Cruise Ship On Shore Excursions Take the Cruise Line Tour or Go It Alone?

I’ve live hey we’re on the air how’s it
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welcome to Friday oh thank God is ready Friday the night March 2018 what a week
Richard Richard Cory Matthew just started writing me he’s back to reality
he says he’s returned from his Panama cruise so I’ll look forward to hearing
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I guess the air above that so much moisture was coming down the the snow
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first to say hi he was talking to me well three or four minutes for I went on
the air he said hi Bruce belt back from Panama it’s in the 90s they’re back to
42 degrees fahrenheit in Philly and two snowstorms yeah not good yeah you miss
some adventure there Richard back to reality crash 3x is here today from
Ottawa she’s saying hello Bruce I posted a news link on your page today thank you
very much for that Peter hekima hi Bruce the ski jackets and hoodies are off and
we are back up to 76 degrees today a lot of Sun and not a cloud in the sky
here in Tarpon Springs Florida life is good it’s returning back to
normal the crisis is over that’s great I crashed your xsane it’s 1 degree Celsius
in Ottawa today that’s Ottawa weather Scott batchly hi
Bruce back again cloudy but nice and mnsure at 63
Scott Derwin is here too saying hi Bruce 37 Fahrenheit and a hammer
heading to Calgary on Sunday the fly out won’t be back to the 31st from Mike Cruz
that’s right he’s heading to to New York and there from there he’s patting down
to I believe a Santiago Chile and he’s taken accrues from there should be great
betsy layne hi there hello plus to Hamilton hi Betsy how are you welcome to
my to my show today a Sylvan Forest is also here he’s saying hi Bruce Delray
Beach fairly rare night today this is you know it is too uncomfortable to sit
outside I mean this is this is serious stuff so it is rum and coke inside and
no cigar move to Costa Rica yeah hit another 500 miles south or
whatever the distance is 800 miles you know and you got to find that warm
weather so bad I mean this is ridiculous welcome back Pamela Jordan hi Bruce and
everyone sunny and 57 degrees here in Iowa South Carolina C is 57 that’s okay
but down in Florida where it’s only 70 odd
Delray Beach that’s not okay oh I see crash DX is saying I can hear my hubby
come home snowblower running I didn’t clear drive me for him today Nina Frank is here hi Bruce suddenly
just heard your voice and I had you on standby on my another page welcome back
can I send me here you’re gay said dan is here today hi Bruce 35 I’m in Boston
today we have 6 inches of snow and now rain and snowflakes yeah you get to mix
that’s the transition and oh man if it it’ll cool off tonight and then the
streets will be black ice luck out adventure adventure in Massachusetts the
Linda Sea is here hi Bruce 75 on the Gold Coast in Australia from Down Under
welcome back Melinda’s paid to have yet Charles Jordan good evening Bruce and
all Steve Bartley saying 60 degrees fahrenheit in in the Greenlee Colorado
snow is all gone but still possible until mid-may oh yeah you’re never out
of it same with Calgary in Alberta you’re
never out of it until the end of May oh yeah you never know two feet can come in
the middle of May no 475 degrees for two weeks two feet of
snow back to 75 degrees for two it’s insane
it can happen Scott batchly 100 797 days till my next cruise can’t wait for the
Bliss oh yeah I’m sure that’s gonna be fantastic
Theresa McFarland hydrous on one below today in Waterloo Ontario Theresa you’re
back hope you’re feeling better and you’re
recovering good to have you betsy layne back from my first cruise on
the anthem how was it I’m kind of curious what was that like
Betsy I crashed 3x new newsLink was about the woman who fell off the epic on
Wednesday and was rescued yeah heard all about that this last week crash she
apparent was taking a selfie of her cell phone on one of the upper decks and I
guess she was leaning over too much and as she went unbelievable what these
people will do it’s incredible Elizabeth Breen is here 67 in Daytona
sunny and beautiful that’s not bad Elizabeth and your gayest and is it
better to receive is it better to reserve
a short excursion through the cruise site or from the port itself any
suggestions you can go a couple of ways on this one
yogi let me just say hi to Matt here Matt saying hi Bruce my three degrees
Celsius here in Manchester UK highs it’s been in a while beast from the east
you’re still recovering welcome at and then John Vinson saying hey Bruce first
time or like your blog in New Jersey it’s thirty nine here welcome John it’s
great to have you a first timer you have any questions about going on a cruise
let us know if you’re a first-timer in that your veteran join in the discussion
and thanks for joining us fantastic great to have you back to your guys
question the best version through the cruise line or from the port itself
depends on where you are is gonna be my first answer to that question if you’re
talking about say oh I don’t know let’s say you’re doing a Mexican cruise you
know you’re gonna have off gonna have sure excursions offered from the cruise
will be twelve different versions available twelve different kinds but you
can always book your own through the internet in advance and have a limo or a
taxi or a van waiting for you depending on how large your party is if it’s just
you and your you know Trevor there’s four of you six of you and of
you you can arrange your own if you’re in the Cayman Islands say a you know you
can you can do a deal where you get off the ship via tender like everybody else
get on the shore and then there are all those folks on the shore scream and
everybody go on you know your tours are here and then they’re directing
everybody left right center but if you have your own tour booked you just have
to find your contact on the pier the area and again you up in your van and
maybe you’re doing a maybe doing a stingray city a visitation maybe turtle
farm slash stingray city two in one and you know you booked your own and you’re
on your way will you save money maybe you might be $5.00 person less you might
not be but you’re not with the ship so if you have to be back at the pier at a
certain time you want to make sure that that happens
if you’re if you book the charter boat for stingray city in the Cayman Islands
you want to make sure that that vessel has you back at your dock so that you
can get back in that vehicle back to your ship on time if it’s a ship tour
for the same place you don’t have to worry about this stuff because the ship
is gonna the ship tour people will get you back in time because they can talk
to the they could talk to the people on board the ship directly through walkie
talkie or you know cell phone call that type of thing now if you’re in Europe
and you’re doing a tour this is where it gets a little more complicated because
if you’re in say Rome you’re in the poor that the service is Rome that’s about
about 80 kilometers from the center of the city if I recall I took a cruise
with my daughter a Mediterranean cruise Rome was one of our stops and I booked a
ship tour there it was basically an eight-hour ordeal
and it started with a bus ride into Rome with a pee break on the way then right
to the Colosseum where they have parking for these tour operators and we’re now
you know we’re walking around the area of the Colosseum I mean fantastic
worryfree we saw a church in the area saw the Colosseum and after that it was
now lunchtime and the ship the cruise line had booked a restaurant the entire
restaurant for like there were two busloads at most I guess there must have
been 100 people and we hit this restaurant they had the whole area
section off cordon off just for the cruise ship and so we were you know
royally service fed wine coffee dessert everything and no rush no worries no
bill all included and then back on the buses and we went to the Vatican for the
second half of that tour and we did the Vatican with a tour of st. Peter’s
Basilica absolutely wonderful worryfree the bus was parked in a park a down
below it was a very conditioned bus a hot day we knew we had an
air-conditioned right back to the ship when it got time to to
gather up we met with our tour guide all gather together back on the bus and the
bus driver took care of the rest I had no worries and I could just look out the
window and not have to worry about a darn thing worth every penny for the
peace of mind and for the organized tour because it’s all they do it’s their it’s
their job they do it every day with another cruise ship and they have it
down to a science and I just couldn’t can’t recommend it highly enough
so yes you can do your own tour or no you can do an organized tour I will say
that my daughter and I on the same cruise were in were in Lisbon Portugal
or a stop and we decided we didn’t want to do a tour of any kind we just decided
we’re gonna go for a little tour tomorrow without any tour guide nothing
and so we got off the ship and we walked out of the port area there’s a we got a
little shuttle right off the part of the port property and we’re right at right
at it after we knew was there because we were
given a little map from the from the cruise line so we took this subway about
three or four stops right into the old town downtown Lisbon from way back
got into the main square and walked the main drag which is no cars just
pedestrians loved it and for us everything was different
everything was interesting because it’s not my hometown and I loved walking
through downtown Lisbon I know we saw nothing with respect to
what we could have seen had we gone on a tour we would have taken been taken to a
castle or to a forge or just some Roman ruins or to part of a museum I mean
would have you know we would’ve been educated about the Lisbon and big time
but we just wanted a day the schlep around and if we saw an ice cream vendor
we’d buy an ice cream if we felt like buying a soda we’d buy a soda and Italia
we walked one direction we made a pact that we would walk as far as we want to
walk and when we had enough we’re gonna hail a cab and get a
a bright back and that’s exactly what we did we cabbed it back to the ship
for eight bucks ten bucks worth every spent what $20.00 purse for three half
four hours and we loved it we took lots of people heard lots of language jiggle
or or fantastic that worked out for us so it all it all depends on what it is
you want if you’re trying to organize a highly organized tour and event and
whatever you can do it yourself you can do it through you know tour entity go
online to set it up or you can go through the cruise line and utilize
their staff and their people and you know take one of their organized tours
you’ll pay a little more but you know you get more on the on the peace of mind
side so there’s a couple of thoughts for you I hope I haven’t bored everybody
with that let’s see here what’s going on that was your geese comet Matt hi Bruce
three degrees yeah John Vincent’s the newbie hi John crash reacts I prefer to
photoshop a pic versus falling over the ocean seriously yeah I I don’t I don’t
get it but you know we hear about these from time to time but the reality is
what is it now almost 30 million people are going on a cruise two and a half
million a month and it’s about one a person falling overboard one every tuna
has millions someone either jumps because they want to end it all we get
shoved because somebody wants to end it all they are they accidentally fall over
because they were drinking or they were not paying attention or they were
showboating and what can I say to 102 2 and a half million what are the odds
well it’s like a lottery isn’t it it’s unbelievable and that’s what makes the
news doesn’t it it makes the news every time because it’s such what would happen
if I fell in what would I do you know that kind of thing yeah Matt I’ll a
laugh out loud crash he likes that you’re gay awesome thanks Matt saying
always shipped tours it’s not worth the stress
Betsy Layne is saying Cruz was great oh good okay it’s this is the this is the something sorry
Cruz’s great shows her amazing bumper cars and roller skating was lots of fun
escape room was interesting stuck in a room with control know-it-all it’s not
like you know generally speaking you had a good time hi Bruce Greensboro North
Carolina 54 degrees and sunny from Soviet I saw you Debbie hi guys a bit
late but I made it hope everyone is doing well cloudy in 63 here in Chico
how are you baby these nice to have you Bob
oh hi Bruce 63 in Pelham Alabama go tight Stillman for us I took the train
in yes civet Simba toss Sabathia to Rome yeah the port to Rome let’s call at the
fourth and loved it I love that he says I saved about three hundred dollars by
not dealing with the excursion desk and I’ll see there there again had my
daughter and I wanted to just our Rome for what we could see on our own I would
have done that too we would have just grabbed the Train gone down there Wow
you know be right downtown like right in the heart of Rome we could have taken a
subway line right to the Colosseum stop they’ll call a co walked out walked
around gone in maybe maybe not just walk the area around it this Colosseum I mean
you know five block radius of the Colosseum you’re seeing a lot of ancient
Rome and modern day long and it’s all different cuz it’s not your hometown and
if it’s your first time why not and then you know maybe you will stop it a little
coffee shop for a coffee or you’ll see a street vendor flog in the you know
something cool to drink or spend a couple of euros pick it up and then work
your way back to the to the subway to the train or right back to the train and
then back to the ship can be done and can be done uh
economically is the word I’m looking for economically for sure but Iowa and i we
really enjoyed the tour was very good we saw what we wanted to see we want we
walked past all the lines at the Coliseum right in because it was all
prepaid at this at the Vatican oh man there were a thousand people in line
looking to go into the Basilica I mean you know I don’t know 10 15 euros I I
had had to pay their thing and get another line and wait to get it they
just waved us through when we went right in so for us because we did want to see
the inside of st. Peter’s Basilica and we did want to go into the Coliseum it
worked out perfectly with the ship tour and then throwing in the lunch make him
an eight-hour day yeah great and and yeah we were tired when we got back I
was tired headed right for the spot my usual routine and I you know had my
steam and and had a nap on the heated ceramic lounger had a wonderful dinner
later that evening but Silve and it did a right that work for him it’s perfect
absolutely perfect grab the Train go in there have a good
time enjoy see what you see don’t worry what you don’t see and then work your
way back you good it’s all good Elizabeth hooked Stingray City tour with
a private boat for 17 of us and they tried to pull a fast one and put us on a
boat with about a hundred other people and that was not what we agreed on they
fixed it yeah and you this is one of the trials and
tribulations you might be faced if you book your own excursion you’re now gonna
have to be the taskmaster you’re gonna have to be that tough guy but you’re
paying for it you want to make sure you get what you’re buying from these people
they deliver the goods that they promised to deliver and this is one of
those instances where yeah they tried to put you on another right a nature and
they made another Groupon for double dipping right so good move for good move
on on that one was with well done Richard is saying a Bruce tours by
locals is a good place to set up your own tour of a city or a site
that was great you get to select your guide and how they meet you
and what their background is great I used it yeah that’s that’s another one
my daughter and I did do Naples on the same cruise and in Naples we ended up
with a tour guide again through the ship it was a three and a half our deal clue
to the bus ride and we went to Herculaneum which is like Pompeii but
not as well there’s it not as heavily visited but much better preserved and we
had a tour guide who was hired by the cruise line to you know be our our tour
guide and very knowledgeable he knew he forgot more than we’ll ever
know about Herculaneum is great and I really enjoyed him
I really enjoyed him as a tour guide because he really answered questions and
was very open to – you couldn’t fluster this guy he was just always on a roll
sounds familiar I know a guy like that it talks like that
oh well that speak anyway if he was fantastic and well worth the money but I
could imagine that tip that had I looked online or like today if I were going to
knowing I was going to Naples in three months on a cruise yeah I could probably
hire a a tour guide to meet us at the pier but then we’d have to arrange
transportation either by cab or something
and and now it’s the logistics game involved I don’t want to be I just want
to in our case we just got on the bus and I could just sit in the bus and just
relax and not worry about anything we got there we saw got a bus ride back to
the ship and what I was gonna be in the spa around 5:30 afternoon and life is
good when you know that and so I paid the extra money I was happy to do but
again what do you wanna see right Sonny Wallace is here hi Bruce do you think
the cruise market bubble will burst soon like the real estate market Sonny I
think I think not quite yet now and and I won’t I don’t want to say it’s
overheating I don’t know if it’s overheating for sure yet because if it
were overheating the prices will be out of control and
not it’s still quite easy to book a cruise the variety is fantastic the
amount of you know the number of ships coming to the market coming on to the
CES are phenomenal even old cruise ships are being refurbished and being re
redeployed by other cruise lines I just read an article today I’m actually gonna
mention that today talking about a cruise ship changing hands going from
one line to another I will say this too that the cruise lines have a couple of
weapons in their arsenal to protect themselves against a cat drop in
business now maybe that word is a bit strong catastrophic because I guess if
you had a 20% drop in bookings that would be you know pretty hard on
everybody but the carnival’s and the Norwegians and the Royal Caribbean’s the
big three they have enough older ships in their
itinerary in their in their stable that they could part they could park for a
while they could just you know mothball for a while or they could sell them off
to secondary cruise lines and they could take a lot of capacity out of the system
pretty quickly reducing their costs reducing their overheads reducing their
labor fees and reducing the selection of cabins available so that they can keep
the prices where they are for the other ships the newer the newer and larger
ships of course every time they take delivery of a new cruise ship the new
cruise ship is more efficient on a per passenger basis than the older ships
that they have in their system from the late 90s or early 2000s so like the
symphony of the Seas handling up to 6,600 passengers if they stuffed it that
full of people the cost per passenger on that ship is much lower than the cost of
an eighteen hundred passengers sized ship that they would retire or that
would have just been retired a year or two ago and so they can operate a cruise
on a per person basis for a very efficient price
and as long as they can maintain the either the cabin price or they entice us
to take the extras like the specialty restaurants paying for extra features
onboard buying drink cards now the cappuccino bar that’s a you know
relatively new 10-year phenomena 15-year phenomena and adding other things like
reserving a receipt a preferred seat in the show and evening or charging us for
the swimming pool show at the back the diving discipline they’re gonna charge
for that five bucks a seat you know they might find wasted nickel and dime us to
death which will just you know make us angry as hell
but they’ll find ways to extract money out of us other ways to make up for the
fact that the cruise is 95% full not 100% full but the bubble that that
question of yours is well what if there is a 15 20 25 percent pull back from you
know acts of war recession whatever the reasons that all of a sudden cruising is
out of fashion for a while what do we do you know what happens and cruise lines
still can move ships to where the business is so if it’s hot in Australia
traffic there they can get good traffic out of China they’ll ship they’ll move
them over there and they’ll put the ships to work in those regions and we’ll
drop the number of Caribbean cruises or the number of Mediterranean cruises for
that matter so they can do that but failing that if it’s a worldwide
depression pull back you name it they will then start mothballing some of the
ships they’ll take their oldest ships that they don’t want to get rid of but
they’ll build up deploy them they may just Park them and they’ll decide you
know what we’re gonna do drydock earlier on a third of the fleet and in the next
year two years we’ll draw will do drydock work major extensive drydock
work and we’ll just make an investment in the next 15 20
years and ride this storm out they could they could play that game and they’ll be
used to 85 80 percent capacity for a while and they’ll break even on a lot of
cruises lose a little but break even on a few make a little on a few others and
they’ll find ways to survive it that’s what they would probably do just my
thoughts at sea you know the cruise market Randi Lucas hi Bruce joining late
hi Randy overcast at 64 for a high in Paradise California welcome Kelly’s here
hey hey Kelly hi Bruce from Canton 36 and cold I I sent you an email today
Kelly sherry sherry Ann is here hi Bruce 32 in Connecticut thank God
it’s Friday yeah it’s 32 but at least it’s Friday
right Charles Jordan Bruce could use more bandwidth lag is bad today let’s
see if I can do anything here on my bandwidth let’s see if that is any
better for you guys there’s only a few adjustments I can make but we’ll keep an
eye on it I’m seeing my picture too and it’s a pretty well it’s it’s it’s lousy
we’ll see if it gets any better or the works any better for you let’s see so
man no light here he’s saying it’s all good for him great great to hear it
probably is just the probably just the system the way it’s going yeah let me
know folks on on how it looks and how it works and if I can upload if I can up
the bandwidth I will maybe we can make it better
okay anyone giving me thumbs ups thank you again for those day along so far I
see 26 fantastic everybody thank you very much anyone have questions about
the cruise lines let me know I’ve got a bit of news today I thought I’d mention
this there’s two pieces of news I came up with in particular or the first one
or we’re just talking a minute ago about capacity on cruise ships there’s an
outfit called CMB travel CMB Travel and Leisure Group I guess is what their full
name is they operate cruises in Australia and they operate cruises
elsewhere and they just picked up a from carnival the piano Australia line
so that’s the that’s the carnival line operating out of Australia under the
main piano they called the Pacific called Pacific Eden is the name of the
ship that they just bought they will take position of that ship
April 2019 so that’s thirteen months from now it was one it’ll actually
transfer over to CMB but the ship was built in 1992 and it was originally
known as the Staten dam for Holland America which is also a a Carnival
Cruise Line so Carnival transferred the the Staten damn over to pno Australia
sent it into drydock refurbished it then called it the
Pacific Eden and have been operating in Australia now for about a year three
years this was in 2015 and now by night 2019
after only four years they’re unloading the ship entirely to CMB now CMB is
saying that they’re gonna use the ship for Australian cruises because they’re
looking to establish an Australian cruise line or service you know service
in Australia but the other thing I read about CMB today was that they are uh
signed up they seem to have announced and have signed a some kind of a deal
with the Mexican government to operate cruise ships only in Mexican waters
they’re looking to establish a home port in Acapulco they’ve selected Acapulco as
their home base for their Mexican based cruise line and they are convinced that
85% of all passengers that will take cruises with them will be Mexican
nationals citizens of Mexico and of course on the west coast Mexico has was
fifteen hundred miles of coastline it’s massive
and they’re convinced that they can go south and north and and back to Acapulco
and drop off and pick up another load of tourists and off they go it’s only so
they’re picking up a secondhand ships sending them into drydock to refurbish
them and then utilize them in this case Australia and in this particular case
Mexico and it’s been it it was tried once or twice before there were plans
before to try this but it never got off the ground
bad timing underfunded entities whatever the problem was and they just couldn’t
get the make a go of it but now CMV has deep pockets government is pouring in
the money into the Acapulco facilities to make it work and the Mexican
government is very interested in offering their own citizens the
opportunity to cruise because unfortunately a lot of Mexican citizens
cannot get to Santo San Diego or Los Angeles or Miami very easily to take a
cruise because the authorities in the United States are worried that these
folks either before the cruise won’t show up they’ll land at the airport but
won’t get to the ship and now we’ve got illegals or they’ll
take the cruise and then after the cruise is over they just disappear into
the ether and we have a whole bunch of people unreported aliens again in the US
so the Mexican government is saying why don’t we just do it ourselves why don’t
we have our own cruise line and we’ll only have the ship apply waters in
Mexico because we as the governor Mexico can make the rules we can allow cruise
ships to visit Mexican ports only and we’d love to do that and they think that
they have enough citizens of the country that would love to cruise from the
northern part of Mexico to the southern part of Mexico with Acapulco being the
hub because they have a great Airport there and they could fly there their
folks in and up and or you can drive to Acapulco of course if you live in Mexico
yourself you can you know take a day trip and drive for one overnight trip
whatever it works however it works for you get to Acapulco take a cruise and
then drive back home so very interesting the ship that by the
way that the old Staten dam that’s the Pacific Eden that was picked up a ship
can hold twelve hundred fifty eight passengers as 557 crew and right here is
an example of Carnival through piano Australia making adjustments they’ve
they’ve taken this America shifted the piano first all America has been adding
larger ships got rid of the smaller ship now pianos getting rid of this smaller
ship and they’ll bring on larger ships probably from carnivals own brand and
bring in larger ships for if they’re met their Australian division so that’s how
Cardinal constantly upgrades their fleet they’ll eventually you know shift it
down hand-me-down and then they’ll sell it off to an to a third party and take
it right out of service and that’s twelve hundred fifty eight people they
don’t have to worry about putting into an older ship and they know Carnival
knows they can’t compete that ship can’t compete with the new carnival horizon
cruise ship that’s coming out that’s a four thousand passenger ship with all
the toys all the onboard amenities water slides and everything else and this ship
can’t compete with that so off it goes it’s right out of the fleet they’re not
gonna spend 50 million to upgrade its ship at the CMB let them handle it so
cruise news that’s what’s going on in the cruise business and it happens with
everybody let’s see here sherry Ann Singh hi Charles Jourdan Bruce Goods use
more bandwidth okay we’ve got that no lag here so staying Julie you see her
Judy Ann says hi Bruce hi Judy welcome I hope the pictures okay for everybody if
any of you are having lag issues let me know I do see my picture on my computer
it looks terrible but it’s working but it looks awful I don’t know if I could
make it any better from my end or not but we’re trying I’m gonna try to up the
usage again see if it gets better let me know if this makes it worse let me know
folks and we’ll see what what we can do there other other things to tell you
about I was gonna ask gonna ask you folks this question do any of you have
you ever run into a scenario where you know someone or has a
up into you where you’ve missed the boat as any of you missed a cruise ship after
being on shore and what have you done what happened or do you know someone
that had happened to and what ordeal did they go through to either catch up with
the ship somewhere else or work their way back home to the embarkation port be
kind of curious to know if anyone had that happen to them a Michelle is here
hi Michelle hi Bruce on vacation in Florida at 68 it’s cool
Debbie Manuel seemed the steam stream seems better good good I’m glad to hear
that look at Mike and looking okay it’s it’s not as clear as I’d like it to be
but it’s better I’m gonna try one more adjustment on this stream any bit better
than this here we go this is the best streaming I can get and let me know
folks if you’re having any improvement on the picture on this over the next
little while Randy Lucas saying love the idea of
Mexican cruises for us here on the left coast also the prices should be very
reasonable yeah I would I would say you know that the trick though would be
Randy that you know you’re gonna have to make your way down to Acapulco Oh to get
on the ship but boy if I’m gonna go to Acapulco to take a cruise I’ll go down
there a week before hang out at a resort then take the cruise then the cruise is
over and then I’ll work my way back home with an air ride either that day or the
next day that’s how I do it that would be a great two-week deal you
know one we cruise one-week resort fantastic okay sip is here no no me but
a couple Oh a case if saying that what was not stranded but saying but a couple
we were with ten years ago did miss the ship they had to pay for a private
flight to the next port and a hotel they waited for the ship and got back on it
is very expensive to miss the ship oh yeah oh man what a what a what a fee
that would have been to what to do that man like I can see if you missed the
ship and say San Juan Puerto Rico and then the ship is headed to st.
you can get from Puerto Rico to st. Thomas a couple of ways one of them is a
ferry I mean you can literally take a ferry
that’s a scheduled ferry or you can hire a private charter boat to take you over
or hire a private plane you know one engine you know forty miles you know get
over there that might run you a few hundred bucks but boy if you’re stuck in
Cozumel like stop is Miami you got to get back to Miami well okay you’re
probably in flight you know playing with your plane with the airlines for one way
you’re gonna pay dearly for that sylvans a– saying my friend’s plane departure
was delayed because of snow and they missed the ship they caught up in st.
Maarten two days later there you go there’s there’s ways to you know make
that happen yeah but you know the dollars how much
is they gonna run you right but hey if it’s a it’s a seven-day cruise and you
can salvage five days you do it right you do it okay Sid was saying it was San
Juan to st. Thomas oh is it adds up just like I was saying
look at that San Juan the st. Thomas weather st. Martin or Saint Thomas about
the same distance but it was doable but it still cost him didn’t it yeah they oh
he went on to say a thing on the they got to saint thomas wylde ship sailed
overnight so they just had to pay for hotel while they waited there you go
very good and if he Massey is here to saying if a passenger does not get back
to the ship on time we’ll Disney leave them on Castaway Cay yeah yeah they will
there’s no mercy on these cruise ships generally speaking I mean the captain
has a little leeway but if they’re on Castaway Cay and they’re not with ship
personnel if you’re not on tip event thing then you’re asking for it now to
me I’m I would be very surprised that anyone would miss the the the Disney
ship on private that would be shocking to me it would be like labadie you know
in Haiti with Royal Caribbean if you’re therefore the date it’s a private Royal
Caribbean resort how can you miss the ship I mean come on
where did you go how far did you get away so I’m I am puzzled by anyone
getting lost on Castaway Cay but yeah if you’re late you’re late
Richard corner masky saying big snowstorm in Midwest and Northeast
caused 600 passengers to be delayed and then they held the boat for two hours in
ports so a lot of people were able to make it for departure yeah the on
departure day there might be a little flexibility there for the ship but but
on a million amid cruise like mid cruise third day of a seven-day and if you’ve
got to go from say oh I don’t know let’s say you gotta go from Oh
coreos to grant the ship might only have a one or two hour window to wait after
that can’t wait anymore it won’t make it on time so the next port so it has to go
case it was saying Disney employees live on the island they will help yeah that’s
right Elizabeth Green is saying and this is
what passed courts we just always use our birth certificate this is why
booking excursions through the ship is the way to go that way they will wait
for you and as a saint elizabeth if you’re if you’re a Canadian like me I
can’t get into the United States without a passport even if I want to go by gas
across the border I can’t get in without the darn passport now knows there is no
way a foreign national can get on a cruise ship without a passport there’s
just no way for Americans I don’t know what the rule is but you would be really
pushing your luck without sport try to get an international you know cruise
with a note multiple with multiple stops but you know it’s it’s one of those
things if you if you see and you’re stuck on shore you know you’re late
you’re late to catch your ship say import my yarn up and next stop is Los
Angeles two days from now you will watch your back sport you want your passport
with you and your credit you can now have the report to the
dockmaster Harbormaster who’s then gonna have your report to customs and
immigration because you’re you’re here late you’re a year longer you weren’t
supposed to be here overnight so now you’re gonna need you know paper
papers for Mexico and in effect what are you asking for can i stay long enough so
i get the hell out of here because you’re now head to the airport try to
get the hell out of here of course they’ll accommodate you but it might
cost you be a fine something for the visa the you know the extra 24 hour
state or whatever the deal is sherry sherry n you’ve done it again you sent
me a super chat thank you so much five dollars thank you very much for the
for the tip I appreciate it very much it’s my first one of the day and I need
all the help I can get thank you very much I really appreciate that other news
to talk about today I’m not really even news but I did catch something today and
it was a a something called seniors at sea it was a quote seniors at sea seems
that there is a a firm out there a sort of a travel agency charter tide company
that are promoting a deal for seniors to stay for an extended period of time on a
cruise ship like a full-time stay and they’re offering a short-term like 30
and 60 day deals and longer and that they do have a one-year long itinerary
that they’re offering for a ship to to anyone who wants to live on the ship you
know for an extended quoted as permanently but for like six months a
year and they’re touting the advantages of this service because you as opposed
to being a homeowner you don’t have any maintenance story but don’t worry with
the lawn snow no maintenance on the house or the condo
whatever you’re living in no other fees to worry about you have to worry about
the gas bill the electric bill you have to worry about car payments because you
won’t need a car property taxes you want to worry about
that insurance on your house or your apartment or what have you you want to
worry about that they’re trying to say rather than staying in a retirement home
if you don’t need the services of a full-time nurse or doctor you’re healthy
enough you can look at a cruise ship instead of a retirement facility and of
course depending on the retirement facility some of these are expensive I
mean they have all the bells and whistles some of these retirement homes
are six star facilities and you’re talking you know six eight and twelve
thousand a month you know for that here they’re saying look why don’t you stay
on a cruise ship for a year and see the world
you’ve got your built-in and home you’re gonna see all the a big chunk of the
planet you’re gonna get excellent food on this cruise ship and you can eat from
you know as little as toast and jam in the morning right up through of Philly
man you know steak an evening or you know whatever is on the dining on the
dining room menu you’ll eat well you’ll meet all kinds of new people all the
time because as a ship is stopping to drop off passengers pick up new
passengers you’re staying onboard so the people change all the time the variety
changes you’re getting excellent entertainment being security and you
know if you’re a couple what a way to travel what do you think about that now
they didn’t quote a price that’s the one thing they didn’t do and of course we’ve
all seen those of us who watch you know those of you watch me regularly or those
of us who are in the cruise game love watching you know information we’re
cruising you go to vacations to go calm you can look up world cruises you can
look up the price of a world cruise between now and two years from now
because cruise lines are announcing world cruise as well in advance of
sailing and these are anywhere might be 80 days long
hundred days long days long or longer and you can take a segment of that trip
or the the whole trip if you want and if you look at those numbers those numbers
aren’t cheap I have yet to see a world cruise where you can get a cabin even an
inside cabin for say less than a hundred a night per person I almost never see
that I see about 120 130 for an ocean view I see 120 to 150 for a balcony
under 150 is very infrequent and so to me if I wanted to be a full-timer or
let’s say for the winter I wanted to be on a cruise ship for all of January all
of February all of March rather than being a condo say in Palm Springs or or
in San Diego or a condo in Florida I want to be on a cruise ship for three
months as a complete different change of pace what I’d be doing is I would be
shopping six months eight months before I’d be shopping now for next year
looking to see which Cruise Line can I spend either the entire time on or could
I find maybe three different ships three different itineraries one month each
could I do that so yeah I’m moving from a ship to a ship
but I’m on that ship for a month might be four consecutive weekly cruises and
then I got four cruises on this ship and then four cruises on that ship to me the
variety would be to me exciting enticing you know interesting and if one month
I’m in the Eastern Caribbean one month I’m in the same Western Caribbean and
another month I’m in the Southern Caribbean I’ve got a nice variety of
ports and countries to visit and now if I booked it and I’m a shareholder of the
companies that these were these cruises are on Norwegian Royal Caribbean or
Carnival I’m a shareholder I get that shareholder credit it’s a hundred bucks
a week every week I’m on these cruise ships so 12 weeks of cruising $1,200
that takes care of most of my tipping expenses and then of course I’m looking
for any special being offered that’s why I’m I’d be
shopping now is there already cabin credit being offered as it is um it with
with that knowledge in hand I can already do my budgeting and go alright I
know exactly how much I’m spending in January February and March for the for
the entire ordeal I also know that all in between the the one month and the
other I have to be in a hotel for two nights because the ship comes in to fort
lauderdale and the ship I’m getting on for the next month doesn’t leave until
Thursday so I’m gonna need a motel 6 or a quality inn or or uh you know Hilton
or whatever Hotel you want for a couple of days well I’ll do some shopping and
I’ll you know pick up some supplies and that type of thing but you could really
put together an itinerary you know I think quite organized and I think it’d
be quite affordable quite quite economic anyway more I think
we’re gonna see more of this kind of stuff show up I think we’re gonna hear
more and more Cruise Lines starting to offer extended stay vacations on cruise
ships at a set price and it might be just a flat rate it might be like you
know 20 grand gets you six months and here’s your itinerary you board in
wherever Los Angeles and when the cruise is over you get off the ship in LA or
you get off the ship in New York or Tampa or wherever it ends and there’s a
flat deal and you can you just go great it’s 20 grand all in 26 weeks $20,000
includes all everything tipping taxes and fees you name it now extras shore
excursions if you take any extras especially dining perhaps yep
extras but on the other hand if you can book yourself 26 weeks of cruising
through Carnival through like paul america princess cruises q nard the
carnival line all the you know carnivals properties cost uh cruises ada piano you
may find that i got 26 cruises booked through
the family of Carnival and I got 2626 $100 and cabin credits because I’m a
shareholder of the Company and the shares cost me whatever six thousand
bucks for the hundred shares and I got 2600 and credits for just being a
shareholder and maybe a dividend and now you know the cost of the cruising less
any cabin credits and promotions you never know and if you’re a carnival
credit card holder and you book the cruise through Carnival credit card they
may well have a deal that says you know every time you crank up five grand and
spending we give you $50 onboard credit on cruises or lgz book you book twenty
six weeks in a row on on that credit card and any other charges you’re gonna
get more cabin credits on board so all of a sudden your cost of cruising is
just dropping dropping dropping jump you getting that volume deal you are looking
for and you’re on the cruise ship for five months eight whatever you want it
to be could be an interesting way to go Elizabeth Breen is saying saying here we
do not need a passport to go to the Caribbean she says as long as you’re
leaving a u.s. port coming back to say Mia support then it’s fine but if you
miss the boat then hoops you’re in trouble and there you go yeah you know
you know what you know that’s a gamble you may not want to take for myself as a
Canadian don’t what happened after that as for any European coming in we have to
have a passport of course yeah so this this cruising full-time hmm what about
that you know III to me it’s appealing for
the winter III being Canadian Getty out a year having a be on a cruise can refer
B March if I knew I was on a specific cruise ship in January or February or
March I would be letting all my friends though and I’d be saying to my relatives
hey I’m gonna be on the so-and-so ship from this date to this date on these
cruises I’m gonna be on this ship for these cruises and nishan why don’t you
come down and spend a week with me come and visit me and for my daughter and and
her boyfriend they might literally grab a week in one of those four weeks on any
one of those ships to say dad I’m coming to see you in the second week of
February we’ll be on the same same ship you are we
mom and we’ll hang out would that be great I got friends of mine who know
that they might say yeah I’m gonna book a cruise the second week of March I’ll
see you on the so-and-so ship we’ll hang out you can show me around because
you’re the you know what’s going on so you can you know you do that I think a
lot of your friends would catch up with you wanna spend some time with you
yes Kasich good I do have a passport yes case if it is I would not want to be
without a passport not a chance last thing I’ll mention today is I took
a peek quickly at the the front page the web sites Brazil lines I wanted to see
what’s the first thing they’re showing me what’s the first thing they’re
talking to me about and on a Royal Caribbean cruise line soon as it load it
up the first thing they wanted to talk to me about was double-up sail that’s
though the little shtick they got going down a little logo a little slope and
they’re using double-up sail and what their instant they’re talking about is
instant savings and onboard credits is what they’re highlighting and then just
below what they’re saying 30% off every guest up to $200 instant savings and up
to $200 cabin credits well that’s that is such a wide-open offer you can drive
a Mack truck through that there’s no specific specificity there nothing
specific at all about that you literally have to go into the website and dig dig
dig find your cruise find the ship find when you want to leave how long do you
want to cruise for and eventually you might get these offers but by the time
you get there you may have forgotten about all these promos because 15
minutes later of clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking
and in finding crews you’d like to look at and figure out about very tedious but
that’s Royal Caribbean’s deal right now double up sail on Norwegian Cruise Line
their headline is free at sea free Etsy and choice choose up the five offers is
what they’re what they’re throwing around right now and they’re saying that
the offers are number one open bar like free drink cart number two free shore
excursions number three free specialty dining
number four is free Wi-Fi number five family and friends
sale free and then dive hundred-dollar onboard credit those of us who’ve been
around a while we kind of know what that means
the so called five free offers it’s only gonna you’re only gonna get all suite
which does you know top top dollar that’s also with that $500 on board or
credit again firearms credit on an inside room the friends and family sale
free deal that’s generally two people are in the
cabin already and you’re piling a couple more in behind it maybe the kids maybe
another couple can you handle two other adults in a in
a balcony cabin for just you know taxes and fees well if you’re college-age
maybe you can if you’re my age maybe you can’t but that’s the Norwegian Cruise
Line front front of their website oh the big deal Carnival is got not a lot
they’re saying low deposits but that’s it carnivals
touting the fact that you can get a deposit a real low deposit to book
cruise and they’re happy to work with you on a payment schedule you know like
send us a hundred dollars a month on your credit card every month and then
you know by the time it’s cruise time you paid regrows
now if you won’t want to know what’s going on with all the secondary lines
that these guys operate you have to go to their websites they’re exactly their
own websites it’s a nightmare for me I find it’s a nightmare to go
through these crusade websites I I just go to vacations to go calm and say the
heck with this I’ll just say show me the deal for Caribbean cruisin next year
January in February seven day cruises leapin any port in
Florida on any Cruise Line show me all of them and then once I get those up
I’ll ask for balcony prices only from the cheapest to the most expensive show me
I can I can make the website do all that for me and now I’m a price
first and then I’ll come I’ll go backwards I’ll see the cheapest price
and then although well who’s offering that oh I don’t want to be on that okay
well over here oh here’s a good deal who’s offering me that and that’s how I
shop so today the cheapest one week balcony cruise in the Caribbean right
now between now and say April or May MSC seaside cheapest balcony available
463 dollars or 449 something like that for a balcony on the MSC seaside and we
all know most of us know why some of you may not know why don’t think what
suppose know why the smelly poops yep right now is what it’s being gone you
know there’s the deals are there in April and May of 663 right now they’re
trying to hold the line at 663 but I find that the cruise is on em SEC side
that are like now to about four weeks from now five weeks from now they’re
dropping them under five hundred dollars onions on the balcony they’re droppin
the prices because of the cancellations I think they’ve had so many
cancellations they’ve got openings all over the place and they’re trying to
flog the cabin for whatever they can get for it that’s what’s going on but that’s
vacations to go calm Peter hekima after six months of cruising I might not fit
through the cabin door yeah you might have had a few too many of those deals
k sub seaside steaks it does literally it’s can I say yeah not not good not
good these days is it anyway there’s there’s what’s going on there so there
there we have it now that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about today could touch
a little bit of what the Acapulco thing and the CMV travel leisure thing the
sale of a ship from Carnival and older ship to an outside entity that won’t
even be particle isn’t part of carnal whatsoever
that’s how cruise lines are you know calling the herd is that the way to say
it to bring on the new bells and whistles cruise ships that’s what it is
this old one I bet you on a per passenger basis costs more to operate
than the brand-new Carnival horizon that’s coming for Carnival
well they’ll they’ll operate it that way so I think that’s where it’s going
George Makaurau our greetings hi George you’re just in time for the end of the
show great to have you here nice to see but yeah these new cruise ships are the
the the engineering that’s going into them unfortunately for embassy seaside
it’s not working engineering that isn’t working for the embassy seaside but for
the Oasis of the Seas harmony of the Seas and other the
number of the new ships that have been released lately the engineering is
working wonderfully and the economics of economies of scale are working and these
cruise lines are enhancing their bottom line they’re improving their anymore for
a cabin even if it’s ten bucks a week more that ten bucks a week more is all
profit because they’ve already paid the expenses on the dollars prior to that
they can get you to spend five bucks a day more on anything they’re making more
money because they got you on board you’ve already paid for yourself now
they’re enhancing their net profit and they’ll find ways to to do it that’s
their job that’s why they’re in business and if they don’t do it their
competition well and we want the bells and whistles we want the service and we
want the variety and that’s what we’re prepared to pay for obviously because
it’s working and there you have it Debbie Emmanuel was saying don’t forget
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