How to Choose All-Inclusive Vacations : Is Travel Insurance Important for an All-Inclusive Vacation?

Hi! I’m Rob Blowes from Carlson Wagonlit
Travel on behalf of, today I’m speaking about all inclusive travel,
in this clip I’m going to speak about travel insurance. To make it a truly all inclusive
package you really should consider purchasing cancellation and medical insurance at least
or perhaps both. Many travel insurance companies offer packages that include both or you can
purchase them individually, your credit cards company will offer different coverage’s
although generally not quiet adequate but you should check with your card company or
a travel consultant, we’ll send you in the right direction. You should protect your purchase
you spent a lot of money generally on an all inclusive package, you’re spending most
of your money in advance, you want to make sure if something unexpected happens you can
either get that money back or at least an option to enjoy your trip at a later date,
so always keep in mind travel insurance is extremely important, you don’t want to be
stuck paying for your trip not being able to go and then having to pay it once again
out of your pocket cause you weren’t able to use the trip the first time.