Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most WTF Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

– [Snooki] I mean it’s
not a really big deal because–
– Oh my God! My best friend–
Burn that outfit. Hanging out with her.
Sick. (pop music) (TV crackling) (upbeat music) – [Snooki] Let’s go get me some vodka or a little bit.
– Get it girl. – [Woman] Your hair looks– Where the (beep) are those boots? (loud singing) (Pauly D yelling) Oh girl, you show ’em girl. (loud dance music) They think they’re killing ants. You’re down the shore, calm down! You’re not in Ibitha! What (beep) were they on? Neither of them were in any
right mind, to be in public, A, performing in front
of a group, B, and C allowed to be wearing those outfits. It was just a fucking
mess. (Pop music playing) – [Vinny] Pauly? – [Pauly D] Yeah, let’s do it.
– [Vinny] Oh nah, I’m good. – Do you remember it in
that Alicia Silverstone and Marky Mark movie where she got (beep) on the roller coaster? That’s what I would do
if I was on the roller coaster with Pauly D. I’d
be like (beep)in my snirp. – [Pauly D] Hell yeah! Woo! (woman screaming) – That was crazy. – Is she gonna throw up? (intense music playing) Stop! That’s that woman. – [Woman] When are we going home? – A little while. – How are you gonna
pretend that was his girl and that’s totally not his type at all. She’s like a nerd.
– [Friends] Oh wow! – And she has a coach bag on. Sick! – [Pauly D] I’ll call you when I get home. – Is that a brown button up? She looks like she’s a (beep) UPS driver. (phone ringing with duck sound) – This is (mumbling).
– We know who this is. – No, no, no, that’s Danielle. – [Pauly D.] Say you’re Mike. – I’m Mike? – He’s gonna do an accent.
– Hello? [Woman] Hi, can I speak
to Pauly please, Mike? – Yo, Mike’s not here. [Woman] Mike, this is Mike. Hello? – He’s pretending his the Situation. (easy listening music) Yo, she ain’t home right now. She’s at the Boardwalk. That’s what he sounded like. I think this is possessed. Sick! Smells like regret. (pop music playing) (TV crackling) – [Mike] Whoever won
this little bet we did, you had to wear the bunny suit in public. – [Snookie] Even thought I
lost the bet and (mumbling)… – Why are your boobs out? – I mean it’s not really a
big deal because (mumbling)– What the (beep) is that on your head? – Kind of like hanging out (mumbling) right now.
– Embarrassment. Did she wear the outfit to the
club or just her tits were? – [Snooki] I might just
jump on the dance– – What a nightmare. That thing probably smells. – Gonna smell like
alcohol, sweat and (beep). – Jenny’s just showing off tonight. Grabbing her (mumbling) with slobs. – [Snooki] (mumbling). Now her real identity is revealed. (TV crackling) – [Pauly D] This is not a good time. – What is that? (Pauly D nervously laughing) Oh, it looks like Aloe
Vera for his sunburn. (Pauly D nervously sobbing) – I got no tan in Italy,
so I got a little excited. I went tannin’ Jersey. I went tanning, went
tanning, went tanning, went tanning!
– Oh God! – (deeply sighing) I
burned my whole face off. Well, it peeled and exfoliated. – Just get drunk. It won’t hurt anymore. – And then burnt the part that I peeled. Pauly D problems! – I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would tell anybody in
this house to stop tanning. – What the (beep) is that bow? – [Snookie] Give me cocoa
butter, no more tanning. – CoCoa butter? – [Man] Or GTL endurance (mumbling)– Yeah, just start drinking rum. – Probably what it is. – I shocked the system, bro. – Yeah.
– Oh they’ve got an ice pop! That’s smart. – [Pauly D] This really
is “white boy problems”. – Oh, poor thing. (TV crackling) – [Man] He’s rigged. – [Situation] He’s stalkin’ tonight. – [Pauly D] That’s messed up. I’m bored. So wake up Snookers. – [Mike] She’s probably
sucking on a pickle right now. You should poke her with a
stick so she doesn’t bite. – Oh, I know what I wanna do. I wanna put pickles underneath her bed. (Pauly D loudly laughing) So she’s gonna be like what’s that smell? – Gross.
– Smells so good in here. That’s a lot of pickles. – Oh, he’s cutting them
so the aroma gets out. – (mumbling) the way she likes… – I don’t know the aroma. – [Pauly D] Are you sleepin’? – Mm-hm. (Pauly D sighing) She’s gonna get horny. – [Pauly D] Good night. You know if Pauly came in my room and cuddled with me like that, I’d be like, it’s on now! – [Pauly D] Oh what a night. – I’d hog tie him to my legs.
– [Situation] Snookers! Bye snooks! (Pauly D kissing) Weirdo, get out of here. (guys laughing) I wonder if they’re drunk? So waking Snookie up is not easy. When we used to do her makeup
and then we’d be hung over in the mornings to go to
a talk show or something. I would have no choice but to straddle her like a sea biscuit and do her makeup while she was sleeping. Because it saves time,
she can get sleep in and I got my job done, and I don’t have to deal with her talking. (booming music)