Bondi Beach walking with a GoPro7 | Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach. Sydney, Australia December 2, 2018 Basically, I got a chance to visit Sydney and I had to wait for my hotel And my hotel was on Bondi Beach as well So, I had to come back at 2pm So I walked around for a couple hours and I took all of this video right here I took all of this with a GoPro7 Camera I also have some different footage with a different camera. The other camera has a zoom lens I was able to do more distance types of things The GoPro7 has its limitations Basically it is a camera that is good for walking So I can put it on my chest And sits about at my abdomen area Basically it just points straight ahead Whatever my body is facing towards, it captures on film. So you can see that is isn’t very easy for me to… Turn around without making a strange… a gesture to spin my body around So that is one of my limitations You can’t zoom in on a GoPro7 You can zoom in a little bit But you have to pre-set it, and you can’t do much else Basically, why am I doing this? The purpose is because I want to record something in history Times change fashions change The way a city exists, and what is there, changes I think Bondi Beach, it is… It’s a very interesting place right now I have a feeling that in 50 years, it will be similar Maybe different stores, but The vibe will be similar All of the clothing will be different and the way people dress and act will be different So it is interesting to capture that kind of thing It might also be a day for people’s anniversaries There might be different things that this day that it might be interesting to have recorded equally on this day or this year Also, at this time in history. YouTube There are a lot of people putting things on YouTube And I’ve been watching stuff where people travel they go to different cities and record everything in the city while they walk Basically, this is an inspiration from one of those kinds of videos So, I just took my GoPro Put it on my body And I got my swimwear on And just walk up and down the beach Around different places You can see my walking down the main road Which is where the businesses are at So, okay I hope you enjoy it Maybe it’s interesting to you on some level Maybe it’ll have some nice historic value someday Or maybe you’ll want to reminisce what Bondi was like Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time there Or you want to spend time in Bondi And you can get a real good sense of what it’s like to be walking up and down the ocean and beaches It’s a beautiful place I was also debating if I should put some music to this or not I decided that I’m… just let you hear all of the sounds Basically you can hear the sound of the ocean more than anything Sometimes you can hear people… talking or shouting or yelling different things. Maybe it’s interesting Originally, I was going to put music on it But maybe I can just give you that choice Maybe you want to watch it, and you can play YOUR music and just silence mine silence my sound of the ocean and people yelling and screaming and having a good time So you get that liberty. Maybe put on something you want to hear Just enjoy for an hour and watch the sea and reminisce Bondi Beach Alright, enjoy! Actually, December 2nd Okay, if you made it here… You must have really enjoyed this video I’m glad that I was able to make this for you I think it might have some merit Maybe 30 years from now, 30 years from now It might be a time capsule of exactly what it was like at Bondi Beach in 2018. December. It might also be a date of people’s anniversaries or some kind of special significance You never know I was thinking that things that are recorded say in 1959 Then someday, you know… It hits the light of day, and it can be very interesting So, alright, hope you enjoy it I made this YouTube Channel I’ve been calling it ‘Get Sidetracked’ So this has been one of my creations Please subscribe to the channel and show some love and support