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little tired today everywhere you have to get up quite early and start early
and we’ve got a busy day ahead of us us um just me later okay don’t work to
do after this don’t give me back it’s gonna be like lunch EP sorry
and then that feet high stop like you could be right about that
I’m right all the time I know your routine everyone knows your routine you
can ask anyone in the shot yes bright lighting as much help as he can offer is
as per usual if it’s not clash of clans we have no idea what’s going on so we’ve
already got next that bright lighting nice how to play I’m assuming you’ve
came joins at any point he would know how to play to say keep the tips coming
bright lightning my morale moderated skills have significantly degraded now
it doesn’t matter I’m excited just my mom is making us clean the house so much
it’s like I want to make you clean the house to summer cleaning and here we go this mess to begin with so bright saying
first press the compass if you find a chest click it for jams away their
stinky so there’s anyone got any plans for the
upcoming no don’t know if they have long or short holidays it depends where you
are in the world I guess that almost looks like a stray Lea timing a little
bit first you press there and I’ll read that one already see this Christmas
music isn’t that Christmasy where is dingleberry think about yeah
where is that there is a chest he missed it and ebony says she’s on summer break
awesome I take you you might get a couple of months ebony if I’m not
mistaken they wouldn’t start until February something like that why are you
guys going very holiday yes is anyone going anywhere during the holidays what’s going on there stinky reading
away two months well February the fourth that’s a long holiday maybe some that
around Chinese New Year to February the fourth I have no idea when is Chinese
New Year look at the clouds on this map yeah remind you of any other game there
are going to the beach I see we can do this here you go to the beach during
Christmas for summer get his suntan go for a swim so awesome Begay says bright
sea must have done something right yeah I saw the chef’s now nice one so I got
one did you get James yes is ebony barbecue on the beach oh I might
I might not make it this one when I hear a boom of each click on where it seems
to cost gold to unlock more of the map you’ll need to upgrade your radar to
that fair feather in the future to get that one stinky mmm awesome they’re a
little bit quiet in the chat today it’s going on there
the tvz wrapping presents for their family and friends oh I don’t have to
keep all the defense thing I just need to queue the townhall basically and then
everything else dies yeah nice one no we’re not seeing my dad bake is my dad’s
dog is really sick that’s no good hopefully the dog will get better same
it’s not good when you have a sick bit now what kind of breed of dog is it I
won’t make sure to use your artillery make sure to use your artillery he’s
thinking use it on defenses all say reinforce your troops troops you only
have two riflemen left set see hello sir how are you welcome to an early
Christmas I guess you might be streaming between now and then what are some of
our traditional stuff we do for Christmas should we go to the beach this
year stinky good then I don’t get me tacky where’s the tank you are the only
one who will really want to eat it are you telling me stink cats not gonna
want to eat some turkey I got her wet for Turkey last year before ah yeah we
got her before Christmas but she was so young at that time I don’t think she
maybe maybe maybe she ate that I don’t know I’m sure she’d like it more Turkey
for Christmas the sausage dog sausage doc you stink
pants likes to – ham danger you know sausage dog long skinny buddy
with stumpy little legs it looks cute but it doesn’t look convenient for them
to walk at all upgrade your gunboat says bright in
riflemen terms I believe one gem equals one rifleman stinky see the Builder is
still busy so cannot get more raids this was a shout out to Cana I think he was
the one that suggested boomer Beach I think he is a big fan of supercells he
is he suggested a few supercell names there might have been bright matt has
been suggested a few times wait for the storage says Brighton be
putting up any decorations this year stinky aside from the ones the word
taken down last year what you don’t have a Christmas stocking
day I have a Labrador and a staff across bulldog but in a fucking random says can
you play a hay day Jake it’s actually not – they’re all not doing too badly
for use at the moment maybe everyone’s in the Christmas spirit
he knows what he’s Haidee joke well that was because I was playing it on my eye
and stinky uh-huh the chat went on the strike they wanted this thing panty
let’s say much into the pay dirt stinky good Jake pay Todd I’d like to tell a
joke about dogs but it’s a little bit risque should I ask your name maybe not
it’s a Jacobi out of Bulldog and a shit thing I don’t know your job so even
though I know I am not sure I’m gonna laugh so you know laugh anyway Oh
congratulations random good a hundred subs we got a DoD forever awesome for
ebony bright lightning I can record a video and send it on discord so you can
get a better idea of how to attack you have a live live update they’re stinky
we could give it a shot Oh quark relaxing is here hello a hell
are you um this is pushing the memory I believe that they’re Vietnamese I’d like
to see some child if I got that right should I yeah he can if you like I’m not
sure how we’re going to watch that while she’s playing and doing the chapter we
can work something out hopefully we got the clouds on that map you’ve opened up
more have any bar the only thing is if he’s off to do that he maybe everybody
give his tutorials during the game we need more people that know how to play
it and Crocs also saying hi to bright lightning awesome that you’re all
getting along they’re together special plans for the weekend stinky
what do you think they’re doing what do you mean what are you doing
working gaming well Christmas that’s nothing open for during Christmas Day
right so I’m not working for sure but a busy day today I don’t know it’s kind of
Meeks I have to white yeah what’s going on man
upgrading upgrading upgrading you can’t attack now Merry Christmas to you too
Kwok relaxing do you have anything special planned for Christmas any
traditional foods presents that sort of thing it’s not that far away counting
down the days leaving out cookies and milk for Santa hmm no I’m not why you
late them you leave me out though he ate and still not gonna leave man for me I
mean Santa for you that’s it for you Santa comes in all shapes and sizes he
does if you believe he will come yo islands doing well there stink pad sites
Xmas says everything it’s just that we never celebrated it’s not our public
holiday in my country it’s a different culture yeah we just go around watching
for the light that’s all we did and chopping because this chopping time do
you get discounts during this time wow this is why we need bright here well
maybe I shoulda said don’t do that you can just chat ease way through it are you worried about it so there’s lots
of different things I guess people do isn’t there stinky mmm
you wait for the new year but I’m going to work during boxing days so busy – BBC
people we light it up on presents related gifts
well maybe not present so much but but you know you buy something for yourself
ah that’d be right where’s my present stinky what do you want just get them
for yourself wow I’m not really thinking of anything
miss you suppose it’s no in games here how are you how are you another regular
no least eleven tell me what you aren’t fair
Please Please do you compression socks oh yes but the one that I’m so I think
us one that I found pro compression sock they got the deal by five for two or
something like that oh that’s a cheap Christmas for ADC compression so it’s
expensive evany says to get you chocolates but you
only like the one kind really isn’t it yeah I only like oh she loved the
Ferrero Rocher hmm cap do anything stink I have to wait until you know like they
feel in the what do you call that the squat the landing craft even this early
in the game you have to wait yeah that’s like I only have one builder so it takes
time how do you get a second builder a cop
ding you can’t yet oh dear I don’t know if this is a good game to play live mix
it up with clash of clans so I might have to take everything up on her office
she says to get your chocolate and Reggie might not wear the mic you very
much I’m going to give to the homeless people if you gave me that I’d like the
Vegemite too probably you getting some supplies chance tools
upon our advance open it and pick the reward now the Builder is a reward there no one
said anything about their Christmas leash West was there I’m in the mood for
Christmas yet just may not even the stink we have to do a final shop what
else do you need except turkey you gotta add some rice for that turkey too
lobster or some kind of seafood I will be over it then you’ll love that if it’s
Turkey again I didn’t know there is a thing called a veggie mine is that like
a bagel Vegemite bagel what this is from ebony did you know
there’s a thing called the bed Jim oh is it another brand I don’t know my mom is
another brand in Coles and shops like that we must check it out it’s in a jar
so this is like a jam mixed with something what should I get wood or go
or diamond but diamonds gonna be like gem so you know to use for speed up
something or upgrade something instant but that’s only one game is good so
truly get wood or go wood should be something like Alison I guess hmm use it
for something great something with bright because he’s the one that would
have given us that the advice he’s disappeared to make a video there were
my issues whatever it is freewill s20 go per hour what do you
mean can press can’t press looks like is somewhere you can click folder chess
later on I guess it’s a 20 go for hours I’d have to keep checking on it and
press later boy say gee I think that’s what it takes
these clash of clans games for some of them may take a wild I’m a supercell I
should say glory it’s like a Vegemite we’re gonna have to check this out
stinky Benji mine you’ll try some of that you’re willing to try anything
Archie traditional theme song let me know if you want to change this yes you
don’t really play Christmas carols in a household much Davey alright we’re gonna
up the tempo of the music a bit keep stinky awake back to the normal stuff sticky say to
Ibis is pretty quiet today maybe we haven’t picked the right game
stinky the bride lining the foot random played this game too and definitely came
they all play it oh I see I need to upgrade to never fall first can I change
the truth yay yay what did you get for there what did you guys get for the
family that’s a good question we’ve got some perfume for for one
person some socks for the other but it was requested more socks coming for
stinky it’s a sake Christmas and stink pants what did you get in health items
oh that’s for my mom fish always he requested and my sister also requests
was some other likes fresh your cream that kind of things cause maybe cosmetic stuff hmm and have you put in
any requests no what about you Evan he what did you get for the family for
Christmas canes here finally boom beach well we need a bit of help came there’s
not a lot that she can do it looks like it takes time for everything is that the
the plan they’re stinky counter-attacks because I I just lost the attack so I
need to upgrade first I suppose finally a billion beach not too sure
what’s happening with the notifications either what can’t you be there stinky
see Kane she’s gonna need some help but did you guys get for Christmas ease fear
friends and family they’re asking the questions they’re not answering them
stinking just like you how about what do you want chocolate chocolates always
good I just bought you um nearly your cheesecake yes so that’s that uh ebony
says she got a a sista scrunchies and lip balm and the other sees two gift
cards they’re good presents for girls are they then yeah maybe I am getting a
little weak sico is sneezing a lot yesterday that’s the second person in
the chat that says you don’t sound very good yeah you know the way that here is
really ready to love smiling damn it was forty three great before and
then the next day was down to like what 1943 degrade degree day summer we have
right before Christmas forty-three sells his evany got a coffee mug with coffee as
well for the mum that’d be a good present I don’t mind coffee and coffee
mugs making my hot chocolate I waited some are not winter done tweeting it’s
summer here well it’s much better today isn’t it
better than the 43 degree day crazy cane we need you tips on what to do with this
game bright was giving his tips but he’s gotten to give us more in the the
discord I think well stinky is buying stuff I can see their cane what did you
get your family for Christmas anything or nothing she got a brother a book
Oh what kind of book is a curious tonight what the brother raids
oh you’re building a lot of stuff right now stinky what are you guys the
villages who want a book I want a book I don’t mind reading books came there good
yo you don’t really rate that much not after University kind of ruined it for
me that’s weak you got Google for then
YouTube either watch it if you really lazy or read on it up on that tree
Google oh I understand it right it’s just like
no ELISA Jim okay what about attacking cannot get
because I just changed my troops I mean upgrading soil so have to wait
until it’s finished in one and twenty second one minute 20
seconds alright suppose it’s not too long the wait is it I don’t know what
the plate is that lot Cain requested preen peach and he doesn’t know what to
do he hasn’t played it for that long no it’s I’m getting a message from bright
anger doo-doo-doo-doo tired again a quick cos
it sucked what what kind of request we play it
then he says equated that I’ve just sent a message to bride saying better than
you come in the chat because even the person that requested the game can’t
tell us and the client I guided what do you suggest to get for christmas is
coming that’s three three days when are we
gonna go shopping instinct running at a time the turkey we can do tomorrow rep
bag is crying out for turkey she’s she’s not she said I remember last year one
more turkey I can eat more what do you got there stinky you’re
doing Eric oh you can actually check basis yeah
just like war you can scout first nice and then new years is not far away as
well stinky may be sweet oh but that’s a lot of bombs I see you
only got two troops yeah but this guy is loaded machine gun you like having the
upper hand the advantage in gaming is an extension I don’t think I’m gonna win
oh man then it’s hot didn’t you only have to take at the base
base she said and then that’s it yeah but if you go this way bomb this way
it’s like maybe that’s why they call a Boomer Beach I don’t know if it’s rich
to gold day ah good old a good this thing hang on
I’m still learning okay I’m still learning
stinky lens I need another cup of coffee struggling to stay awake up this one maybe I should mix it okay but he got prepared for rare he’s that
randoms back awesome Ally random yeah being all very quiet in the chat today
I think everyone’s feeling lethargic like us huh how come cuz the cat jumped
on this all night and this morning wanting attention I’ll stink fist what a space achievement blah blah blah
high school okay okay oh I am struggling giveth today I’ve still got a tough year
and stayed struggling to stay awake peered out is hopeless today relying on
the stink pants coming treats not a lot I can comment in here you have to wait
for pretty much everything so maybe I should’ve gone her to stop what was
getting I was thinking of doing that you have a nice family game yeah this heaps
of them I need an lady to like oh you should do it
the Lauzon performed quite well so are we shouldn’t yeah they did that artwork
in the live chat see that mm-hmm the smiley faces he hasn’t goodies
normal name back yet he said something you have to wait a month or three months
or whatever it is oh why because you’re a strict that is
to the number of times you can change the name oh it was just another waiting
game really isn’t it time that’s probably why he’s gone all quiet
he said play bay rage I don’t play it anymore they’re having their cold Christmas over
there compared to our 180 years stinky
put on the air-conditioner over there they probably got the snow shoes on do you like the Tramp RAM in this night
during a Christmas what what Christmas is traditional for many parts of the
world but I mean what experience it so how do I know if I like it or not its
thigh it’s called well I only went to the snow once you remember in the
mountain around here mouth Bobo I’m too cold for you wasn’t it it was windy
actually my friend suggest to go and now the place with the ski resort and like
they have a ski or snowboard what do you call it like a lesson hmm well you can
stay so you’d like to snowboarding I reckon I don’t know ski or snowboard
something something but looks like it’s kind of not to have to land on ebuy
fails under snow so it’s okay soft smile yes had snow know what no not all stays
soft I’m touched snow is soft once you’ve been trampling on it for a bit it
becomes quite compact so a lot of the slopes in in Australia particularly
during the this new season and not after a heavy snake you know I have quite hard
surfaces we have a fairly rarely beaming powdered snow you gotta get in there
early Peabody’s I can’t greet that did say
tiny get the card I’m a card
and he’s stinky fades creative but I don’t spank Queen of Hearts or queen of
diamonds queen of diamonds cheese oh dear
you do have to wait it so anyway he can boost those troops that’s a night yes
problem is even if we switch to clashing cleanse I’ve only got one or two attacks
left you want to switch to the wall or something no you can’t do that we’re
stuck with it like hey here and yet hey days getting your views that dark a day
another super self game myself yeah that’s just it’s like what do you call
it the game that you forced me to blame in our first many crime wheel
yeah that one it’s a lot like that oh I’d like to play that one yeah you do
if you e you probably think it more entertain some have people we’re
watching it surprisingly but these love is the same kind I’ll be ruined today
said play any said play and lastly cutting plane bearing beach gets in says
I don’t play this and I have to spend more to attack why you find an easy base
that’s not easy that’s not easy bears any of a few to choose from dang it’s not that many there
yeah well and do you like the layout of these
islands you can get away from the beach two
extra resources stink pants her dear stinky pants she’s doing the
raid everybody’s sleeping they’re all sleeping in stinky and you staying awake I’m definitely getting to put a little
bit of extra typing in the translations each time what do you mean so it doesn’t
translate the common changes change things up a bit it’s a bit up with you
try to keep to a regular schedule but neither of us really wanted to stop this
one today did we live and learn maybe just do it when you can as opposed to
forcing it they’re all so quiet maybe it’s just be
a quiet Christmas game played no common treatment ah read available no
commentary boomer beats Christmas with a bit of reggae music background music I know he’s the most famous reggae artist
Bob Marley oh yeah okay I have heard but well I know what kind of reggae music
sounds like but I don’t really know like the a tease
Oh anything these sounds like reggae music daesil
sounds like Bob Marley looking for more basis to attack so you can do it quicker random the be McCain he’s still here
anyone thinking of dreaming on the beach get out there get a suntan go for a swim
have a picnic I’ll be having a white Christmas Boston late white Christmas
yeah I think that’s what they not pray for that’s the wind right for wish for
what is my Christmas when it snows Jane and Christmas when I wake up to this
night maybe it’s just the influence of American television that you have that
vision of cold frosted windows Larry outside love and fire babies that’s cool
then what’s the point because you’re inside where it’s warm eating the hot
food opening presents doing whatever the christmas traditions that you would
normally do in your household think about it like you’re one moon festival
that’s Chinese river festival okay we don’t we don’t want rain well we like
sunny clear skies that’s true Santa Claus also known as father Christmas
Saint Nicholas st. Nick Kris Kringle or simply Santa this is a legendary figure
originating in the Western Christian culture and is said to bring gifts
that’s and also known as the fat man Batman I tried to tell her Christmas
Jake in a previous frame it didn’t didn’t go down that well I messed it up
Oh should I do it again I don’t think you’re paying attention anyway okay you
ain’t be paying attention again he’s fat is going too much Christmas puddings and
sad old come if you believe in him keep asking him to drop presence he will no I
can’t says he doesn’t believe in Santa I have seen a Christmas present from Santa
and we’re not that many years ago sometimes he sends them by mail these
days it’s a little hard to get to get a
Christmas present from Santa well trade you did it’s fine with its I’m Santa
maybe not yes it was spied by Center was parents
buy you presents but that’s the sacred they Santa it
makes it look like the cards are from your pair
it’s written by your parents but they’re from Santa’s ubiquitous Universal he’s
everywhere you just leave your milk and cookies out
see if they disappear see if you get present in your sock or under the
Christmas tree from Santa then you’d believe time convincing the
kids of that these days isn’t it they all think it’s not true it’s like the
Tooth Fairy I still expect money under my pillow
you got that stinky have a hold of mr. fat on the boom beach like a beached
whale he gave me clothes for Christmas well
League a Santa gives clothes for Christmas and some Christmas yeah you do
you only need compression socks I gave you some Christmas clothes and I had to
manage to start attacking a lot faster than before
quite well they’re stinky the game is accelerating I’m not sure what kinda clothes where they came
winter warmers I mean random with a winter warmers or
summer cool Downers what if they keep you cool during the
summer never heard the expression just babydoll would love to go out and I have
the holidays let’s do that I mean doing your placement Dollarama
clades Dollarama stores today I’ve played t space hey dude you need you to
dollar store just again clothes see man are you saying he get household items
he’s gonna say yes you say no you’re a two dollar store aficionado you get in
there and look it all up I want this and that nice Dollarama stores easy freaky clown these extinct writing
plane I’m impressed you’ve got a damn pack what about making stuff for Christmas you ever made well not for Christmas for
you but made gifts for family and friends there’s a place to purchasing
them never made a macaroni necklace macaroni meknes it’s a necklace made out
of macaroni uh that’s so cheap makes for a great Christmas present
say look it’s like shells for the sea and you know put it here not water might
not last too long give me for Christmas this year
that’s another thing that we don’t do but they do in other countries
decorating your Christmas tree and possibly other areas of yes with popcorn
on a string yeah they they grab some string put some
popcorn on it wrap it around a Christmas tree so it looks like snow you never
seen that no not on the television know what helpful even random saying let’s
say sure about these guys where am I going on the suggestions of the the dod
the subscribers that say hey ladies looking a came it’s gone very quiet I
can’t believe he said that well take these one short today things
it’s right before Christmas people have probably got better things today and
then on top of that we’ve got other stuff to me today go he’s thinking you
want to change your game but kick out next up we’ll be having our Oh what
are we going to clash of clans is it so you can’t do anything for half an hour
inhale I can’t I still can now but then at some point when I upgrade everything
you know next upgrade do you remember clash of clans at first
level it’s gonna be like okay one minute two minutes five minutes blah blah blah
but then next will be half an hour and then it will increase oh dear
so after I finished this level it will be like half an hour should be some
point now we give a switcher be given can she blends it cuz that’s gonna be
you can’t do nothing for half an hour that’s I do you wanted me to play your
game you’re relying on me way too much it my lack of common skills did you were
to do that now we won’t have to switch to clash of clans and Raymond guys your
call because then I’m gonna have to come back to it anyway after one raid that’s
crazy Christmas is an annual festival
commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ observed primarily on the 25th of
December porty I’m starting to hiccup again religious cultural celebration
among billions of people around the world stinky not including you and
old-school Canadian traditions involved using popcorn as decoration see
Canadians they do it one day Wow yeah because I would want to
eat it at some point wouldn’t you want to actually eat the popcorn munch at the
stick the face in there on the tree that’s right on the popcorn then they
have snow you’re gonna eat very cold popcorn well
true but you can’t bring the snow in from outside down on your tree
let me just water it little dude it’s like Dane I should never have chosen
these games when you could be poor well I gotta blame myself today
day one it’s still fun just not the most exciting one to stream cane you got up
here your game when it comes to suggesting them cuz he really only
suggested it very recently big fan of supercell here it’s ax4 supercell doing
a lot but also he got some successful like the brand granny did well still
doing well and I don’t mind you’ve got to get them all out there like I said
hey he’s still been getting views crazily enough I suspect this one may as
well but we might have team dispersed it with one an attack on o’clock o’clock
and then come back no 8 IP I made very Adam you should see the view he’s on a
right what is it a tummy three weeks old it’s not doing too badly boo dot d you
guys have a Christmas tree stink pants but yes we do there is the story with
Christmas in the products dingbats our sold first of all it’s a tiny little
Christmas tree they’re bought minis I move around a lot to ratbag has taken
pretty much all the baubles off the Christmas tree and uses them as play
toys pretty much a favorite plate toys these little balls number three you
don’t even take the decorations off it you bring it out of the living room and
you lay it down it in another room stink pants that’s the Christmas train
whatever year guys do you have a big one fresh one we’re having that discussion
the other day whether you should get a fresh Christmas tree or plastic one
stink pad suggested using it for fire words afterwards
isn’t it chop it up for a bit of firewood afterwards
commander well say Caine’s saying next place I was commander I was so tempted
to play that today kinda going on his suggestion with the boom beach when I
was actually thinking about Star Wars commander kiss let’s face it the last
Star Wars one that’s doing alright because of that me Star Wars movie I’d
suggest hashtag teen Tracy’s a plastic one Grinch cheer the Grinch we don’t
have we don’t have so do any other Christmas celebratory things sting pants
that makes you a drenched you know you hear the Grinch is they the Green Man
tries to ruin Christmas you’re talking about God things sort of looks a bit
like a goblin I’m talking about the fact that don’t have Christmas turkey
where’s the Christmas tree and the two decorations that are opera been there
for many years now that have never been taken down stinky a year two years
the Christmas decorations did you take him down last Christmas dear
I used to celebrate Christmas before ye came along
yeah it’s a desperation I try to get things put up this decorations doesn’t
happen Christmas dinners got to drag you out force you to do them more we’ve got
more people craze here all in ones here hi guys sorry we started quite early
today and having said that we might even have to switch games in a moment how are
you both getting ready for the Christmas celebrations black says cane your mean
one mr. Grinch she really are healed you’re his charming us and heal me stuck
ensure bad banana with a greasy back guilt I have no idea what I’m saying
there crave that boy leave now Jake’s and save lugs he la merry Christmas to
all they made couple of days away or
whatever the festive season may be for you in your neck of the woods or part of
the world I kind of remember already good out
Stinky’s yeah but because they keep saying ah
it’s too much already use needs of that you think pants hey dog stink say
all-in-one saying it’s too cold we just had a 43 degree day and for all in one
that had be down in the low or even – Celsius ranges so is it snowing where
you are they’ve got the Santa emoji happening you wouldn’t wear a beanie at
the moment would you stinky what’s everyone up to for their Christmases
you’re doing anything exciting no work that’s you stinky you he doesn’t
celebrate the old Christmas music entertainments here hello hey how are
you it’s good to see you again as well look at it celebrating the Christmas
you’re a monster mr. Grinch your hearts an empty hole your brain is full of
spiders you’ve got garlic in your soul hey no I wouldn’t want to be the garlic
in this all you give me as much of that as you want
garlic should be a so you want clean still yep should be a national treasure
should garlic I miss the green she wouldn’t touch you in the thirty nine
and a half foot Paul Bangladeshi it’s seven degrees in Bangladesh stink seven
seven what degrees Bangladesh was like a hot country oh there you go and I
wondered so-called there I wouldn’t mind trading places
I’m fine things I’m fine thank you and your friend I think that’s what music
we’re saying yes we’re both very good doing the last stream before Christmas
having the celebration seen what is everyone else up to
enjoying the the week so far having a great weekend
do you even celebrate Christmas or the new year it’s different again for
everyone isn’t it Chinese New Year is different from
different from Vietnamese or Thai or Singapore New Year on different times
distinct dozen 9 it’s 7 degrees it’s too low for us very cold so it’s called
where they are hot where we are it’s a sunny day there’s not a cloud in the sky
it looks like but at least not as hot as the other day see we send you our warm
wishes and we will certainly receive your cold ones I wouldn’t mind if it was
cooler at the moment stinkies loving the weather though
arches stink yeah 20s is good you do like the 20s that’s like the perfect
weather yeah perfect victory from the stink pants look at you
doing this game is it getting faster now it’s not exactly fast I’m not exactly
fast as she says so we’re a happy Merry Christmas thank you and you too
do you have anything special plans for the new year
does anyone have their resolutions or should we be safe resolution to not do
something in the new year something that you would like to change
never heard of the new year resolution for you I can think of yes plenty for me
but what about for you 20 degrees as lovable says all in 100% agree if it’s
it 22 what 26 seven thereabouts would that be perfect ideal not too hot not
too cold and she’s sort of tipping their late 20s and 30s it’s starting to warm
up a bit he can still handle that catchy stinky well though it does depend on
what kind of heat it is like humid heat dry eight there are all different kinds
of heat aren’t they – 50 degrees Celsius here says random from the coldest part
of the world nice 140 degree at most in summers sad
still getting pretty hot in it global warming enough to suggest hmm he’s still
getting 40 degree days in Canada maybe pretty hot these day my birthday
unfortunately yeah so I’m always curious to ask if your birthday’s on well it
depends what you celebrate but let’s say Christmas and your birthday’s on the
25th of December or on the 1st of January do you end up getting more or
less presents you get twice as much only half as much but he thinks tink so is that the case with your music I
mean India says music it must be early there at the moment because we have
another Indian friend that joins us and it’s what’s 5:30 6:00 in the morning
streaming we started earlier today you must be even harder to have people join
us apologies for that you sort of did in the early days start at 10 o’clock keep
that up for very long you berry celebrate say no yeah I
celebrate Christmas stink pants doesn’t really and then Phinney’s you
traditionally don’t celebrate at the same time as we do what do you on the
1st of January 31st yeah so then as soon as it hits midnight celebrate start of
the year yeah yeah but then you have another one on top of that yeah but
that’s the traditional traditional year so you get to celebrate twice remember
we don’t have Christmas as public holiday boy okay so we have our
traditional one instead and what about needs actually Australia is weird
you only have the 1st of January as public holiday not the 31st crazy isn’t
it what oh you make them pay you double the daddy first is the one that we have
to work hard because people celebrate they kept coming to the city
right and we and you probably finally I could be faced Kevin say woohoo you the
batteries life and music entertainment so they might be off already then all
the runs is in my country due to recent climate changes winners become more
colder and some have become more I think that’s the same for us
well they our winters thank get that cold anymore
isn’t it stink can you do anything or is it gonna be o’clock o’clock semi jamel’s
here hello hey how are you say at the moment we’ve probably got enough mods
thank you for asking though but over time more will add more as we get
tonight and I think not sure if this is the first time you’ve joined this stream
takes me a little while to get to know the names unless they’re hero all the
time basically then they change their name life together here they are again
so one day it’ll happen maybe where are you from smart general in the
celebrating the Christmas is coming up in the knees where were we before that
stinky doing another raid look at you go Creed automating enchiladas making
making me jealous again we’re gonna do a food Odyssey to make the DOJ jealous one
day i’ll resync celebrate the food our thinkI semi general much appreciated
deeply boom beach at all or here if other new games that have been played
very curious to know how you found the channel and sorry if it’s really early
or late wherever you are in your part of the world in sort of mid-afternoon for
us at the moment he’s an instinct what’s from a lunch
it’s lunchtime what are you making some sort of delicioso
music says okay take care I think gonna go back to sleep maybe I
wonder battery’s dying I have to make sure our battery at least had a little
bit of charge on it for today’s gameplay do they celebrate Christmas Amelia it’s
got a bit of a UK influence British influence you’d have to think so couldn’t record bright lightnings back
this is where we made it all these help from before the only other person that’s
admitted to playing boom Beach is Kane who suggested it and then said he
doesn’t play anymore said of his borotyn – why’d you suggest it brights here he
can give us the tips this is what we’re after
7:27 a.m. my goodness and thanks for taking care of that the mods this is why
their mods so that they can take care of any advertising or do it for you go and
check out each other’s channels most of the people in the stream have done that
already I would think because I see them on each
other’s channels now yes they do celebrate in India do you have
traditional foods that you ate I’m very curious to know if it’s the same the way
of but even between the Americans and Canadians and us there’s variations
they love their biscuits they call them stink
we don’t know haven’t be skits and gravy as much do you like the cranberry sauce
they now first when you get the chance upgrade your landing craft says bride Egypt she just did so next tip coming
from Brighton soon and curious to know what the traditional foods are I’m the
one bringing it back to food with the Indians have curry do you think today
Turkey I’m guessing probably not a lot of poor parts of the world they’re
probably not Canadian shellfish they still are now she didn’t
they’re still level one says bright so you didn’t upgrade your warship landing
craft is upgrading now what going from level one to level two which devices for
streaming so we’re just using a fine mobile fine for this down laid the the
gaming up and away you go bright you play beam meets easy dude Oh
ASM yo-yos here ASM like he’s saying yo yo yo welcome to the stream again sorry
I’ve been a little bit busy lately but it’s awesome to have you yes new game
but a supercell game ASM say bright lightning plays it cane used to play it
boom beach say and Ebony’s back again oh gee they’re all coming back we still
made the tips from bright lightning machine weather whether or not we switch
to clash of clans while you’re waiting for things or maybe it doesn’t take that
long because you seem to be getting your attacks in their stinking
it’s not taking you that long to get down say bright sang level to yell sees
that level before you can get a fourth heavy weight I’m an idiot at level 4 you
can put another heavy on the other LC that’s already way more technical than I
understand did you get that the abbreviations
Elsie’s landing cruiser I guess landing craft you can put another hit e on the
landing craft to that level no to another level and more to that level for
naval so is it better to just ride quickly and not worry about the upgrades
so much I’m doing great yes they are higher than me you show you
genius level on your attack plus bright says he can guide you so artillery the
sniper the towers attack so you use artillery I’m the sniper talons got that
one stinky it must be early in the morning fire 70 he’s not normally up
this early I can’t believe I know people’s times by now not everyone but
you keep asking uh-hum terms here hello how are you welcome to the stream do you
play boom beach because we’re getting a few tips at the moment and we always
appreciate more tips as well stink pantses learning how to play this game
live aren’t you stinky and how’s your weekend and wake bein
safe I hung Trung I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly I’d like to say Xin chào
again I believe that’s a Vietnamese name but I always want to say hello a pretty
girl seemed chavin way that stinky cuz that’s all I know yeah I me a little bit
here and there oh all in one’s teaching me a new
language hang on so bright saying click the missile retreat that went wrong
all in one saying Amita MOC Val Oh bassy do you know the meaning of that I’m
struggling they even picked the language I’m going to say Portuguese or Spanish
and bride says he forgot that we don’t have flares you see what that means my didn’t even detect the language
what’s cackling many atomic bellow bossy Natalia
it keeps saying English no I have no idea what that is like but
it didn’t translate on a Google Translate did not let it translate so
not all in one you left to let us know what that means and sting pants hey
young man not good look at jjigae your champion your boomer
on the beach the beach Oh Bangla why didn’t I come up his
Bangla I love you Emmy Tomic Val Oh bassy Bangla ah what sweet words but I
wonder why did that not let’s see if I try Bangla I’m doing a little bit of
background where key guys where hang on but I never been glare is an option
Bengali would that be the same thing and that did translate beg I watch these
today these two just to see if that impresses the random is running at a
charge again people’s phones are running out of their charge as per usual stinky
happens to us too be doing their stinky Flair’s is in next
HQ and all in one says Yap so I guess I got that right
stinky I can speak and write Bangla now see I see I mean I mean Tamaki a little
bossy but I think the accents very good
Sangolli in Bangla are the same day so we translate our videos using them
bing-bang glass in scott bengali but Google’s got Bengali not Bangla the more
you know stinky this has been another educational lesson brought to you by
predominance to pants there’s my radio voice I don’t think I can today
this lesson was brought to you by Sting pants and Parata with you eighties music
listening okay go back to Christmas Carol I started with the Christmas
carols II didn’t want it it’s not real Christmas Carol right when you don’t
have anyone zingy it’s just tell it again I recorded a hanger let me see if
I can do because he isn’t the Bangladeshi Indian accent pretty much
the same so if I say I meet a mikvah low bossy bossy cuz it’s very core it did if
I do it trying to do immediate action or deep radio voice even Indian accent
saying some Bangladeshi is that why you’re after I’ve gotta do it like this I must
practice first Italian accent then I try Amita ma Cavallo bossy maybe at that let
me comment from you all he’d run said cool bro I don’t know if that made sense
or not putting on the Indian accent rather than male z1 speaking a bit of
Bangladesh what do you think would be say so you must have done something
right says Brighton I don’t know what you did there I just used Jim ah so you
can boost not was actually in span upgrade whoa do the instant upgrade you
are a sphere awesome Ostia blaming little bits here and there the problem
is I do have to pre warn you all in one I know a lot of words in very few words
in a lot of languages and unless I use them repeatedly I’m apt to forget so I’m
going to try and remember because I’m learning more austere awesome and if the
pronunciation was correct there there kalimera that sounds like calamari
calamari yeah if there is face card can use it as
instinct Panzers face light up eyes when all bug-eyed thinking of a fresh seafood
date you’re loving it and I was saying calamari the olives but you don’t like
these as much as you like the Spanish ones isn’t it Sicilian Sicilian not
Spanish how great says bright lightning musty a kalimera say that sounds like
Kalavati which I know if that’s great and it’s calamari Greek is that where
it’s originally from the dish as a place to the creature radio voice says Kane
again calamari is squid I believe yes that’s what we would call it as well
cuttlefish is another word we use my birthday’s tomorrow awesome pugs here
there’ll be another birthday celebration just before Christmas so I have to ask
you all some do you get twice as many presents or only half as many and I’ll
ask again in my radio voice my comment from the stinky so happy birthday for
the 22nd we’ll celebrate it when it’s it’s it’s a 22nd for us today
they gave his time zones so happy birthday awesome pug from us to you
today the 22nd hit-the hit-the hates queue actually don’t lucky I didn’t read
that too fast you might have hit it and then didn’t you got any birthday present
requests coming in awesome doing anything special or saving it all up for
Christmas bro you know about Mother Language day Noreen do they have a
Mother Language day do you have that as well we’ll say in Bangladesh for example
right and sorry I mean I I don’t know if this applies to them because I know it
applies to India at one point colonized I’m guessing Bangladesh was colonized at
some point say English would have been introduced but they would still speak
their native language Bangla or Bangladeshi you’re not the same a
because you’ve never really been influenced by anyone can’t be influenced
in your culture so night tell us more about it all in
one we we don’t have that here and happy early late birthday from Kane do it I
guess I’ll let my plays BM Jew is here be maluma okay good how are you just
playing a little bit of Bremen Beach learning some Bangladeshi language as
well it’s all happening no not international
mother language days might be local just to the country to celebrate their
national language which is a great idea you should keep the cultural awareness
21st of February nice says Lima plays do you play Burma
Beach I keep calling a Boomer Becky in movies cuz I want to be a Boomer hanging
out at the beach lying down on a beach towel sipping a beats drink eating some
beach snackies going for a beach swim you have to wait ages we’ll wait and see
what bright lightning says as for how long
no sorry says Lima doesn’t play this game either so we do have a couple of
experts or one expert here at the moment that’s been guiding stink pants three we
might temporarily switch to clash of clans to show a raid if there’s really
nothing else you can do at the moment is there nothing else you can do Lord
number two is they are higher up than me I can’t win upgrade times a marked on
the upgrade button see if you can press the upgrade button
not second 11 minutes blind and is that the only thing that’s upgrading I only
have one buildup and can you ride still I
I just said why I couldn’t fail I don’t listen to you fail you can attack them
anyway you’re a brilliant it I already lost them there you can get 4/3 alley
hack to Wikipedia Airbnb National Mother Language day oh okay we’ll have to do
the a Wikipedia search to find out more that’ll take forever says bright
lightning he wants me to lose so fine then after that I can switch to clash of
clans you can leave some more about that besides Verde up there almost at the one
and a half hour mark so we’ve done all right to get this one three a little bit
of a slow start now that brights here giving us some
tips all in one’s keeping us entertained with teaching us about other cultures
always fascinated to learn on is stinky destroy the farthest offenses says bribe
you do that the farthest offenses destroying is you’re too weak of an army
is that what you’re telling me don’t know it’s talking about is upside damn
language everything’s happening to fade so you want me to do a quick o’clock
o’clock I’ll be can keep writing my even a they be God he can keep writing yeah you don’t get anything she used her
energy say how long do you have to wait between attacks
I don’t have a lot of news so it’s more about the loot here that I have to spend
per attack you can’t say what can i press only the attract already saw this
one and this one are the only two the can attack hmm and you’ve checked them
both out I try bought already lose three times okay all right I’m gonna
temporarily go to clash of clans just cuz I gotta get a ride into the right
anyway oh by the way you can’t drag now because I already my troops all queue so
you have to reinforce the troop here and see it’s gonna take time to reinforce
your truth do your dims should I get it clash plans will you do this just bear
with me for a moment guys right lining just say and everything before you switch to
other games we’re going back to boom beach guys sorry this is just the brief
interlude an intermission if you will intermission sleep to sell information
they can say another supercell game well you should do that one day this is super
sale interloop so you’re gonna have one what’s another game call but we play
that game before use quick train but let me go one attack left so there’s no
point yeah this I mean to a gun do a build a base raid stinky show me you’ve
got make a laid out and just click one button to chain them is he talking about
clash of clans or boom beach seaman’s boom beach he wouldn’t want me to waste
boosts just for one attack surely surely not yes I have played for quite a long time
you can see it with the Christmas trees probably been more than seven years not
exactly sure exactly when and I remember is being advertised very early in the
day and I just downloaded it for some reason and the rest is history
isn’t it stinky look unlocks later in but CAC unlocks later in boom beach
really say if you play long enough you get the clash of clans influencing boom
Beach will remember el primo that came from battle rail yeah see there’s
crossover and I think maybe bright saying that clash of clans crosses over
with Green Beach at some point mm-hmm oh no dude then I don’t understand you are fearing to me saying quick time
oh yeah I’m the one getting confused I says now again I’m getting more confused
don’t worry about that yep say back to boom bitch I’d say cuz you’re a champion
victory of Champions you don’t want to get out of right out of this tree
not yet might cost more to get rid of those okay alright back to the beige
let’s head back Freddie miss Missy not that one
so we were in the mountain region for a bit and now sell bass toward a beach
that’s a hip you’ve had a little bit of snow it’s laying on your Beach State you
come into the game the to a fully different just see you know I’m still
here well again to be important it’s a hitting me Smith the the games and yet I
don’t know what’s happened in the last two weeks but what was that heyday
picked up a lot of years all of a sudden as did the previous clash of clans game
even the Star Wars game and two of the three namely heyday and Star Wars some
people are saying is a little bit boring I think this is where I’m gonna have to
do the hidden the translations the don’t translate my boring commentary try and
make it funny and entertaining so hopefully no one speaks English and that
and realize I’m pulling the wool over their eyes Brett says Jim the tower
you got that stinky look at you doing your raid busy oh well we didn’t they
that random he says that he’s sick at the moment sorry to hear that we hope
you get better soon might have something to do with the cold weather there too
probably it’s minus 50 he was saying I think that was the temperature you
mentioned well sir at 600 I hope I can pronounce this correct correctly sir
Sasha Sasha where X’s here do you think I’ll make mop that up yep the word max
yes you did the closest to fits again says bright you do the feather its
defensive space they say how are you such a cocky I’m struggling such a winix
I hope I got that right it’s nice to me curious to know what time of the day it
is in your part of the world yeah and the temperature everything like to know
it all and he said iPod sorry I don’t know if you’re a he or she
Sasha I can call him or her saucer or Caesar Caesar maybe how would you
pronounce si si I don’t have to do anything you can not
even another ride I need to train the troops oh my goodness
say this is all we can be we might have to stop these stretchy it’s an hour and
a half already but if we can’t really play the game live Oh game I’m saving
that one is a special one si Kane’s game I’m a guy awesome so I
can see he and again I don’t know if it should be sus I or Caesar sighs Oh sighs
Oh si si I struggled with that a little bit I mean my goodness his cane he’s the
one that suggested it okay we we listen to what the day LJ you have to say carry
when you say jump I say okay well you can’t expose you could do what other did
you want to do a teaser of the old game it doesn’t really matter is it you can’t
even be super-soul clash of clans really unless you’re doing a build a base raid
still gonna dlg for life sigh sigh sigh says so my Lisp is so bad you want me to
do another interloop supercell class Royal yeah alright we’ll do another
intially see Purcell this time with clash Royale nor possibly another one
yeah that’s your choice you got brawl stars well that’s a very cool game oh
really he’d probably have to turn off two
sounds Oh register you suit yourself yester at the moment probably have to
turn off your thing game sounds in clash Royale is sideways for people that are
watching I think it’s still gonna stay sideways Oh your bomb upgrade to level 5
in clash of clans are there you go what there you go
what the Hugo means so you might have to even interrupt the interlude with
another interlude cuz it comes out horizontally
I mean vertically no I mean horizontally oh my god do not know English that’s
right even though it’s a very cool game see they might have to go to the other
one the brawl stars stinky I let me do this one first I already
searched all right just give her a moment while she gives you a bit of
sideways action they do give you some normal action and then finally we might
have to end the stream slightly early today
remember how it works already dammit oh you’re at eye-level already look at our
guy and can I ask where your name is from if
you still s Sasha it’s very unique I struggled to pronounce it don’t have to
answer that if you think it’s too personal
there’s curious what the cultural influence may be stinky does a cultural
influence on me all the time don’t you stinky I don’t know what I’m doing