Lindsay Turns To Oprah For Advice | Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club | MTV

(upbeat, bouncing music) – So there’s a bigger
picture to all of this. I mean, we can really
do something different. All of our stories have
a different perspective on other people’s lives, and
I think that we forget that, because we move so fast
here, ’cause it’s so fun, and we wanna party, and we go quick. You’re not gonna be the
people that you all say you wanna be if you don’t actually focus on what you really (beep) truly want. I hope they learn that they
really need to just treasure and value themselves, more than
everything else around them. That’s what I’ve learned
over time, so all I can offer is what I know, and what I’ve experienced. – You wanna make, to read yours? – Oh my god, I’m scared. – My purpose to make people
happy, love, and be loyal, gratitude, change the world, always. – Call Oprah. (laughter) She’s my 9-1-1, I ask her for
advice whenever I do anything. – I’m keeping this though. (laughter) Anyway, back to work, guys, okay. – All good, goodbye, have fun. (light, upbeat music)