Florida Travel: Welcome to Jacksonville Beach

(upbeat music)
(gentle ocean waves crashing) – Jacksonville boasts 22
miles of white sand beaches, dotted with vibrant coastal neighborhoods full of activities,
entertainment, and great food. To get the best out of a
day in Jacksonville Beach, we recommend you start
with a good breakfast. Maple Street Biscuit Company
will definitely do the trick. Try the ever-popular Squawking Goat or the yummy Sunshine in the Garden. You can’t go wrong with any of their scrumptious biscuit choices. Eat up because a day at the beach here, can be filled with activity.
(gentle ocean waves crashing) You can ride a bike almost
anywhere in Jacksonville Beach, but my favorite spot is
right down the coastline. No bike? No worries. Beach Life Rentals will deliver any of their toys right to you, bikes, surfboards, paddle boards, kayaks, even chairs and umbrellas. Kurt is the guy to call. You can also find him on the beach, just north of the Jacksonville Pier, a great spot for watersports. If you’re digging this
laid-back coastal community, cruise on over to the Beaches
Museum and History Park to find out how it all started, from the old railway depot
to historic collections, showcasing the diversity
of each beach community. When you’re ready, Engine
15 will be waiting for you. This Florida brewery serves
up award-winning brews and tasty pub food. They boast 50 taps at any one time, many of them with Engine 15 creations from the five-barrel brewhouse on site. And a little hint, order anything with the beer cheese on it. So we’ve filled you up on food and fun. It’s time to visit Jax Beach for plenty of surf, sand, and sun. (gentle ocean waves crashing)