Riviera Maya Xenote Tour | WestJet Vacations

Looks like it’s going to be another
beautiful day here in the Riviera Maya. With all this sun, I want to jump into the
water. Good thing, because I have booked us an excursion that takes swimming to a whole new level. Well my name is Eduardo and I’m the guide
of this tour. The name of the tour is Xenotes. The Xenotes Oasis Maya takes you deep into Mayan jungle to experience four different types
xenotes, all in one day. Each xenote is protected by an alux the mischievous spirits based on earth,
wind, fire and of course, water. To enter we need to
ask the alux for permission It’s a long way down to our first xenote, so we want to make sure we have the proper approval. Alux loom. Excited? We have about 25 meters drop I do not like heights. Today, you do. Alrighty! This is the easiest way to go down.
But if you feel a little bit too adventurous you can try the Spiderman. Alrighty! Easy peasy. We’re gonna be doing a repel here.
So we are going to go to the top of a tree and then you are going to repel down straight to the
water It doesn’t matter if this is your very first time it’s a thrill not to be missed. If I can
do it, anyone can. Even Dana! It’s splash time. This is a semi-open xenote and the
water here is always fresh. Alrighty guys welcome to the Xenote path.
We’re gonna swim around the xenote and we’re gonna go out on the water through a cave and then go to the kayak. The Alux of water- Ha- is peaceful and kind, just like the kayak trip down the xenote. Iik is the alux of wind Hang on tight! Last, but not least, is the alux of fire. He’s
strong, passionate, and brave. Is that why the lazy river ends with cliff jumping? Surrounded by beauty and Mayan
legends, the xenote tour is the most fun you can have with your life jacket on! Yeah, we did it! For more information, call your travel agent or visit WestJet Vacations dot com. Like this video, add a comment and click on these videos to learn more about this destination. Subscribe to our channel and see more of
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