Seavenger SeaSnug Beach Socks: Best Beach Gear Footwear

Prepare for your next great vacation
with the Seavenger SeaSnug Beach Socks. These flexible neoprene socks are made
with the active beachgoer in mind. Flexible fabric and maximum strength
make them hassle-free and highly adaptable. SeaSnugs come in two unique
styles: low-cut and high top. Low-cut SeaSnugs come in a sleek, minimalist design
that are easy to slide on and off, while maintaining their strength and
performance. The high-top style gives the same high-performing quality with a
little extra coverage and a convenient adjustable calf strap. Both styles are
constructed with a stretchy lycra material that hugs your foot without being constricting.
No slipping off or sliding down! They stay put and still
give you room to move while protecting against sunburn, wind burn, and pesky
insect bites. The sole of the sock is made with a durable kevlar grip sole
that’s great for wearing on coarse sands and other rough surfaces. They’re the
perfect accessory for all beach activities including volleyball, soccer,
and running. Flat stitch seams give a smooth finish that prevents chafing and
irritation while special heel and toe caps create extra durability and
maximize comfort. Seavenger SeaSnugs are the perfect accessory
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