fake Francisco I have to tell you you know when I first saw this it was a little bit hard to watch and I you know It’s kind of on the fence whether I should stick it in the show or not, but after I thought about it I realized you know sometimes the truth is more important than protecting Sensitive eyes, and I have the truth right here, so why don’t we just get right to it because this is a very serious one As I suspected this tragic event was indeed captured on camera and Its FAKE.. As many of my facebook reader’s pointed out the original video showed the girls slipping into water Not wobble, and she was not harmed in any way. I want to send out a big Thanks to George Bell for digging up the original clip for Number two is this video claiming to show the hottest trend in yoga Koga, yep, that’s what I said You’ll go with goats crawling all over You the video was sent in by Johnny Rockets server who just wrote bill does this video for real or just a prank? Well Johnny Rockets server. I’ll tell you one I wouldn’t quit my day job if I were you to join this revolution I mean there are some crazy exercise fads out there like shake weights and Electric workout belts like this one man. That is incredible But goats and yoga Seriously, hey, I know how I would vote on this one, but I’m not quite sure about you guys So why don’t we just see what the official? Decision is here. Okay. You ready all right here we go The video claimed the show people came to take a yoga class with Goats crawling on him it is completely here REAL According to a variety of news sources goat Yoga is taking off all over the country Why you ask well just listen to goat owner and yoga instructor, Michelle Trenton. They make people feel good The goats have no boundaries. They’ll do anything We’ll be right back to see what’s up with that weird-looking shark? And now for our number one picture today Is this one a picture that some people say is a baby Megalodon painted up with graffiti? The picture was sent in by Maya Rama Java who wrote bill if this is real than the people who did this should be? Arrested Maya I agree with you completely I mean who would get a thrill out of marking up a poor dead shark like that But you know what I don’t think we’re gonna have to arrest anybody on this one because you know When you look at that picture, and you think about it for a second, it doesn’t even make sense Have you ever seen a shark wash up on the beach and stay vertical like that? I haven’t But then again you never know you know I’ve been wrong about these things before so what are you guys thinking? You’re thinking real? You’re thinking fake. Maybe there’s none. No me. I’ve had one of those for a while. Well. Why don’t we see here? Okay, so shark on the beach the photo everything about it is 100% FAKE Thanks to Facebook reader RJ Abrigana Who was the first one to come up with the answer we now know the image comes from a game called Ark survival evolved Rj. Says it’s supposed to be a Megalodon not a great white, but hey either way. It’s a fake and a fake is a fake Okay well, that’s all the time I have for this video, but hey If you’re thinking about clicking away right now I wouldn’t do that because remember that video with the six legged moose before we do that though I just want to send out a big Thanks to everybody who sends in those crazy photos and videos that you send it every week also Don’t forget If you’ve got a picture or video and you’re not quite sure whether it’s real or not send it in to me at bill’s channel at Please don’t leave links Or suggestions in the comment section because the only thing that’s gonna do is turn me into a bloody shark screaming. You’re driving me crazy See you next time Now about that six legged moose it was scented by Adrian Leo zero seven but solved by Elmer fudge guy who provided a Longer version of the video it’s a real video, but that claim that it shows a moose with six legs well That’s big. It’s actually two moves with eight legs