Phu Quoc, Home of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Phu Quoc is a large tropical island off the
coast of Cambodia, though is part of, and only accessible from, Vietnam. Phu Quoc is
a very mountainous and densely forested island. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand 45 km West
of Ha Tien on the Vietnamese mainland and 15 km south of the coast of Cambodia. Phu
Quoc is ringed with some of most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, and offers the best seafood
in the country. Phu Quoc is what Phuket was before it was
overrun by development. Phu Quoc Island and its beaches were voted “The Cleanest and Most
Beautiful Beach in the World” by ABC News in 2008. However, this is changing fast because
of the excessive pollution outside the tourist resorts. There are extensive plans to develop Phu Quoc,
including high-rise residential areas, several new towns and suburbs, complete rebuilding
of Duong Dong’ city centre, and replacing the existing small airport. The new international
airport south of Duong Dong opened in early-2013. A golf course is planned as well as a casino
in the north. A ferry connection to Sihanoukville (Cambodia) and visa-free-entry have been discussed
in the past. Phu Quoc will be something completely different in 10 years if current plans materialize. Another point of interest in Phu Quoc is the
island’s native dog. This dog was originally a wild animal and later trained as a hunting
dog by local people. These days they are very domesticated and it’s unusual to go anywhere
on the island without seeing one. These animals have unusually sharp teeth (as they tear their
food when they eat it rather than bite) and have claws that over the years have been optimised
for catching prey and are razor sharp.