Polymer Clay Shoreline Bracelet Tutorial (Intro Vol-072)

Hi guys, this is Cindy Lietz, your Polymer
Clay Tutor, and this is the introduction video to my paid tutorial series; Shoreline Bracelet. Now, this is a really neat Polymer Clay technique
that I came up with just by accident. In fact, here are a pair of earrings that
I made… I had a bunch of clay that I was mixing together,
and it was a bunch of scrap clay, and when I ran it through the pasta machine, one of
the sides that came out looked just like this. And I thought it looked just like a beach
scene with the sky and the water and rocks and things. And I thought I would see if I could mimic
that again and come up with the same idea over and over, and I could. So, I’ve got this neat technique now, where
you can create a blend that looks like this… like a beach scene, and we’re gonna be making
tiles like this one here. And I’m also gonna be showing you in the tutorial
how to make twisted wire jump rings and a really neat little clasp like this, with a
hook on it that is unusual and looks really good with this shoreline technique, I think
it actually looks a little like rope. And I’ll show you a few other examples here. Here’s one where… now, of course this technique
it’s gonna look different each time depending on the bits of clay that you use. This one is a little bit different here, it
has a bit of a softer look. The colors are little bit more on the denim
side, and the sand area here is a little bit softer looking. I’ve got another bracelet here where the blend
was a little less straight and a softer blend, ‘cause the clay that I was using was a lot
softer, and it ends up looking a little bit more like water coming onto the sandy shore,
which is quite cool looking. And then, I’ve made some earrings like I showed
you here with the original pieces, and Pearls look beautiful… Pearls and shells and anything to do with
the beach look really great with this technique. Now, here is a pair of earrings where… actually
the clay that was left over from this bracelet here, you can see the color ways are the same,
I had some strips of clay left over and I folded them and ran them through the pasta
machine a couple more times, so I got a much more softer blend here. And it has a very pretty look as well, almost
a little bit more on the modern side, whereas this has a little bit more of a rustic side
to it. And then I have a pendant back here where
I’ve just done the same thing as the earrings, only I’ve added a large link here with a piece
of mother pearl shell in the center just kinda to accent it. It has a long, clean modern sort of look to
it, even though it has a quite earthy feel to it. I think you’re really going to enjoy this
tutorial, I teach a lot of different neat things in it. So I will see you in the next video of this