Sex on the Beach

(upbeat disco music) (clapping) We’re back. I’m Wendy, come on over. How you doing? How you doing? Good, come on, what’s your name? My name is Alexandra, I’m 31 years old Nice to meet you Nice to meet you, how you doin? Fine, thanks, come on over a little bit more Okay All right, turn this way, and now how can I help? Well I was at stay-at-home mom for three years I recently started working as a Registered Nurse Nice! The problem is, I went shopping with my kid for my kids recently and my card was declined soo, I found out that my husband canceled my card Why’d he do that? Um, I don’t know he says he wants me to use my money. Um, so So it’s a card that both of you use? Um, he has his own name on it but it’s the same account. Oh okay, so it’s both of your card Yes, yes it is. So my question is, how do I get him to understand that his money is our money and I want my card back? (crowd laughing) Well you can always just call the credit card company and get your card back. (sighs) I tried that. But why would you have to sneak, it’s your husband you know what I mean. Right. And, I mean, you were buying stuff for your kids it’s not like you were splurging on that one thing that you know you just want to buy with your own money. Exactly. So, that’s the kind of business meeting you have to have with him it has to be kind of business-y. You know when you buy groceries, when you buy for the kids that’s the “our money”. Exactly. And, and by the way I just got the card turned back on. (giggles) don’t do it. And and and also I just ordered me a “my money” card and this is for the things I want to buy, beautiful earrings to go to Wendy or whatever. Thank you You know. Good luck with your job Thank you! All right! (crowd clapping) Hi wendy! Hi! How are you? Oh I’m not sure, how you doin? I like your earrings! I’m good, how you doin, my name is Krista I’m from Oklahoma, so, my husband and I have been married for ten years and we’re recently empty nesters. All of our kids are gone. Fun. I have wanted a dog so bad and he keeps saying “no!” Oh, well are you going to take care of the dog? Yeah! 100 percent? 100 percent! What kind of dog are you interested in getting? I want a Bichon! Those dogs that bark all the, oh They don’t bark, they’re so sweet! No disrespect, I have a friend who has a Bichon and the dog still poops every place. Really? Not properly trained, You’re not helping me out Wendy (crowd laughs) I’m just saying he’s not watched when he’s at work with him (Krista laughs) They poop every place, the little dogs so you’re going to have get an expert trainer and I don’t know how many trainers you’re going to go through, that’s going to be money mhm Also, the dogs bark a lot because they realize that they’re small Right But they want to be seen so all they do is bark Yeah Now, maybe if you and your husband went together and got a dog Yeah That he would really like, like take him like to the Bideawee or a Puppy City or something like that Yeah, that’s a good idea And you do it together! Yeah! All right? Good luck! Thanks! (crowd clapping) Oh! Come on over! How you doin? Hi Wendy! My name is Dylan, how you doin? Hi Dylan, where you from? I’m from Miami um, my question for you today, my boyfriend and I have been together for four years and we’re planning on going on vacation this summer I would like to have sex on the beach, but he’s on the fence about the whole having sex in public thing, how do I get him more open to, you know, having sex and exploring outside the bath– the bedroom? Okay! (crowd laughing) This is what you do. (Wendy laughing) There are some things still in Dolly that you don’t talk about Okay. You just make it happen (crowd cheering) you see what I’m saying? You be sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the sex on the beach whatever it would be or lack thereof and make sure that you know all have had dinner and the sun is right look, he is going to be down for whatever. Okay? (crowd cheering and clapping) All right! Some things though you don’t have to have a conference, like she with the credit card Okay. This is, this is not a conference this is not a meeting, this is a happens thing Just do it! Just do it! (crowd cheering and clapping) Uh huh! More ask Wendy is next! (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) We’re back with more Ask Wendy you look like you, excuse me what are we doing? Oh! Have a seat. (crowd laughing) I’ll be right with you, you look like you’re having a good time. (crowd laughing) Commercial breaks tell it all, don’t they? Yeah, hey Wendy, how you doin? I’m doing good, who are you? I’m Elizabeth, I’m 25, I moved here last year and, Where’d you move from? From South Carolina Okay And I met a friend, we got really close so the other day we were talking about exes and she showed me a picture of her ex-fiancé, and it’s actually a person that I’m dating. (crowd wooing) she, she doesn’t know so how, How long have you been friends with her? Since I moved here, a year ago Okay, one year Yeah And how long have you been dating your boyfriend who is her ex-fiancé? Well we’re, we’re not official, we’re just dating but, uh, a few months A few months? Yeah So who do you like better her or him? (crowd laughing) Both of them. Okay, but if you had to choose and you have to choose one? Her Okay, so then you tell her, and then, she’ll understand that you didn’t know New York is a big city, there men everywhere Yeah, okay And then, if she’s okay with it then you keep dating him, it’s going to get awkward or you dump him and you say hello to you girlfriend who’s here in New York. Okay All right, thank you! Easy! (upbeat music)