Best time for Lure Fishing on the Beach. (3am- Sunrise)

Here’s a quick recap We’re still in Cape Cod on day 4 of hunting for keeper sized striped bass for dinner We spent the first few days looking for fish and managed to find some blue fish yesterday, but that isn’t exactly what we’re looking for This morning, we’re here at the same spot an hour earlier And this time we’re using bucktails and fishing deeper in hopes to weed out bluefish and hit a big striper {Brendon:] Oh! WOAH! Did you see that!? Woah! That’s a stripe! That’s a stripe! Nice! I- That jumped right out of the water for it Yeah! Not 28″ though I wanna keep one to eat! [Erin:] You got a stripe [Brendon:] Yea, we both got stripes [Erin:] Nice! [Erin:] Nice one, Pablo [Brendon:] You on one? Ooohhh! [Erin:] 3 on at a time right now! [Brendon:] STRIPE! StRIPE! [Erin:] Ooohhh It’s a nice one! [Brendon:] Yes! I hit him on the swim! There’s so many bluefish and I still put it- I put it on cuz I know that it- it- stripers love it! Look at that moon! [Erin:] The Harvest moon? [Brendon:] I was talkin’ about your face [Erin:] What? [Brendon:] I was talkin’ about your face Think that’s a compliment…? So NOOOOO! NOOO! It finally happened I just can’t believe it lasted that long Dang That landed me some nice fish though This Black Diamond can WING IT! 6 ounces! I can just sling 6 ounces! This thing on itself is like 3 1/2, 4 ounces right here this- This, uh, topwater plug oh my gosh The Black Diamond Phenix Rods we’re giving one away for our 250,000 subscriber giveaway! *Battle Cry* HYAAAAHHH!!! get one for yourself That’s for fish cakes! [Pablo:] Did you get them all on, um, topwater? [Brendon:] Yea, these hit topwater That’s it. They didn’t hit anything else for me Here’s morning’s catch [Erin:] Wow! Wow Got some nice ones! [Brendon:] Yeah, I mean these are just the bluefish. We can’t keep the striped bass [Erin:] Right [Brendon:] So, we kept the bluefish to make some fishcakes! [Erin:] Right [Brendon:] Look at this mess of lures here I- I had to take a hook sharpener out at some point in the morning because I hit- I hit so many striped bass I was like “This has got to be dulling” So, I started sharpening my hooks And then I lost it right then and there No more bucktail So I had to use a 5 ounce bucktail which was so heavy Stuff got crazy! [Erin:] It DID get crazy [Brendon:] It got really crazy *Singing* In the dance floor silly, the ladies wanna see me [James:] Were you jigging it at all? [Brendon:] Barely- so, I was only jigging it to feel the bottom [James:] Yeah [Brendon:] Slow, slow, slow, Boom, Boom, Boom! oh my gosh, I hit like 3 or 4 like that [James:] No way! [Brendon:] Yeah! [James:] 3 or 4 this morning? [Brendon:] 3 or 4 just on that one. And then jigs, I hit like 6 [James:] You hit 6 stripers!? [Brendon:] I had so many stripers! [James:] That’s awesome [Brendon:] Because I learned how to jig! like, starting from Sebastian uh, like being able to feel that bottom is the most important part yeah And look at that fanny pack We have those available in our store, it carries everything you need for uh, a nice morning of fishing [Erin:] *laughing* What are you doing? [Brendon:] I was trying to get some honey! I couldn’t get it. I couldn’t reach it Ok, so we’re back at the campsite and I’m ready to cook up some bluefish First, I’m just gonna start by rinsing all these off to get the salt and
get any kind of sand or any scales off of it and then I gonna pan fry it up [Erin:] That looks good!
[Brendon:] Mmmm [Brendon:] And basically what we’re gonna do with this meat is let it cool down, pick off the meat, take out any kind of bones, mix it with mayo, relish, and and uh Ritz crackers What else do we put in it? [Erin:] egg yolk [Brendon:] Oh! And an egg yolk, mix it up, ball it up, and pan fry it into what, what looks like a crab cake And it tastes very similar to a crab cake as well It’s actually one of my favorite ways to eat bluefish So, I’m just gonna finish cooking up this meat and I’m gonna save it for dinner And I’m taking you to a very special place to eat this, Erin [Erin:] Aw, really? [Brendon:] Yeah, can you guess where? [Erin:] Where? [Brendon:] You’re gonna have to find out. I’m not gonna tell you. You have to guess. What do you think? [Erin:] Ummmm [Brendon:] It’s not Disney World [Erin:] Is it the Canal? [Brendon:] No, not the Canal. I’m gonna- you’ll see All right, look where we are [Erin:] My favorite place to be with you [Brendon:] Oh my gosh, I love this place oh my god, and we’re gonna go fishing right after this [Erin:] Startin’ to bubble [Brendon:] Ok. Ready to eat [Erin:] Ok [Brendon:] Here are the final- here’s the final dish Bluefish cakes right here with the Hawaiian rolls. And then- beautiful movie It’s gonna be good [Erin:] Yeah Oh, thank you [Brendon:] Alright, let’s dig in Let’s see how we like the cakes MMmmm That is good [Erin:] That is SO good [Brendon:] Isn’t it? [Erin:] Mmm cheers! Tastes like a less crabby crab cake [Brendon:] It tastes like a less crabby crab- it has a very similar texture though, right? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon:] I mean, look at it look at it How do you guys like to make bluefish? This is my favorite way to make bluefish If you’ve tried this recipe before, I want you to comment below and let me know I’m gonna go watch the movie now, guys. See ya!