chasing babes on the beach – vacation vs. work

what how do you roll the window up in this
thing what is he doing
how do you roll the window up who has is that the window that’s not the window
he just turned the heat on where’s the window thing
I want to tell him but this is too good is this the window that’s not the window is
it on here I don’t like this car let’s get let’s get hoopty who puts the window control
in the dash well that’s not the dash who puts in on what is this thing the median he’s getting a little frustrated over here the window control goes on the door ridiculous [ music ] what is up guys beard & bowler what what are
we doing today I’m feeling I’m gonna get yelled at for something
we have three days to finish four vlogs three days four vlogs we have zero percent of that
done right now oh zero percent is better than
is better than what zero is better than there’s no I’m trying to be positive
we gotta work we gotta do this quick we gotta get this done
get it done get it done jason get it done let me introduce you to abraham he has ah
looks like two hundred & sixty eight thousand seven hundred & seventeen miles him currently
my wife came up with the name shoutout to ash its Abraham because it’s a lincoln if you need help there go back to sixth grade history
I don’t car is so big what is going on here dude don’t play with things just it’s
hanging on by a string I told you before I need to wash my hands
yeah it’s your actually touching that’s real cow pieces
that’s disgusting ah so we are at a bit of a dilemma here we’ve
come to ah a place where we have a ton of work to do in a very short amount of time
see when we started the vlog uhm it was a month before we hit vacation season these
were preplanned pre establishd vacations like we couldn’t just tell our wives no vacation
this summer we are still very new in the vlog game
it takes us a long time it takes us a long time like we’re not at
a level to where we’re just cranking these out really quickly & we’ve spent a lot of
time editing & color correcting & sound sweetening & & uh putting all the clips
in the specific order finding the story we’re still figuring it out the problem has become
that this month in particular jason was gone for a week back for a week then I left on
the first of two speaking engagements he was gone all last week on actual vacation
he’s back for four days this week & then he’s going away again & uh i’m just going
nuts here I can’t get anything done when he’s gone so yeah we got a whole lot of work ahead
of us it takes us like three four days to do one
four to do in three days there will not be sleeping nor time for eating
there won’t be no sleeping & there will be no eating there will only be beard & bowlers
the shenanigans alright so let’s get this so for our first vlog of the four we actually
want to show you what a week of us being separated looks like we don’t like being separated we
don’t function well in office & out of office stuff from jason from the week & then just
kindof a montage of uhm my vacation experience so basically me sitting in the office &
this guy off galavanting at the beach here’s just a little back & fourth of ah
his week & my week this is the fastest death coaster in the world in the world the pool is over here show me it it’s right here
wow what are you doing babe what are you doing eating ice cream for the third time this week why are you hiding why are you hiding who loves sweet corn reverend jonathan singer
comma pastor wants to know I feel like this is a little dirty what do you think this guy
is thinking don’t you do it don’t you walk away form that oh I’m gonna kick him listen guy stop it what do you think your doing tonight eat ice cream
blah blah blah look at the children they’re all cute now that wasn’t all that you did
this week you did something really nice for your wife
I did surprise her ah I hope you like it babe she was waiting for me to hand this mirror
for so long & uh it just we had to get a stud finder we had she wanted to get a professional
& finally I just surprised her & did it so I mean hopefully it doesn’t fall off I
am trying to surprise my wife by hanging this mirror shes been bugging me about for months
right about there work mode done I don’t know why this pillow leaks all it’s gooses [ music ] fool power nice wish me luck this is not the new camera oh my gosh oh my goodness what what shenanigans from vacation & more ice cream what is happening what is happening right now in theory this is water
proof we’re gonna find out crazy thing is I went to college with this guy look at this
sick face he’s dumping live crabs on these poor blonde women that is a fishing boat that
is something I will never be on alright so four vlogs in two days it is the
end of the day wednesday & this guys got a lot of rough cuts to put together
the vlog you’re watching now that was my night we’re gonna turn this over look at me I’m
gonna turn this over in less than twelve hours & you listen if I get all the content &
all the story you have three hours tomorrow three is all you get to fix the color &
the sound don’t side eye the camera you look at me this guy he’s always got one more thing
just one more thing gotta be perfect
so wish us luck we’re gonna need it [ music ] beard & bolder beard & bolder beard & bolder…….. its beard boy boy it’s beard & bowler beard & bolder no it’s beard & bowler it’s beard & bolder its beard & bowler it’s beard & bowler