Finally we left our backpacks in the dorm
and right now we are heading to eat something. The village of Port Barton is very…
it’s very small and very quiet but actually we like it because we are not that much
of fans of crowded places. Right now we are heading to it in a
restaurant opened by Polish couple so I think many foreigners are here. And I hope it’s going to be delicious
because we are starving! The food was actually delicious and we are full!
Like a real really full! I think it’s the first time here in the Philippines
that I’m full after one meal… And the prices were okay, we paid for two meals
and two glasses of lemonade seven hundred pesos. So finally! I was dreaming
about this moment for about a month! Finally we see the sea again
and we are going straight into the water. It’s so warm guys!
It’s amazing! The water is simply perfect! It’s not too warm,
it’s definitely not too cold! I could spend here like the whole day! Let me show you our sleeping place for tonight. So this is the dorm. I know it looks a bit messy
but a lot of people already came. We are going to sleep right here. And the dorm looks like this. And that is me! Hey guys! Finally we are going to have some nice dinner here! This place is really nice, it looks so romantic! However, there are planty, planty of mosquitoes. We didn’t bring any mosquitoes spray,
however, we did ask the service and they gave us this. And right now it’s way better!
No mosquitos here. I think it’s working! We are waiting for the food and I hope it’s going to be delicious! Good morning guys!
It’s our second day here in Port Barton. And our plan for today is not very complexed. All we want to do is just go to the beach and relax! The beach we heading today is called the White Beach.
I assume it’s because of the colour of the sand but we will see when we reach it. But before we do that we have to go
and exchange our last US dollars as here in Port Barton there are no ATMs and we didn’t manage to withdraw the money yesterday. That’s our only chance to get some money here.
Only one restaurant here accepts credit cards and we don’t want to go every
single day to the same place to eat. So what they offered us is that we can pay them with card and they will give us the cash back. They charge additional 5% and we
withdraw 10 000 so it’s another 500. But it’s okay because when you are withdrawing
money in the ATM you have to pay 250 anyways… So it’s just twice as much so I think it
was additional three US dollars. We are still heading to the
White Beach and we got lost a bit… But there was like very nice, small
Filipino girl who told us which way to go. Ow I am not sure if this is the way though… Take a look. Magda do you think they have snakes here? Yes and they have puppies here! And it’s a cute puppy! Hey puppy! Hello, very beautiful! On the way to the White Beach we found another beach. It’s called Coconut Beach because of
all the palm trees that grow on the side of it. We had to pay for the entrance
30 pesos per person which is actually more or less half US dollar so…
that’s kind of nothing… And the view here is very nice!
Just take a look by yourself! I assume this has to be the famous White Beach! Well… from this perspective it looks super great! It’s extremely beautiful!
It looks like you took it directly from a postcard! However, on the other hand it’s
slightly more commercial. There is a bar behind me and you can
rent a house directly at the beach. I wouldn’t say that the place is crowded because it’s not. There are not many people here,
a bit more than on the other beach. Don’t get me wrong I’m not
saying that this beach is bad. No no.. It’s really nice and if you like to chillout
and buy a drink at the same time well… this is a place for you!
However, from my perspective I think I like a bit more the Coconut Beach because there was less people
and you could enjoy the sounds of nature… and it was more relaxing I would say! A small surprise on our way back from
the White Beach to Port Barton. We had such a lovely day! For most of the time we were just swimming
in the sea, lying on the beach, reading books… That was exactly what we needed! Right now we want to reach
the homestay before the sunset as I don’t like walking in the dark
plus I’m not sure if you can see it guys but those clouds behind me… they are very deep blue… I’m almost sure it’s going to rain. So we need to hurry up! I need to say that both
the Coconut Beach and the White Beach are probably the best beaches
I have seen in my entire life. Alright guys so this is it! If you liked it give us the thumbs up
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the Philippines and places where you should go!