Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for
its famous stretches of sand like Copacabana and Ipanema but where should
you lay out your towel on your trip to Rio we’re gonna count down our favorite
beaches including some of the most popular ones and some of the more
unexpected ones let’s go check it out our first Beach is one of Rio’s most
iconic and visited attractions Copacabana beach a four kilometer
stretch of golden sand along a crescent beach dotted with world-famous hotels Copacabana is the Beach to see and be
seen it’s buzzing with energy including busy kiosks footballers and beachgoers
from local Cariocas to tourists alike be sure to bring a football and your
tiniest bikini when you hit up Copacabana this is the beach that
everyone is talking about is Copacabana safe is it a real place and is the beach
clean as you can see from our footage the beach has pure white sands and
crystal-clear waters as for safety this is considered a city beach and tends to
draw hundreds of thousands of people many of whom are very friendly and
fun-loving. We recommend that you do as the locals do.
That means dress casually and bring the minimum – a football some sunscreen a
bathing suit and a little bit of cash for a caipirinha. There are many
vendors on Copacabana selling everything from t-shirts, bikinis sunscreen, to
empanadas Time to try out this water. The bikini man has arrived. We head about a quarter mile up the beach to Leme a more unassuming beach located right
underneath the hillside there’s a clear distinction between Copacabana and Leme
Beach it’s much quieter people are seeing lounging and the water turns
bright turquoise okay so this Beach right behind me with this rock is called
Leme the water very tranquil ferry turquoise
and there seems to be some sweet more local people here and see a lot of
people playing soccer so this Beach right here is called Leme. Leme look
at the water here it’s almost see-through it changes colors just in
the short distance we walked from Copacabana and we’re right up against
this beautiful rock now time to head to a beach that was
made world-famous in a Samba song can you guess which beach it is? This is
Ipanema going to the Janeiro Hotel to capture the views of ipanema we head
to the top of one of the most beautiful boutique hotels the Janeiro hotel the
hotel overlooks love long to the right and Ipanema to the left so beautiful
you needed to keep in your mind we’re on the rooftop
the 18th floor you can see the beach back here there’s a pool and then look
at this if you like these views as much as we do
smash that thumbs up button down below hey guys so we made it to Ipanema and
this side of the beach is a lot quieter less trout the key right up against see the mountain right there ipanema
received worldwide recognition when the Samba song girl from ipanema was written
in 1963 along the path you’ll notice the sidewalks of Rio the mosaic stones
designed by Roberto Burle a marks in 1973 here is the largest favela in Rio
and this is called favela Rocinha you can actually take tours of it
with adventure favela I got this little spot and we’re just
getting my chicken bird fix chicken bird we have chicken breast and look at how
much chicken came out overlooking level on and this is Ipanema right here we’re
eating up this My favorite food here is acai. now that we’ve seen the more famous
beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema it’s time to check out one of the more
secluded beaches known as Red Beach located right underneath panda shoe
guard the best way to get to and from the beaches in Rio is via uber which is
cost effective and efficient each ride only cost us a couple US Dollars and
they also have uber pool we over north to a beach closest to Central called
flamingo Beach popular with locals for picnicking and it also offers one of the
best bike and running paths this is an area where people have picnics a lot of
the people come here to go running it’s really beautiful look at these planes the planes go right
here this is for the Municipal Airport they have these showers this is the
other side of the beach and what’s interesting is that they’re selling all
kinds of cocktails right here not beer but cocktails Capi vodka and Caipirinha and then check out these vintage lifeguard towers flamingo Beach was our favorite Beach
for activities in fact we ran the Rio 10k here as the Sun sets on Rio it’s time to talk
about safety of going to the beaches here at Copacabana we noticed that it
was well lit especially at night and we also noticed that it drew a large crowd
so plan accordingly during our stay the Copa games were going on so it drew
large crowds but also during different times of year you might experience
Carnival or Pride Week which draws similar numbers of crowds to these
beaches if you’re up for the crowds and action be sure to check out Copacabana
but if you want something more relaxing head over to meet Roy
across Guanabara Bay for a more relaxing nighttime swim the beaches of nature offered pristine
calm waters and some of the most stunning views of the city what are your
favorite beaches of Rio de Janeiro comment below we hope that this video
inspired you to get out there and enjoy the beaches of Rio if you like this
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