Hey guys, it’s Karina.
>>It’s Ronald from… Sis vs. Bro.>>And today we are going
to the Philippines. Today is the day we are going
to the Philippines. We never went to the Philippines
before so we’re really excited. Whoo! These are our luggages
and we’re like, ready to go out the door,
so here are our luggages… gray, boring and
then mine–>>Wow!>>Ronald is the most boring
out of all of them because it’s just plain gray,
no design. But these ones have a…
some kind of design. So how do you feel being
the most boring out of the pack? [sad music] So guys,
we are super ready, super excited to go
to the Philippines! Our cats are inside
the cat hotel. They’re just chilling there. Maybe George
is crying like… Where’s Karina
and Ronald? But don’t worry George,
we’ll be back for you in 13 days. So basically we’re gonna
be going to London. It’s gonna take
one and a half hours and we’re gonna
go to Hong Kong it’s gonna take like,
13 hours and then we get from– and then from Hong Kong we’re
gonna go to the Philippines, which is going to be one
and a half hour. I’m not sure.
Something like that. All right.>>That’s like, 16 hours.
>>Yeah. We’re all packed. I got my awesome sunglasses. I’m not going to put them on now
because it’s not sunny.>>Oof.>>In the Philippines
it will be super sunny. So I got my sunglasses ready. I got my bag…
ready. Perfecto. And Ronald.>>That’s my bag.
>>There’s nothing in it. It’s so flat.>>Well, I have
a few things like, some other things.>>Nah, you only have
your phone in there. You don’t need
such a big bag.>>I got other stuff like,
baby wipes and other stuff.>>Why do you need baby wipes?
>>I don’t know.>>So guys, let’s go. Let’s go. We need to take
the luggages. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Let’s– Aah. I can’t open the door
without any hands. Here we go.
Yeah. Yes.
Sunlight. Let’s go–
>>Bruh.>>I don’t even
have my shoes on. Okay, we gotta go back
inside to get our shoes. So guys, we are in the car. I took off my own sweater because I got really hot,
and we got some snacks. We have a lot more
but they’re inside Ronald’s bag. Ronald was just sleeping but I
woke him up because of these. They are so loud. [yawning] We are almost there. We’ll be there in like,
10, 20 minutes ish.>>Yeah, almost there.>>We’ll meet you guys
at the airport. So guys we are in the airport. We are past the security
’cause that’s boring and now
we are inside the airport, we just left our lounge. We were sitting there
for probably like, 10 minutes. And now, we are going
to the plane. Boom…
I’m inside the plane. I didn’t record
in the other plane because it was boring
and short. Now we’re in
the second plane. It’s 13 hours. And I got my sleeping bag
and I’m lying down in my bed. Ronald’s right next to me,
lying down in his bed. My legs are spread out. Yes!
We have so much room here. And underneath here,
we got our bags.>>Oh,
yeah. All right.>>What else is there
to explain, Ronald.>>Well basically, [inaudible] there’s a whole bunch of storage [inaudible] stuff down here in the shelf. And I got my bag over there,
and my shoes down there. So yeah.
>>You took your shoes off. Oh, I should take
my shoes off as well. They’re uncomfy. There we go.
Perfect. We’ll see you once
something interesting happens.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, like food–
We just got food. We got some salad with nuts,
so I can’t eat that. I got nuts,
so I can’t eat that either. We got orange juice,
and I got bread. Okay, that–
I’ve never seen bread like this before. It’s like…
what? All right. And Ronald didn’t get
his food yet. We are watching movies. I’m watching Incredibles 2
’cause I didn’t watch it yet. It’s so good. Like, you guys should watch it,
it’s really good. Actually, not sponsored.
So guys, we got… our main course
or dinner thing, I got… this lamb with some green stuff,
looks like guacamole, sort of. But…
I don’t think it is. So yeah, I got, I’m still
watching Incredibles 2. It’s awesome. Ronald has some lamb,
with that green stuff. Ronald hasn’t tried it. I had one piece
and it’s really good. I’m going to continue on with my movie. See you guys in the plane. Hey guys, we just woke up
and we have our breakfast. All right, I got
some orange juice here. I have no idea what that is. We got two croissants,
and we got some fruits. That is Ronald’s empty plate,
this is my full plate. Wooh,
I’m full. All right, we’re gonna eat
breakfast now and… guess we’re gonna get
off the plane.>>Okay guys, we just
landed in Hong Kong. This is looking awesome. Apparently, you’re not allowed
to come here sick which is… Okay. They check your temperature. There’s this guy
with the temperature thing and scanned my head
and I was like, “what?” And now we’re here,
going to the next plane, which is only two hours.>>So guys, we just
landed in Hong Kong. We’re gonna wait
here for about– I don’t know, a little bit and then
we’re going on the next plane. It’s gonna be two hours.>>Ooh,
our plane is right there. Philippines, it says.>>It says the Philippines on it. That’s our plane. Our beautiful plane. Come to us. That’s our magical plane. So we’ll see you in the plane. So guys, we are
on the 3rd airplane ride. Mmm-hmm. And…
it’s really nice. It’s only two hours long, so
it’s pretty surprising [inaudible] nice. At the front here, we got
this little storage place. I put my bag there. Ronald didn’t.
>>LOL>>Ronald put up his blanket
up there though and there’s another
storage space here and another one behind. Okay, now we move
to these seats. Okay, so…
I’m gonna unbuckle myself. There we go.
All right, so…>>It’s not working.>>No, because we it only
works after takeoff.>>Oh.>>So we got buttons here
to control our seats. Got a light button. There’s the light.>>Have you got this
on yours side?>>Yeah, obviously.
>>Oh.>>There’s a little–
I don’t know what that is. Just a little pocket,
I don’t know. And then, ok… wow.>>It’s kinda old-school.>>And then you can just swing it back
if you like it. We got some chargers. Of course,
we got chargers. And also we got ourselves… a menu. I’ve read the menu and there’s
really nothing good, boring. I don’t feel [inaudible]. So guys,
we just got into bed position. Mine’s in bed position, see. Bed, bed. But Ronald is all the way down
there in his bed position. It’s so low. And I’m just gonna ##
be right here. I don’t think it’s a good spot
for my bag because this is where
my feet gonna go. I gotta put it down there.
Bye bag, okay.>>The thing about yours,
is you can put yours over there. I can’t.
It’s sad.>>Look how high I am,
I’m like the queen, and you’re just like,
the peasant.>>No, I’m not.>>’Cause you’re lower the me. Look how low you are. The planes don’t have T.V. but they gave us iPad
so I can watch movies on here. [inaudible] so I can’t touch it right now. So guys we just got
our dinner, again. All right so we got this soup. I tried it,
I did not like it. We got this salad. And we got potatoes and chicken,
and carrots and green beans. Ronald’s already dipping in.
Is it good, Ronald? Cool. And I’m also watching a movie
on the tablet. So guys,
we are about to land… inside the Philippines. [music playing]>>This is Karina’s smile. Welcome to Karina’s smile.>>My eyes! [music playing]>>So guys we are at the hotel
and it’s really fancy looking. Like, real fancy.
>>And look up.>>And look at that. Look at this pillar
just standing there.>>[inaudible] >>And we got another
chandelier thingy there. We got lots of things
there. And you got another
chandelier thingy there And this really pretty light, and everything. And look at the floor. It’s pretty.
>>Marble>>And then look at here.
>>It’s the decoration.>>I wanna do decorations
on Ronald’s face.>>Yes.
>>All right. So I think we are going
to get ourselves a room. We are only going to stay here
for one night.>>Which is sad.>>Yeah,
but only one night and then we’re going to go
to the next Island.>>Yay.>>So we’ll meet you
guys in our room– So guys, I just got
through the hotel room and it’so big. I’ll give you a quick tour. We got the bathroom here. Bath, sink, shower,
toilet, shower, toilet, got a robe.
Super awesome. We got a big closet here. We got a TV.
We got Ronald. We got a bed,
we got another bed. We got my bag. We got table, with food on it. That’s our table.
This is our room. We are going to be here
for one night though. But there’s this VR place. We’re gonna go there
because video games. Yeah! And we might go to a spa afterwards
if we really feel like it so, let’s go to the VR place. Whoo, whoo! And by the way guys,
we’re not going to be vlogging in the Philippines
here on this channel. So if you want to see vlogs,
go on my channel, Karina Kurzawa or
on Ronald’s channel.>>Ronald’s life.
>>He just opened a new channel so you can go check it out.>>Yay.>>And now we’re gonna end
this video on this channel. Hope you liked this video.
If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.