Nusa Penida Day Trip, Bali l Kelingking Beach l Bali to Nusa Penida Transfer by Quiksilver Cruise

I am going to show you the most convenient & economical way to do a day trip to Nusa Penida from Bali keep on watching till the end I will be sharing the tips & my experiences through out the video In my last video I had shown Tanah Lot, Seminyak and also discussed about International Driving Permit If you have missed that video, then you can check out the link on the corner of your screen If you have not subscribed to my channel yet then press the red color button written subscribe on it as well as the bell icon button so that you get all the updates regarding my uploads. Today, my day started very early It’s 7 o’clock and I have reached Tanjung Benoa Harbour it is 24 KMs from my hotel and Grab Cab charged some 1,30,000 IDR roughly 650 Rs The taxi fares are on par with Indian taxi fares. not at all costly. This cruise in front of me is going to take me to Penida Island. That is Nusa Penida, in the local language i.e Indonesian Bahasa, Nusa is used for Island. There is a cluster of 3 islands. Penida, Ceningan & Lembongan. I am going to see all these 3 islands & finally, I will stay at Lembongan. There are many harbours, from where you can take fast boats to go to Penida or Lembongan Island. out of those, the most famous harbor is Sanur and apart from that, there is Serangan these 2 harbours are very famous The fares of the boats departing from these 2 harbours are usually around 1,50,000 IDR, which means 750 Rs. and this Quiksilver Cruise which I booked through Klook and the ticket was priced at 650 Rs. only for the transfer. So, I felt this was a good deal. I will give the link in the description. from there, you can book if you wish to. This is Quiksilver Bali cruise, their ratings on Google and Tripadvisor are quite good. I am sitting at the top open-air deck of the cruise ship there are 3 decks in this ship the lower deck is Air-conditioned the middle one is mixed, AC + open air. the top deck is open air. I feel that the views are going to be good. that’s why I am sitting here for some photos & videos. This cruise runs only on 2 days Mondays & Fridays If you looking to make transfers between Bali & Penida then you can book it through Klook. I did not find this option of booking only transfer on Quiksilver’s Website On their website, they only sell day trips to Penida Island. And the price for that is about 7,000 in Indian currency. If you looking only for transfer, then it’s a good option when I entered this ship I had no clue that they will be serving Breakfast also. in this ticket price of 650 Rs they serve light breakfast, juices, tea, Coffee & some bakery items. Overall, I am finding this deal to be really good. After sailing of 20 minutes I could see my destination there was Nusa Penida on the extreme right Nusa Ceningan was in the middle and in the extreme left, it was Nusa Lembongan where I was going to stay for the night. This is Quiksilver’s Pontoon close to Penida island everyone is disembarking here all the activities are here like watersports & snorkeling there is an underwater observatory also on this pontoon. I am also planning to go there, let me see if they allow or not since I have taken just the transfer ticket. If they permit me to go, then good if not then I will take their transfer boat and go to Penida beach and after that, I will explore Penida. There are lots of arrangement here on this Pontoon There are lockers and you get snorkeling gears there are photo opportunities. and lots of life jackets are there. if you wish, you can do snorkeling or swimming There is a kitchen for the day-trippers where their lunch will be arranged. This stair will take me to the underwater observatory. let us see what all is there to see. in the ocean. This is a really nice addition to this pontoon. those who don’t know swimming and can’t snorkel they can enjoy the marine life from here. without getting themselves wet. this a live aquarium aquatic life right from the ocean. This slide is for Brave Hearts and not for the weak hearts it starts from above and takes right into the ocean. all these things are included in the day trip. all those who come for the day trip can enjoy this if they have courage. Quiksilver used this small boat for the transfer from Pontoon to Toya Pakeh Harbour. Finally, I have reached Nusa Penida that is the pontoon there in the background. Till there I came on a cruise ship. from there the smaller boat took us to this beach it’s called Toya Pakeh Harbour. I have made arrangements for my bags here the bags will be here under a guard’s supervision. From here, I am going to rent a scooter and explore Penida island. after that, I will come back here and from here I will take a boat to Lembongan. Let’s go & explore Penida I got this Bike on rent right where Quiksilver dropped me. This is Yamaha N-MAX, 155cc bike. I wanted a slightly powerful bike the terrain here is hilly so a powerful bike will be better. The rents here are slightly higher, I would not say much I had to spent about 1,00,000 IDR which means 500 Rs Petrol is included. and I am out to explore Penida Island. This my 1st stop in Penida, Crystal bay. the beach is very beautiful people come here to snorkel and to chill mainly. People who stay here, spend more time. because the beach is very beautiful and the water is crystal clear. Whatever is written is forums regarding Bike riding in Penida that it is challenging & tough. is not at all wrong. and calling it challenging is an understatement. If you want to test your bike riding skills, come to Penida. take the bike on rent and roam in Penida you will clear all the tests in one trip. It’s totally an adventure ride in itself. you will get the same fun as you get in thrill rides in Amusement parks. let’s see, how are the roads ahead is it less challenging or more challenging? I will tell you later. It’s Kelingking beach in the background Instagram’s Superstar. Is the rock formation looking like a Dinosaur? I am not sure. If it looks like a Dinosaur to you, then please tell me in the comments. which dinosaur’s face is it looking like? On crystal bay, the comment I made regarding Penida’s roads It looks like it was too soon. On that side, roads were just up & down there was an issue of inclination. When I came to Kelingking beach’s side. 80% of the roads were missing there were only rubbles there would have been a road someday. tourism is flourishing here, but still, roads are in such bad shape. they should pay attention to tourism so that the roads & facilities get better for the tourists who are coming here. at least, the roads to the main attractions must get better I will request this much to the Indonesian government. Can you see the crowd? This is social media’s success, people were saying not many tourists were coming here 2 years ago. and see the crowd today. it’s 12:00 PM in the afternoon. and so many people. This traffic on the stairs is for going down on the beach. these stairs will take you to heaven, I mean not literally. but, it sure looks like heaven. can you see the way that is going down? There are many questions in my mind Should I go down or not? Of course, I should. Will I be able to go or not? This is the 2nd question the answer is no, I am not that fit to go & come back up so I am skipping this. and I have to reach Toya Pakeh Harbour, because after 4:00 PM the tides get low and it will be difficult to catch the boat, I have to go to Lembongan so I am leaving from here. I have completed Penida’s trip I would call this an expedition/adventure. I have come back in one piece. those who have ridden the bike here will know, why am I saying this? and those who have not ridden till now will come to know when they ride. about the speciality of Penida’s roads. you must have seen the glimpses in this video. but that does not give you the kind of fun, that you get by riding here. If you are coming alone or you are adventurous, then you must ride. But if you are traveling with family, then I would recommend riding bike with kids here. It’s not only risky but dangerous. The slopes are very steep At some places, there are no roads when you go to Crystal Bay from Toya Pakeh, then roads are fine. But when you go from Crystal Bay to Kelingking more than 80% of roads don’t exist. you would not call them broken but you would say that there is no road. there is just rubble, and some places even rubble is not there there is just dirt, you can enjoy the dirt biking. Very risky & very adventurous, so it’s a must for adventure seekers for families, not recommended. When I checked the rates for car hiring for the day I found the best rates on Klook this video is not sponsored by Klook but still, I am telling you many products of Klook, because they are really good. The rental for a car with driver for the day was 2600 Rs when I checked here nobody gave me a rate of less than 3000 Rs. If you are coming with family and planning to hire cars the check on Klook once. you will surely save some money. I have taken the ticket for Lembongan One of these boats will take me there. they wait for 10 people, when it gets filled, then they go. there is no fixed time. It depends on your luck, how long you will have to wait. Fare is 50,000 IDR approx 250 Rs. Let’s meet on the other side, in Lembongan. If you have liked this video then please don’t forget to Like, Comment & Share and my journey to Nusa Islands will continue in the next video also. I will show you Lembongan & Ceningan Islands.