Snooki & Mike Argue Over Taylor Ham & Pork Rolls | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Yeah, I think it’s time for breakfastes. Oh, I’ve got some breakfast
sausages right here. I got eggs too, we straight. – Oh God, I don’t feel good. – That sausage is cookin
beautifully right now. – We don’t have Taylor Ham? – [Pauly D] What do you call it? – Taylor Ham.
It’s the best. – Oh my God, you mean pork roll? – Oh God. – Ooh. – You mean Pork Roll. – Let the debate start. – Taylor Ham. – Oh. – It’s Pork Roll. – Oh. – Calm down, it’s Taylor Ham. – [Mike] There is no such thing. – So it’s a very, very,
very important question when it comes to Jersey Shore, is it Taylor Ham, or pork roll? And I’m not takin a side. I will not do it, because these people take (bleep sound) serious. – When I go to the store, I
say Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese, I don’t say, Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese. Never heard that. – Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese, yeah. – You really go to the store and say I want a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese. – Yes, do you want me to call Jionni? – I’ve never–
– Taylor Ham. – Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese, it just comes off the tongue really nice. I don’t know what the
(bleep sound) Taylor Ham is. When it comes to right and wrong, it’s definitely not Taylor Ham. It’s over for you. Pork Roll. – North Jersey, they say Taylor Ham. – Ooh. – Okay, alright. That’s probably a North Jersey thing. The people from Jersey are divided, okay. From North Jersey to South Jersey. And people from North
Jersey say Taylor Ham, and people from South
Jersey say Pork Roll. And I say Pork Roll. – It says Taylor Ham on the package. It doesn’t say Pork Roll. – It says Pork Roll in my areas. – Eww. Where are you from, Utah? – I live in Central, okay. And out here in these streets,
– [Snooki] So annoying. – we say Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese. – It says Taylor Ham on the package. – No, no it is Pork Roll. – I have to go on the internet. – I never seen people
so passionate about ham. It’s just ham. – It says Taylor Pork Roll. – You see there is no Taylor
Ham in here, it says– – Taylor. – No, it says Pork Roll. – Taylor Pork Roll. – Yes. – It’s a remix. We both win. Taylor Ham, Pork Roll, it’s
the same (bleep sound) thing, I mean I don’t give a (bleep
sound) as long as it’s good, and it’s in my belly. That’s all I care about. – Alright, so we still
didn’t solve the debate. It’s like an ongoing thing
that’ll never be solved. Like an unsolved mystery. – It’s like the status
of Ronnie’s relationship. Unsolved. (loud laughing)