Holiday Story time for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Speaking and Learning Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV Maggie. Here’s a photo of me playing football. Oh. I like playing football. I don’t …
Hey. Hello. Hi. We’re looking at some of my family photos
from my holiday. Hey. Look. Here’s the next photo. Look. We’re on a boat. Hey! Steve! Who’s that? Who Maggie? He’s wearing a white cap. The white cap? Yeah. Oh, yeah. That’s my cousin Peter. He’s wearing a white cap, a white cap, a white
cap. Okay. Next photo. Wow. Oh, look. We’re swimming. Yeah. Hey. Who’s that? Who Maggie? She’s wearing a red swimsuit. The red swimsuit? Yeah. Who’s wearing a red swimsuit? Oh. Yeah. It’s my cousin Sarah. Aha. My cousin is wearing a red swimsuit. She’s wearing a red swimsuit, a red swimsuit,
a red swimsuit. Yeah. Okay. Next picture. Oh, look. Ice cream. Yummy yummy. Hey Steve. Who’s that? Who Maggie? He’s wearing green sandals. Wearing green sandals? Oh. Yeah. It’s my uncle. Aha. My uncle John is wearing green sandals, green
sandals, green sandals, green sandals. I love ice cream. Delicious. Oh look Maggie. We’re at the park. Wow. But who’s that girl? Who Maggie? She’s wearing black sunglasses. Wearing black sunglasses? Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s my sister. My sister Ann. Look, she’s wearing black sunglasses, black
sunglasses, black sunglasses. Great. Next picture. Oh dear. Oh, don’t need to see that. No. Go back Steve. Go back. No, Maggie. Yeah, I want to see that photo. Okay. Oh dear. Who’s that? I don’t know. But look, look. He’s wearing blue pants. Say with me. What’s he wearing? He’s wearing blue pants, blue pants, blue
pants. What’s he wearing? He’s wearing blue pants, blue pants, blue
pants. That’s a bit of a silly picture, isn’t it. I think it’s Steve. Let’s find out. Let’s move on. Abracadabra. No. Oh dear. I can see your pants. No, no, no…it’s not me. It’s not me. Look, look. My pants are dark blue. Not light blue… No, it’s you. Yeah. You’re right. It is me. Haha. My pants. See you next time boys and girls. Bye bye. Yeah. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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