How to Choose All-Inclusive Vacations : Including Sports & Extra Activities in Your Vacation Package

Hi! I’m Rob Blowes from Carlson Wagonlit
Travel on behalf of today I’m speaking about all inclusive travel,
in this clip I’m going to speak about sports and extra curricular activities at all inclusive
resorts. I’ve said before that many resorts all inclusive include non motorized water
sports and certain activities at the resorts, entertainment or there may be games that type
of thing, if you’re specifically looking for a sport that you want to do certain resorts
let’s say in Cozumel for example might be bigger for you scuba divers where there’s
a reef on site or just a raft shore I should say, whereas if you want to golf perhaps you
want to specifically gear yourself to a resort that has golf course on site. So there are
various options there, as far as extra curricular activities site seeing you may be want to
select a resort that’s closer to a particular site, a historical site or an archaeological
site you might want to see, so these are things that you want to really take into consideration
when you’re selecting your all inclusive package, you want to make it the most out
of your one week vacation that you get or two weeks and so if you’re certainly geared
towards a particular sport or activity let us know and we’ll help you narrow it down
and get the right resort for you.