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Patmos island
dodecanese – Greece Panoramic view of the main village (Chora) Skala, island’s main port, as seen from the Castle Patmos Castle, the sight of John’s Apocalypse Agriolivadi beach view Agriolivadi beach view The picturesque windmills of Patmos Skala beach View of the northern part of Patmos Lampi beach, at the north edge of Patmos island Typical aegean style chapel Kambos beach The magic alleys of Patmos village Patmos picturesque main square, part of the Castle area Petra beach Panagia Geranou beach view and twin islets Geranou beach back view Kakikatsou rock Groikos – Kalikatsou beaches Thea Restaurant, Skala Groikos Like this video. Tell us your opinion: write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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