Cyclist Takes Bike Ride Along The Beach And Shoreline |  Enjoy The Scenic View!

Cyclist Takes Bike Ride Along The Beach And Shoreline | Enjoy The Scenic View!

So we’re rolling around here through Hammonasset State Park and we’re going to be heading over to Megs point. yeah we definitely got a headwind that’s fine with me I’ll take a tailwind going home every day of the week beautiful morning for a ride hey so yeah here we are at a Manhasset state park and the timing could have been better in terms of the battery you just quit on me just as I rolled up here so I do have to change the battery but for walking now before the water and I come up direction a couple times with my bike and the massive skate park Madison Connecticut this is a Long Island Sound and this is what April seventeenth 18 beautiful day to be out here going to actually take a walk fast they’re here he’s got to go higher elevation think I can probably rocky top of the 10 times beautiful day to be how you area little history yeah so this area as you can clean we will tell from that one golden Ark that it’s a cool day she better make your foot on ok I’m going to cut it off here and get back on the bike and head home beautiful day thanks for coming along so that was interesting that’s a nice little stop try to choose a little video up there on next point came across some fat guy sitting out there sunbathing himself I think there ought to be a log inside of that sort of thing that so what we call visual pollution well that was smart on my part take another one make sure break yeah so we’re having a great morning ride that’s for sure we’re running through hammonasset state park here in Madison Connecticut flooring the beautiful tuesday morning must be very close to noon time at this point just enjoying the day I’m a whole lot of conversation going on here this morning I think I mentioned a few times already and I just don’t want to repeat myself but I was talking about coaching Susan she’s a brand new to road biking and just bought her first road bike this year got himself a very nice specialized dolce and he’s been getting used to some of the features of the bike in the feel of it and getting a little workout in place by writing on an indoor trainer we have a smart trainer that we bought at the end of the season in place of a magnetic trainer and made all the difference in terms of the writing writing experience songs with but she was giving him some workouts and doing very well and we were fortunate to have been able to get out on the road a couple times already this year she’s logged maybe who could think about 50 50 maybe 60 miles so far we’ve gone out on two road trips on just about 20 miles I think and the other one just a shade under 25 and both times she’s doing right probably well but today is right and I’m all by myself as you can get and just enjoying it