Ringing Remembers at St Barnabas Church, Shore

I get really excited every Thursday and I
think ‘It’s bell ringing today!’ I just look forward to it every day. I think it’s quite good – it’s better
than being on the X-Box and all that! You get to interact with other people. My dad was the captain of the tower originally
before me. When my dad retired there was nobody to take
his place and the use of the bells stopped for about ten years. And then Ringing Remembers came along and
Deana sent me an email that said ‘this would be useful – if we got involved with this’. I had a chat with people in the congregation
and managed to get a good team together. I was surprised about how many we got – I
was expecting four or five – if we could have got eight together that would have been
fantastic but I think we’ve had 13 or 14 so it’s been fantastic. It’s great being with such a big group of
people and it’s been a great experience because we’ve all got to know each other. None of us had done any bell ringing before
or anything like that. You get to see people in church briefly on
a Sunday for the two hours that you’re here but we’ve got to know each other better
and got good camaraderie as a group. We always have a Remembrance Sunday here – always
have a Remembrance service. The amount of people and the ages of the people
from young to old, all come out. It’s usually massive – they have to shut
the roads now, there’s a really good parade and I think, after that service has been done,
then the bells ringing out – and these are the only bells around this village really
– to be ringing out later after that would be the cherry on the cake to remember all
these people and the sacrifices they made. It’s good and it’s nice to hear the bells
again. It has caused a few problems with maintenance
because the bells have not been used for ten years they are suffering a little bit! But we’re getting through it and hopefully
we’ll have a full eight for Armistice Day.