BEST Way to Meet Girls in the Daytime [Beach Vlog]

Girl: My name is Andrea. Student: Andrea, you speak good English! You were saying the beginning “No English” you’re such a liar, I like your accent, it’s cute!
Matt: Hey guys I’m in Cancun Mexico right now teaching a workshop on how to
meet girls in daytime situations as well as nighttime situations and you might be
wondering why would you come to Cancun a party destination to meet girls during
the daytime? Well the answer is very simple – because there’s no competition
during the daytime and women definitely fantasize about meeting a guy during the
daytime at a coffee shop, a bookstore, at the beach, or any random situation a lot
more than they fantasize about meeting a guy at a bar or club when they’re, you
know, wasted or on tinder so the thing that I love about day game is that girls
are really friendly during the day, I mean they’re friendly all the time even at
nighttime – but see what I mean? And of course in Cancun there’s
sometimes a little intoxicated which which could help? You’re not drunk why
not? During the daytime there’s a lot less distractions than at night you
don’t have to worry about her friends most of the time then she could be up by
herself walking down the street shopping or getting off work, and you don’t have
to worry about that loud music and talking over the music, and plus you’re
both sober so you can actually have a real moment together. I just saw you two check out some of our guys hanging out
with the girls playing frisbee having a good time. What’s the process of
meeting women during the daytime? Well it’s very simple because it’s generally
gonna be a very short conversation cuz people are busy during the daytime you
know she like I said she’s on her way to work or she’s shopping or meeting a
friend or something like that so it should be like a two or three-minute
conversation max it’s longer than that or you want it to be longer than that
then just take her on an instant date right then and there, and we want to get
to the chase like I said we want to cut to the chase, people are busy during the
day we don’t want to ask some indirect question that turns into a long topic
and you know doesn’t even do anything for you, and it turns out she has a
boyfriend, we want to find out those things really quickly, we don’t want to
waste any time during the day so we want to be direct. Give a direct compliment
tell her exactly why you’re there and why you approached her. this looks like you That shows that you’re honest and that
you’re confident when you give her a compliment you say something like I just
saw you here and I had to come over and talk to you because you are absolutely
stunning, that shows that you believe that she should be attracted to you,
because if you didn’t think she’d be attracted back you wouldn’t do that
right so that shows a lot of confidence and also shows that you’re honest it
also shows that you go for what you want which is a leadership quality that women
find very attractive. Okay so be direct with a direct
compliment like you’re something like I just saw you in the distance and I would
kick myself if I didn’t come over and meet you
or this is totally unexpected and I don’t usually do this but I just saw you
here and I thought it’d be a good idea to meet you hi and then just introduce
yourself so literally as easy as that to just say what’s on your mind just tell
her the truth hey real quick this is totally random, but I was just walking by
and I saw you girls absolutely stunning. Today I found this awesome
spider-man mask, sorry my voice is a little raspy it’s been six days of
non-stop gaming, anyways I’m gonna have the students approach wearing a
spider-man mask. So after you approach and compliment her and introduce
yourself how do you keep the conversation going?
What should you say what should you ask? Well, there’s obviously tons of different
options but what I recommend since you don’t know anything about her and at
that point you shouldn’t want to get her phone number yet really or want to go on
a date with her yet because you don’t know anything about her and you should
have higher standards than just her looks, women like guys who have some
standards and guys that are a challenge, so I recommend that you qualify her by
asking a qualification question, something that you actually care about. I
like to just say well tell me one cool thing about you girls besides say your
sisters. I don’t really know because personally I like a girl that
has a passion so I just ask that or I might say something like tell me
something cool about you like what are you all about what what do you love to
do and if I really want to make it more challenging I might add on something
like, because I don’t know anything about you and I don’t know if we can hang out
yet. Which you know saying something like that shows it shows that I’m still not
sure about her yet, yes, I think she’s pretty and that’s the reason I
approached her, her looks are what got my foot in the door but I don’t know if I
want her phone number yet. I don’t know if I want to go on a date with her yet,
she has to prove herself to me right? It’s that mindset that you are the prize
yes she’s the prize – of course it doesn’t mean that you think you’re
better than anybody better than her but it just means that you’re not needy that
you have standards and that you want to see if she lives up to any of those
standards totally diss my friends but tell me something that you’re passionate
about? So once you’ve asked your qualification
question and you’ve had a conversation with her and you’ve gotten to know her a
little bit even just for 30 seconds to a minute or two and you found out she’s
kind of cool now you have a reason to get her phone number other than her
looks if you get her phone number only because she’s cute then the number won’t
be as solid sometimes that works fine but sometimes it’s just not enough like
she didn’t have to work to attract you people value what they have to work for
and people appreciate what they have to work for so now it’s time to go for the
phone number or contact information social media is fine Facebook Instagram
snapchat or basic SMS and it’s real easy just tell her here put your number of my
phone and hand her your phone assume she’s gonna give it to you don’t wait
for her to say yes and then hand it to her hand it to her as you say that and
don’t ask her if she wants to give you her phone number don’t say can I have
your phone number or is it cool if I call you just assume she wants to give
it to you because you’re a fucking awesome guy so assume she likes you and
tell her to give you her phone number instead of asking that works much better
and you can also go for an instant date right then and there it’s at the beach
you can go for a walk or you can go swimming in the ocean or you can go grab
a drink or go grab ice cream if you’re at the mall or a shopping area you can
grab coffee or grab tea or you can ask her to come shopping with you and help
you pick out some shoes or a shirt or something so go for an instant date find
out what is she doing right now just ask her if she’s busy what if what are you
up to right now and she’s not busy then say hey let’s go grab coffee
and then go do that and boom you’re on a date right then and there you’ll be
surprised at how often that works so if you haven’t tried approaching a woman
during the day or if you’ve only done it in a very indirect method you know kind
of beating around the bush then try this out man because it absolutely works and
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