Discover what Golden Bay Beach resort has to offer!

Hi Philippine Travelers We’re here at Golden Bay Beach Resort and
Spa Here in Samal Island It’s not one of the most popular resorts
here But it’s a very beautiful resort as you can
see There are not a lot of people who come here Because it’s a bit out of the way It’s, I think, about 30-45 minutes from the
port If you hire a trike But if you have your private vehicle then It’s going to take a little shorter travel
time for you to arrive Now Golden Bay is I think it’s not an exclusive resort And they’re very fond of videoke here If you can hear in the background There are a lot of people singing different
songs Because there are I think about 5 videoke
houses here Which is actually very nice Because videoke or karaoke is Actually a popular Filipino past time Another thing that I really like about this
resort and One thing I forgot to mention The water is very very clear and the sand
is very fine I’m not sure if it’s natural sand here Maybe it’s just quarried then taken to the
resort Nevertheless it’s very nice So who are we to complain, right? The water is not too deep It’s gradually sloping so it’s actually good
for kids So you can just have the kids play around On the sand and you know, by the shoreline And you can just go to the deeper part of
the water And take a look at the sunset It’s really nice Golden Bay Beach Resort has different types
of accommodations They have day cottages for people Who don’t want to stay overnight And just enjoy the beach for a day Or, you know, just camp out I think they allow tents by the seashore But I don’t think it’s ideal because the water
would just You know, the tide will just rise They have overnight cottages I think they are very affordably-priced I really cannot check them out right now Because there are people staying inside most
of them And I think some of the staff also use Some of the rooms as their own billeting stations If they have to stay overnight at the resort Overall it’s a very good place to stay for
the weekends Especially now that it’s a long weekend We don’t have work or class on Monday Because it’s a holiday What I really like about this resort Is the views from, I think, every corner From the resort itself, the cottages You can see the sea right in front of you It’s not exactly open water Davao City is still right across but it’s
a bit too far Because you can see, I think, the southern
part Of Davao City already And then to the left side I think would already
be General Santos? I’m not really sure but I think that’s it Aside from the view, it’s the feeling of being
exclusive Because like I said, not a lot of people come
here Because of the distance from the main part
of Samal Island So I would give Golden Bay a 4 I like the place I like their newly-upgraded huts I like the serenity of the place and the views What I just don’t like would be the distance Well the distance sometimes works to an advantage But sometimes it doesn’t Especially the trip coming here We had a hard time because we did not know That we already had to pass the concrete highway And not the bumpy gravel road because we did
not know And, well, we did not even bother to check So I think that’s our fault But this is highly recommended And check out the blog post up on Thank you so much for watching this video If you liked it, again, click on the Thumbs
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