Kristy Cahill, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Danvers, Massachusetts

My name is Kristy Cahill and I practice primary
care and internal medicine at the North Shore Physicians practice at the Women’s Health
Center in Danvers. I went to medical school at the University
of Massachusetts Medical School in western Mass and then I went to Cambridge Health Alliance
and finished three years of my internal medicine residency there and stayed on an extra year
as chief resident. I chose North Shore Physician’s Group because
I really wanted to practice and serve in the community in which I live. I think it’s very
important to get to know your patients and being part of the community in which they
live and serving them I think allows you to be a better physician.
It’s a huge advantage to be a patient at North Shore Physicians group because you have this
feel of a very small practice and you have to support of an electronic medical record,
of MGH, and of all of the other institutions that are a part of the Partners organization.
From a physician’s perspective, I like knowing that I have the resources that I need at any
time at my finger tips. I also like the academic and the community feeling of North Shore Physicians
Group. It feels nice and warm practicing in a small
family of physicians, but at the same time I know that it’s very rigorous academically
and that it’s part of a larger academic institution, so the learning goes on constantly.