MTV Floribama Shore Presents: Eating With Aimee w/ Special Guest Candace | MTV

– And then that’s the top of our lasagna. (chips crunch)
Uh. (cheerful music) – Hey y’all, we are back
with Eating With Aimee, and last time we made a low country boil, but we’ve upped our budget a little bit, and today I have Candace as my guest, and she’s gonna help me make. – Pizza roll lasagne. So what you wanna do is you wanna put your pizza rolls into the pan, then you wanna put some
salsa on top of that, then you wanna grate the cheese. – I’ll grate the cheese because I know how to work one of these things because they use these on my feet. So Candace, you have to tell me what is it that you love
so much about pizza rolls? – Like, think about that,
they so hard on the outside but then there’s love on the inside. – That’s you. – Exactly. Now you gonna put the cheese on top. (counter bangs) – That’s my favorite
way to cut stuff, just. – I think the shredder is more efficient. – The thing about a recipe is you take it and you make it your own. – Okay. Ugh. Aimee, you got the egg on the, you did the opposite of
what you’re supposed to do. Sorry y’all, we got to come back after a short commercial break. – I really didn’t mean to do that. (elevator music) – Welcome back, I’m so
sorry about that y’all. Aimee, could you please crack
the actual egg into the bowl? Yeah, that’s how you do it. – Oh. – Good job! Okay, there we go, there we go. – Uh uh, there is
something red in that egg. – It is something nasty in there. – We cannot use that egg. – So crack the other two eggs. So you can crack the
other two eggs into there. – In?
– Yes. Yes, into it, you gonna mix them together, you gonna whisk them together, it’s okay, you ain’t even gonna
be able to taste that. – It has blood in there. – It’s okay. Now we gonna pour the next
layer on top, that’s the salsa. – That already smells like (beep). – Okay, so then you gonna
put it on top right there. – Let’s try to spell something with it. Let’s spell trash for
how this recipe looks. – ‘Scuse me, my recipe
don’t look like trash. Okay, so then we gonna take the chips from the cup of chips, all right, and we gonna crunch these up. – Oh I know how to do this. You put ’em in this bag right here. I’m gonna get this good and fine. (chips crunch) I accidentally touched my
foot a little bit with that. This is just too much work. – All right, and then there we go, we have our pizza roll lasagna, this gonna bake on high for 40 minutes. All right y’all, see y’all in a few. – It’s my (beep) show. See you in a few. Hey y’all, we are back
with Eating With Aimee, and the timer just went
off, and I think our taco. – Pizza roll lasagna. – Our pizza roll lasagna is done, so let’s put on our mitts
and get it out of the oven. Hey Candace, who’s this remind you of? – Oh lord. (laughs) Well the STD of mine. Crabs. Okay, okay, okay. – [Aimee] All right. – Okay. – Let’s try this nasty (beep). – It’s not nasty Aimee. – [Aimee] Here’s out first bite. – Mm. (suspenseful music)
(clock ticks) This tastes nasty as (beep). (cheerful music) – I don’t like it either. – [Candace] This tastes nasty. (beep) Was nasty, huh? – Yeah, it’s your recipe.