Laurens Reacts To Mike’s Evolution | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– So Lauren, you’ve known
Mike since the beginning. – Yes.
– So I say we look back at the good, the bad, and
the beautiful of Mike. – I’m scared.
(Pauly laughs) – I remember hearing the word
The Situation the first time, I was like, “What situation,
what’s the situation?” And he’s like, “This is the situation.” And he was like, “Boom!” – This is the situation right here. – Oop, there it is. – You’re like, “Calm down.” – Yeah, exactly. – I think you can hate
on me all you want to, but what can you possibly say to somebody that looks like Rambo, pretty
much, with their shirt off. (Pauly laughs)
– Oh god. – Is that who you feel in love with? – It’s definitely part of him. – Okay so right now, this was epic. We took a trip to Atlantic City and JWoww and Mike got into it. So it was wild, take a look at this. Here it is. Oh, oh! – She was nuts! – Throwing out thew wig,
throwing out the fake nails. – [Pauly] And I thought it was gonna end right here, ya know?
– Yeah. – Ooh, and then all of a sudden, bam!
– My god! – He was mad. – You could tell how mad.
– Yeah. – I wasn’t expecting that. You see little Vinnie
trying to break it up. – [Deena] Yeah, like calm down, Vinnie. – Vinnie looks like a baby. – And look at Nicole, she’s just like. But man, I did not know she
was gonna come in swinging. I knew she was gonna come
back mad, I figured yelling. But it got physical. – Well he said it hurt.
– Yeah. – I mean, yeah, she’s strong.
– Yeah. – [Ronnie] Wake the up. – He was nuts too, though, Ron was nuts. – Wake the (beep) up, bro! – What are you–
– That was not called for. – Yeah, you wanna hit me? You wanna hit me, you wanna hit me? You wanna do this?
(head bangs) – Oof!
– Oh, there it is. Man, it’s tough to see your
brothers going at it like that. – Honestly, out of all the fights we’ve ever gotten into
– This is the craziest. – this one scared me. – Yeah it was crazy.
– He was so lucky that he didn’t get a
permanent issue from that. – Look, I was petrified. Because Ron was so pissed and– – He just said it, “I waited for a long time to (beep) you up.” – [Ronnie] I’ve been waiting, bro. – I know Mike, and I know when he’s sober, and I know when he’s struggling and he was detoxing then, he
was going through withdrawal. So to see that replayed on TV and then see how far he’s
come today, it’s just extra, I guess, hard.
– I feel like he’s so amazing now, you know?
– He’s incredible. – He had the comeback is
stronger than the setback. – [Both] Yes. – And that’s a perfect
example of just that. He bounced back from
that, what didn’t kill him made him stronger, he’s the
strongest guy I’ve ever seen. People can look at him for inspiration. – Yeah.
– Definitely. – Hey, I was wondering if I
could talk to you for a minute. – Okay. I decided to let Mike in just because I definitely have been
waiting for Mike to talk to me so I just want to hear this kid out. – It definitely upsets
me that we don’t sit and talk or have a friendship at all. – Him and Nicole, they haven’t talked for like a whole year
leading up to that apology. – Yeah, it was definitely the restart of their friendship,
for sure, right there. – Look at his face, that’s my
husband, you know what I mean? He’s a different person. To even see that back and forth is crazy. – Okay, this was awesome. This was the greatest moment
in Jersey Shore history. – Oh my god, for sure. This is honestly probably
best Mike moment, completely. – I have to agree. – The moment, the biggest
moment of Mike’s life, is about to happen right now. – Biggest moment for Vinnie also. – I thought this part was a spoofy thing. When we opened the door
and I saw the outside, that’s when I knew like 1,000%. Cause Vinnie was being so spoofy with the garcons thing, so I’m
like, “This is not serious.” – You’re my best friend,
my college sweetheart, my better half. – He went through this
speech so many times. – I half blacked out at that speech. Immediately, I was like,
“Wait, what’d you say? “I want to know everything again.” It was a dream view.
– Then a ring. Dream proposal, dream husband, everything. Awe.
– Perfection. – Well, I’m glad you said yes. – Me too.
– Same, imagine. – Not a lot of people can come
full circle the way he did. People don’t as they try.
– It’s hard, yeah. – But to see that’s remarkable. – Yeah, he’s an inspiration to me. – Mm-hmm.
– Me too. – And he’s made me such
a better person in life. It was definitely in the right order. The hot mess in the beginning, and then the dream man at the end. – Now he is perfect. – He is perfect, as
perfect as you can get.