Phuket Thailand nightlife #4 best 4 gogo bars in phuket  Patong beach bangla walking street

Phuket Thailand nightlife #4 best 4 gogo bars in phuket Patong beach bangla walking street

I always park here Safe and convenient. It’s only 20 baht. Best Soft A GOGO in Patong Today I am going to introduce the best 4 A GoGo in patong She always kind and beautiful But don’t make mistake, buying too many Lady drinks. They are great saleswoman Park the motorcycle and now head to the Patong Banglaroad. Many locals eat late meals here You can order from the front and eat from here. Early time but a lot of freelancers head to Banglarod already Long time no see PATONG But everything looks the same Some of A GOGO Bars close their doors She is waiting for friend now I respect them all the time, but they’re not my Types This GOGO was one of my favorite places, but now it’s closed. It just became an ordinary beer bar Sugar is No.2 club in Pattong. today a lot of people because of no rain It rains about four days a week in the current rainy season The Tiger Night Club is also number 2 This club has different styles compare to ILLUZION I’ll show you in another episode. There’s a Complex Agogo area on the first floor of Tiger Knight. Also, in the next episode, I already finished recording yesterday Today, we have to head to the best 4 ILLUZION Best Club in patong Everyone is gathering here You’ll find out later. ILLUZION is the beginning and the end of the walking street Recently, other AGOGO bars are not very popular we have a few options now So watch this video carefully Patong’s big clubs are almost free Entry everyday There are no exceptions to ILLUZION He has been performing here for a long time. I want to applaud his efforts Patong also have many nice live music bar. New York is one of them Monsun is one of the most famous live music bars The first one is Harlem located in SOI SEA Dragon. We’ll enter Harlem, but recording is Prohibited. Because Harlem is hardcore There are many common bars, in SOI SEA Dragon glass of beer is enough This is Harlem two stores are open with a curtain in the middle, so if the curtain is closed, step forward and enter. Harlem can’t be recorded. Let’s look around this alley Even in small bars, there are girls to help you drink This is the second SUZY WONG’s Every AGOGO in the alleys Recording is prohibited Because it’s too natural I have been to all the GOGO bars in the alley, Harlem is the best, Suzy next, and Nina Not bad. I always like who has a good personality. A lot of touts will stop you, but if there is not your destination, you’ll have to pass. Let’s take a look at this game Simple but funny Use the Back side of the hammer You can test whether you’re drunk or not Now I’m going into Harlem I’m out of Harlem. Harlem is always a good choice 200 THB 1 beer, 250THB for Lady Drink if you wanna go up 7K, GO out 8K THE 3Rd PINK I will stay here today young and hot If you’re lucky, you’ll find a jewel one beer 150 THB, Lady drink 220THB but if you don’t buy more, she’ll leave soon. Every girl has a quota have to meet quota and get paid from boss please understand their job but don’t buy too much. If you want to go to a party with her I’ll let you know in the next episode- PUMPUI BAR She’s focused on me many times, but today i already enough because I’m from Harlem She’s the best today I already knew her LINE APPS ID in Patong please Don’ t rush Even if she smiles at you i think Singha is best, Tigar and Chang is not suit for me this is Soi Freedom Also have many common bars There are simple shows at the end of the alley. She pulled me in, but I’m done here I have to go to the next pit stop, PUMPUI stop by pink once more See you tomorrow Pink This is Bar FUNK. The hottest freelancers are gathering here. I’ve got a number of recording here. can see it in another Episode Soi GONZO, White Room Club is here I sometimes drink beer and play billiards here PUMPUI, Bangla load , the Best Soft A GOGO BAR The most beautiful COYOTE girls in Patong are here. I already made a solo episode of PUMPUI I’m going to upload it step by step Filming, editing, and subtitling are not easy. Please understand me and wait for me Many girls on vacation Today is just not bad see you PUMPUI This is the best four Let’s look around Patong and go to Tiger night Turkish kebab is a good choice when you are hungry This is Patong Beach, Beach road side~ The neon lights go out after two o’clock Let’s visit the Tiger Night Club for the last time today This place has a slightly different from other clubs. Thailand’s unique club style All the tables on the left on the right are freelancers YOU can dance with courage on that stage I recommend you to give it a try It’s time to get out of here Don’t miss the preview for the next episode Today I walk around almost four hours in Patong It rains again Even if it rains, everyone is happy in Patong So I like Phuket The pizza company is a guaranteed place to taste See you tomorrow PATONG I also made many mistakes when I first came here How to survive in Phuket Nightlife If you start with basic information, you can enjoy in the Patong more easily I will share all my experiences with you. I wish it will help someone If it was helpful, please subscribe, Say YES Like and reply fo r me