PBSC Queen’s: Shoreline Disturbance Project

My name is James Dilworth. Hi I’m Hendrik
Venter. And along with Maddie Macdonald, we are the Bob’s Lake Shoreline Disturbance Project.
A developer on Bob’s Lake has damaged the shoreline of his property and has ignored
by-laws and his development plan. And in accordance with the Cottage Association, township, and
conservation authority, we are looking to remedy the situation. Our plan is to look
at case law and legislation at various levels to find a way to remediate the lakeshore because
there’s a concern that the developer’s actions may be damaging the fish habitat. As Canadians,
it’s very important we protect the environment, as it is one of our most important natural
resources. With Pro Bono Students Canada, the cottage owners, Cottage Association, and
Bob’s Lake, we’ll be able to fully understand their legal options and protect Bob’s Lake.