FUERTEVENTURA – beautiful beaches and nudist paradise

Olaaa from Fuerteventura island Hi everbody We are in the north of island near the small town Corralejo It is great for kids here there are no big waves so kids can play in the ocean the waves are a little bit bigger today, but nothing so bad you can lie on the beach alone, because there is plenty of space or under a beach umbrella for 9 E There are beach umbrellas I forgot to say something important. We arent in the summer here It is the end of october The weather is absolutely great We are going along the beach to Corralejo I hope we get there nudists have to hide here, because people wearing swimsuit watch them :))) so they have to build those stone “houses” :))) The best fun is collecting of shells I think we will need more suitcases I think, we have found a popcorn beach There are stones looking like popcorn here It is interesting, I havent seen it before It is in the town Corralejo and everbody can come here We are on the boat and we are going to Lobos island and we arent scared 🙂 Welcome to Lobos island There are some seals left here Fuerteventura is over there and the hotel where we stay is on the left and there is Corralejo over there and there is a seagull Here is Eliska, Anitka and Ema otherwise there is nothing :)) Everything ends, and our holiday is over We are going to the airport at least one more view from our hotel