How to Choose All-Inclusive Vacations : When to Purchase an All-Inclusive Vacation Package

Hi! I’m Rob Blowes from Carlson Wagonlit
Travel on behalf of, today I’m going to speak about all inclusive travel,
in this clip I’m going to talk about when should I purchase an all inclusive vacation.
For when I guess that’s kind of a loaded question, certain times of the year might
be a better time to travel all inclusive or certain destinations maybe more suited to
an all inclusive vacation. As far as booking people tend to book late these days they seem
to have busy lives and don’t exactly know when they’re going to get their vacation,
so many people will book last minute and that’s okay too but I generally advice people if
they want a particular destination or particular resort try and book in advance, you know maybe
2 months in advance generally you’ll get what you wanted except for Christmas or March
break or any of the special holiday’s like that, Easter, so you got to keep that in mind.
Certain things you want to keep in mind is well for example Dominican Republic around
Easter that’s Holy Week in that part of the world and generally you’re going to
find very limited services in some of the resorts, so you will not find any motorized
water sports available it’s a law they’re not allow to do that during that week, so
keep that in mind so when you’re traveling you want to plan around that, so if that’s
a big thing and you want to go water skiing don’t go Easter week to the Dominican Republic
or it will happen. So generally you know you can purchase your trip anytime, try and book
in advance you’ll get more choice at the resort you want, the departure time you want,
the departure date you want and you’ll have quiet a selection or options too, if you wait
for the last minute certainly not a problem just generally you get what’s left or you
may not like what is left so it depends how flexible you are I guess is the way to say
it when you purchase.