Hawaii Advice: Royal Lahaina | Ka’anapali Beach (VLOG) 🌴

[Male driver speaking] so we’re now exiting the Kapalua airport beach park which is right by the Westin Ka’anapali – I think Villas. So it’d be the Westin villas. not to be confused with the actual resort which is further south down the beach so this Beach Park (the Kapalua Airport beach park) is free to the public. Now a lot of people do come here and I highly recommend it. it’s free parking. you just got make sure that you can find a parking spot. [Female passenger speaks] nice place to watch the sunset. [Male driver speaking] and again, over here – if you look, that’s the Westin – I believe the villas. so again, not to be confused with the actual resort. and over there is the Maui Ka’anapali villas. so they’re right next to each other. so what we’re going to do – we’re going to take you to the Royal Lahaina. kinda show you where that’s it. Royal Lahaina is definitely – if you’re looking for an ocean-front, it’s definitely a nice place to have an ocean-front. they can get a tad bit expensive. if you’re looking for a cheaper option, I would definitely go with the condos or maybe a vacation rental because you’re going to find – you’re gonna find that it’s a lot more inexpensive to go that route. the downside is that you have to pay for your own food. again, they don’t offer any type of food services but again, as we show you in the previous videos, (and if you haven’t seen them, go to our travel vlog and we’ll definitely show you), but you can go across the street from the Maui Kai and some of the resorts or condos near us and there will be a store over there where you can purchase your food. [Female passenger speaks] and the Maui Kai does have maid service even though you can’t order room service food, they’ll still come and exchange your towels and clean up and take out the trash if you want them to daily. [Male driver speaking] so what we’re doing right now – we’re just showing you how to get to the Royal Lahaina. again, haven’t been there yet, but it’s been highly recommended through some of the individuals that we’ve had a chance to speak to and some of the information on the websites [Female passenger speaks softly] There’s the Royal Lahaina Resort. [Male driver speaking] Yep, so this is the entrance to the Royal Lahaina Resort. If you look ahead, that’s the tower and that’s going to be the direct ocean-front so if you want to stay in the tower, it’ll be just like a traditional resort and you’ll pay a little bit up for the ocean-front but again, if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s definitely worth it. now the Royal Lahaina is on Ka’anapali Beach. it’s on the south side of Black Rock. no, sorry, excuse me, it’s on the north side of Black Rock and this resort has luaus that they offer. now the luaus may be kind of expensive but it’s definitely worth it at the end of day if that’s something that you’re interested in. it’s not the Feast at Lele but it is definitely a cheaper option if you’re looking at going to a luau and this is just the resort. again, the resort is pretty spread out. they do have cottages if you want to stay in a cottage and the cottage is beach front, however it’s not the beach front view. it’s just on the beach. so we’re just driving around. and what we’re going to do, is we’re going to turn around actually. we were just showing you the property and how to get here. definitely as an option. they do have tennis courts. now keep this in mind – again, it’s September 18th so it’s fairly through the middle of September and it is kind of dark outside. so the time is now 6:42 p.m. so just keep that in mind. the sunset will probably come about 6:30 ish maybe 6:15 ish and it will get dark about seven o’clock. so if you want to do your activities, so if you want to see things during September or at least during the middle of September, make sure that you come and look at things prior to 6:00 that way it could be lighter outside and you have opportunity to view more things. so we’re on our way out. just be careful. to our right as we’re driving, that’s gonna be the entrance for the tower to the Royal Lahaina and they have like the um – they have a nice property. again, they have a lot of activities. it’s just, it is a resort so it’s different than a condominium. and to our right again as we’re driving, you’ll see the cottages. again, it’s at a dark time but do take a look at our travel vlog. we can explain a little bit more – give you a little more in depth but we hope that you liked what you saw as far as what we are offering for you. again, we just want to offer real experiences. I know that you could visit any other travel site, travel blog, but we wanted to give you in-depth. we love it and we just want to explore and take you with us on this adventure and we hope that you can follow us some more. so thank you for visiting with us and please make sure that you like us and follow us as we continue to build this travel vlog and show you our adventures and we hope that you can continue to be there with us. we wish you Aloha! and God Bless!