Nicole Threatens To Leave The Shore House | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

– Jenni, I want to know right now. Who made up this whole story about me trying to kiss your boyfriend? – Me!
– [Angelina] Please tell me. Why would you make that up? – I didn’t make it up. It’s just a fact. – Wait listen, do you think that her lips touched Zack’s lips? – That’s not my problem. No, no, no, that’s not my problem. My problem is the fact that you literally will be like, “I think I need therapy. “I need all this.” – Jenni can deflect (beep) anything. She’s like Wonder Woman. She (beep) shoot bullets
at her and she’s like bing. (beep) Fly a plane into
her and that bitch is like, (whoosh) – So your man met me like this, nice to meet you Angelina. Why don’t you (beep) your man? – Yes! Because when he first met you when we were in Vegas the month prior, he said, “I (beep) face timed with her, “for 45 minutes about a (beep).” – [Deena] That I didn’t know. – Why she didn’t have (beep) sex with him. – The plot thickens! – Off camera, she talked
to Zack on face time when we were out there with Lauren. So when we were face to face in Vegas, and he was giving his
(beep) point of view, don’t (beep) go to him. Who the (beep) are you? Cause that’s where I step in, and if you’re not gonna
(beep) protect your man, I’m sure as hell gonna protect mine. You’re not gonna make
him look like a (beep) because you’re acting like one. – [Ronnie] Oh…. – What the hell? – I don’t know what
they’re even fighting over, at this point. I don’t know if it’s over a kiss, if it’s the way that
Angelina talked to 24, if it’s the way that
24 talked to Angelina. – I’ve been with him for 6 months, and he has never disrespected me. – Listen. – You, on the other hand. – [Angelina] What I’m tryin’ to say is, – Have been, the 10 year (beep) plague. – I’m the plague? – Yes. – Angelina and Jenni just never liked each other. So for any reason that they could fight, they’re gonna (beep) go (beep) bicker. And that’s how me and Mike used to be. There it is. They’re like the new Mike and Ronnie. – I heard that I tried to kiss your man, I tried to have a threesome. – Threesome? You were pounding on my
door for a threesome. (camera shutters) – All right I’m coming in, threesome. (Zack laughs) – Okay enough, come on Angelina. – [Angelina] All right, I’m
having a threesome, that’s it. (Zack laughing) just let me come in. – That was a joke. – That we considered that a joke. – Let me ask you something,
and you something. – Why me? I’m just sitting here. – You both, because you
guys are best friends. – It doesn’t matter Angelina. I wasn’t there. Leave me out of this (beep). – But why did I hear
from her text messages. – Shut up, you’re so stupid. – How am I stupid? But you did text me Nicole. – I wasn’t there, (beep) off. Yeah to let you know,
(beep) and her (beep), to help you out. – She was getting involved in drama, she shouldn’t have gotten involved in, and this is what you get. – So you’re attacking me now? – Nicole, relax! – Angelina, go (beep) yourself. – Oh! – Don’t talk to me like that. – What are you talking about? – Nicole you guys are like
mean girls, you and her. – No we’re not. I don’t do anything. – You texted me. You texted me. – Show me a text bitch. – [Angelina] I’ll show
them to you right now. – Show the text. I am not that person. – Deena’s not involved. Don’t (beep). – I’m not that person. – (beep) off. – Please, you don’t know
what I’ve been going through with my fiance. – You bitch, (beep) off. – He almost left me because bull (beep). – That’s not my problem. – [Angelina] I’m gonna read it. – (beep) her! She’s so (beep) fake. – I need to read it. Can I read it? – [Ronnie] Yeah read it. – I’m going home. – No you’re not Nicole. – (beep) that, I’m going home. (footsteps) – [Vinny} And now a reading from Angelina. – Can I not read it? (laughter) – Please rise. – You might as well. (beep) just do it. – Can I read it? – Yeah. – All right so hold on. – [Vinny] And now a reading from Angelina. – “Yo, what the (beep) happened in Vegas? “I’m hearing you’re trying to kiss Zack (Vinny snickers) “And asking for a threesome and (beep).” – [Nicole] It’s not fair. I’m not a (beep) bad person. I don’t like when I’m called mean girl, my friends are called mean girls because we’re not (beep) mean girls. It’s just like a big thing for me because I dealt with it in high school. – “Well story is you’re trying to bang him “and literally tried to
kiss him on his lips.” – She’s a (beep) liar. – “So, do you remember?” Now she’s trying to say I
was too drunk to remember. – I’m not doing it. She’s (beep) fake as (beep). – I say, “It’s not true. “Who’s telling you this? “You weren’t even there.” – It’s not real. – “No I wasn’t there. “That’s the last time, “I’ll let you know the
stupid (beep) you did, “good luck.” She accused me. – She said, “The (beep) you did.” – Well, Vinny texted me yesterday. Pauly, the way you treated me
at the club was disrespectful. You shook a guys hand in front of me, and I saw the way you looked at him. Do you have something going on with him, yes or no? (Ronnie laughs)