Beaches or Mountains | Why do we love Beaches | Foxes and Fairies

Having grown up near the beaches , I was never much of a beach person. Whenever someone would ask me Mountains or Beaches, I’d always instantly say Mountains. But I’ve fallen in love with beaches overtime I think it has to do with how insignificant you feel when you’re at the beach. Compared to the vast ocean, compared to the universe, compared to everything else, you seem, your problems your insecurities, your issues, All the good bad and the ugly all of that seems so very small. Yeah, I like that. I like that feeling of calmness. Feeling one with something bigger. That makes me, I think that has made me fall in love with beaches. I discovered beaches very late in life. The first time I ever saw the sea, it felt almost surreal, and it was instant love. Then when I moved to Trivandrum, I’d always cycle up to the beach irrespective of what time of the day it was. And I could spend hours and hours just looking at it Thank you so much guys for watching till the end. I am Ajith I am Lakshmi and together we like exploting new places whenever we get a chance. This is our first video. we’ll try and keep uploading more videos like this. So if you liked our content, please subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to leave a comment below. See you guys back again soon. Peace