Fruit & Vegetable Crop Management at MSU IAT/ West Shore Community College

(upbeat music) – Food is gonna be here,
so that’s a steady job, whether it’s with us, or it’s with one of the other
industries in the local area, or worldwide. Everybody’s gonna eat. – The Fruit and Vegetable
certificate program is for students that are interested in the horticultural sciences, whether they wanna start an organic farm or go out and grow vegetables, or whatever they’re interested in, the Fruit and Vegetable
Crop Management is good for people interested in that. – MSU’s AG-Tech program
is a wonderful program because it gives kids through
college a little bit faster and into the working environment. We’re at the epicenter in terms
of agricultural diversity. We grow something like 200
and some odd different crops. The vast majority of those are grown right here in West Michigan. – Every core AG class has
a pertinent field trip, so there’s somewhere in Michigan that doing what you wanna do, and so you can go out and actually see it. – You’re going to have
those networking experiences and then learn a little
bit about business, and a hands on about
maybe fruits and veggies. And as an employer, those
things are great, because we would really look
for something like that coming out of college. – Michigan State has that
two-year certificate, so that gives them the
opportunity to get in the door, and make sure that they find
something that drives them, that really interests them. – Students will get an
opportunity to learn about pest management, about entomology, plant pathology with diseases, soil management experience, tree pruning. There’s opportunities for
business management experience. – Through the courses that are required for the Fruit and Vegetable
Management degree, it gave me the skills to
get a good internship, then a summer job with Wilbur-Ellis, and rolled me right into a full-time job. – The financial component
is a really important part of going to college. And so, being able to learn
within your own local community, and then even have a job
while you’re going to school, is a really important opportunity for future students to consider. – It’s very important to get
younger generation out there, and realize that it’s not just
about sitting behind a desk. You need to be out into the world and seeing what’s going on,
and producing our fruit, and knowing where your
food is coming from. – If you’re interested in this field, you like to be outside. You’re not gonna sit behind
a desk for eight hours a day. That’s not what these jobs are. These are actually hands
on and you’re working, and you’re out there making a difference.