Snooki Gets Punched | Jersey Shore

(metal music) – [Snooki] It’s not for you! – Fuck you! (people yelling) – Get out of the way, bitch. – Wait, wait, wait. – What the fuck are you
talkin’ about right now? It’s not for you, who are you? Go away. – No, no, no, no. – Julio orders all of us
drinks, like all of us shots. These guys come over and
they just take all the shots, like, are you that like fricken poor that you can’t afford your own drinks? – It’s not for you guys. It’s not. – So why don’t you pay for those? – Look, this guys buying
for us, shut the fuck up. – Don’t tell me to shut the fuck up, bro. I’m not telling you to. – Get your fucking ugly
ass out of our faces. (yelling) – [Julio] Are you gonna hit a girl? – This kid just hit her. (Crying) – [Male Voice] Serious? – [Male Voice] Let him go. (Yelling) – [Male Voice] Serious? (beep) – [Male Voice] Hit a girl? (Crowd yelling) (Crying) – [Sammie] Come on, I got this. – I’m just laying there and I’m like yo, what the fuck just happened? (sobbing) – [Male Voice] Yo, are you serious? This kid gonna hit a girl? – Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me man. (yelling) (beep beep beep) (crowd yelling) – You’re going to jail. – I hit a fucking girl. (sobbing) – Me and Sam just kind
of like picked her up and like carried her to the bathroom. Her mouth was just bleeding and blood was all over me. – Who the fuck hits a girl like that? – [J-Wow] She’s bleeding. It’s all over. – [Vinny] Who the fuck
hits a fucking girl bro? – [Ronnie] Stop, stop. – We’re all heated at this
point, we’re like we can’t believe that happened like I
never seen that in my life. A guys gonna punch a female in the face. It’s crazy. – [Ronnie] Go home bro, go home. Go home bro. – Dude you hit a girl? I never even fucking seen that before. – [Pauly] Who hits a girl? – We were just so pissed
and like frustrated. Like we were just running
around like looking for his friends just trying
to just like take out our anger on somebody. – Vin, Vin, Vin, Vinny. Come here. – Dude. – Bro, Relax. – Where is she? Where is she though? Where is she? – [Sammie] She’s alright. – Relax. – Let me talk to her – [Sammie] Relax, don’t
even talk you’re fine. (sobbing) I missed the whole thing I’m so sorry. Sorry I’m just. (Nicole screaming) It’s alright, it’s alright. Nicole, Nicole. – [Sammie] No, no, no,
you’re fine, you’re fine. – [Vinny] Calm down, calm down. – [Sammie] She’s fine, she’s fine. Take this. – [Vinny] Where’s the blood coming from? – [J-Wow] Her mouth. – [Sammie] Her mouth, she’s fine. – [Vinny] Calm down. – It was Vin, cuz I was still in shock. I didn’t know what was going on. I was like did I really
just get hit by a guy? Like what the fuck. – [Vinny] You have a little cut. Right there and that’s it, that’s fine. – [Snookie] It’s in my gum. – Okay, I understand. That kid is never gonna
be able to walk this earth again because he’s known as
punching a girl in the face. Okay, this was like just a regular girl. Like my sister or my friends
and you’re like a grown ass guy and you punch her in the mouth. The cops are gonna talk to you okay? – They kicked everyone out
and me and Nicole were left. We went outside for the
medical exam to look at her. – When you get back to
your room, what you can do is you can stick them in
the freezer, put it back on. You know, wait about
20 minutes in between. And you shouldn’t have
any swelling or anything. (siren) – [Sammi] Why can’t I
just go home right now, I’m like fuming, I need to like go home. – [Ronnie] Let’s go back to the house bro. – Jade you need to hang out. I don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll just hang out for a little bit. – Are you kidding me? I don’t know what Mike was thinking about. Snickers is like crying because
she got punched in the face. And like the Situation’s creepin’. – You can go home with this guy later. – [Jade] I just I live in this house. – So? Tell them you’ll come back later. Don’t worry you can sleep at the house. – You know Mike? You’re a fucking creep,
like what are you doing? – [Ronnie] I wish they would
let him out of the cop car. – [Sammi] Way to fucking (bleep) you all. Like that’s our girl, right there. – [Ronnie] It happened so quick. He better not hope I don’t
find out his name, bro. What could she have possibly
done for a grown man to punch Snickers in the face? It ended up being like a
really really fucked up night.