Samal’s Secret Revealed! – Villa Amparo Beach Resort

Good morning! We’re here at Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort
in Samal Island It’s a beautiful resort that we stayed at
for two nights, for the weekend So far here are my thoughts First off, how to get here Getting to Samal Island is pretty easy for
us Dabawenyos It’s because we just live across the gulf Less than 20 minutes ferry ride And we’re already at Samal Island From the wharf to the resort though Is a bit of a challenge because it’s pretty
far About 30 minutes max, probably around 20 minimum Depending on your mode of transportation If you have a car then it’s faster But if you need to commute Then it’s gonna take you about 20 minutes To get here if you commute, you can charter
a tricycle It would be good if you contact somebody ahead
of time If you’re able to do that I’m gonna post a number on the details below So that you can have a contact person in Samal
Island That person’s name’s Will Hi Hi Hi Adie! Hi! Are you excited? Yes! Where are you going? Dagat Dagat? Yes What’s dagat? Beach! So Will charged us 250 Pesos for one way I think it’s already reasonable considering That he will not have any passengers going
back to the main part of the island That part’s good Once we arrived, there weren’t really a lot
of people At the entrance because it’s a bit of a hike But that’s understandable considering that
we are further in to Samal Island We had to hike down a little bit like less
than 5 minutes So it’s pretty easy Once we got to reception, we already had reservations
so it was good Unfortunately we arrived a little Not really a little but way too early So we had to wait around 3 hours before we
could check in to our room But that’s still OK because we were able to
enjoy the view And there are a lot of shaded places like
this one It’s very pretty We were actually asked to stay at the pavillion Which is designated for overnight guests who
could not get into their room yet The place is very pretty, very homey, comfortable They have a lot of sitting areas It’s very green here And I can actually hear a lot of birds up
there There are, I don’t know, 3 or 4 birds just
chirping around And that’s really good The boardwalk is pretty and if you wanna get
a sun tan You can just stay there probably for a good
30 minutes And you’ll be burned already So beware of the tropical sun especially here I always say that Samal Island has endless
summer Because it’s almost always sunny here Probably when there’s a tropical storm going
on It gets a little windy but still Actually right now there’s a tropical storm
in the Visayas But it’s really sunny here as you can see The food here is not really that stellar About regular, they can do better than that
actually And they’re, i think, reasonably priced They have big servings so that’s good Now the rooms are very comfortable We stayed at one of their native houses Which has air conditioning and a private bathroom But they also have smaller ones, the native
huts Which are not air conditioned and you wont
be able to use a private bathroom But i think that’s OK because the bathroom
for the native huts are really close Like right in the next building They have a bigger building where they have
the deluxe rooms and the penthouse There is a boardwalk room I think that’s the only one with a beach view
but it’s concrete So it really defeats the purpose of having
a tropical vacation Because I would really much prefer staying
in a hut Like a bahay kubo, the traditional Filipino
dwelling Our house looks really cute and it’s made
of bamboo The beds actually are made of bamboo and very
comfortable It has satellite TV and a very clean bathroom,
thankfully! Let’s talk about the playground They have a really cute playground, it’s not
that big But there’s a slide and swing, and a little
wall for climbing It’s really good, my kid enjoyed it I’m sure other kids will really love it But what they can probably improve on Would be to put a little shade on that part Because it’s good if it’s afternoon but in
the morning Kids cannot really play on it because the
slide gets too hot for comfort The water here is really clear I dont know what they did with it But somehow you dont really get to see a lot
of waves coming in I think they did something with the perimeter If you see the blue ones in the background I’m not sure if you can see it though The water’s really clear and there are a lot
of fishes Big, small fishes I think it’s a sign that the water here is
really good And there’s a lot of food sources It’s not really smooth, the sand is not smooth There are a lot of pebbles and corals I dont think it’s really painful for the feet But I would suggest that when you go swimming
you have footwear on What I really love about the resort are the
people Because they are very accommodating Well you know Filipinos are always accommodating But I really find it heart-warming to see
their staff just smile at my baby Because not everyboby loves kids, right? I really like that they go out of their way
to serve you And ask you if you need anything It would be good if you come here during the
summer and have a good time So stayed tuned for our next reviews We’re gonna have a lot of reviews for different
resorts here in Samal Island See you!