Shore A & D Casting Urethanes

Hi I’m Mike from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you the
difference between our shore A and shore D urethanes if you’re not familiar with the shore
scale it’s a standard measure of hardness we have an excellent article called The
Introduction to Urethanes that you should check out for more information on
the shore scale let’s start with the 40 shore A it’s
great for making soft yet resilient parts and prototypes and pliable molds let’s take a closer look next is the 60 shore A it’s less pliable than the 40 shore A but
as you can see it can be used to create soft prototypes and molds with negative
angles both the 40 shore A and the 60 shore A can be pigmented this is the 60 shore D as you can see it’s much more rigid this is well-suited for demanding
industrial applications it’s extremely tough and it has good resistance to tears and abrasions okay now let’s take a look at our
75 shore D as you can see from this example it’s
much more rigid and is great for short run castings thanks for watching Fibre Glast on YouTube be sure to check out these products and
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