Killed by plastic pollution: unknown animal washes up on Cornwall beach. #TheCreature

(metal detector clicking) (clicking increases) (high-pitched squealing) I think it… I, you know,
I think it’s… it was… I’ve never seen anything
that looks like this. It looked like a whale,
but I don’t know if it was a whale. I don’t know. (dog whining, barking) Like a big lump of… Like a… It looked, initially, like a…
a seal, a huge seal. ..get closer… Amazing. Very strange. It was hard to know
whether it was alive, at first. But, then, there was a slight wheezing. I mean, it was amazing
how everybody pulled together so quickly and did the best that they could. Reaching in and pulling out so much stuff. We were just trying
to get her to… breathe again. (guttural moan) The kids were… incredible. They have, just, like,
this natural instinct to care for things. (high-pitched frequency) It sounds bonkers, but there was… It was kind of like a flashing. Pulsating. It was definitely responding to us,
in some way. We thought it meant… We thought we’d saved her,
but it was… (pulsating stops) When its energy, kind of, went… I think we all knew. Once the tide came up,
we just… let it go. And it just felt right, to… to give it back to the sea.