Snorkeling at Obhur Beach Jeddah Red Sea – underwater shot and enjoy beautiful fishes – Saudi Arabia

Hello friends! today i am going you to take you to new adventure place actually me and my friend we decided to visit jeddah so we love to do snorkeling so we decided to do snorkeling at obhur beach in jeddah! let see! what is snorkeling? snorkeling is a practice of swimming and we are using some diving mask during the swimming so and we are also using swimfins in the feets so it can help you to do swimming underwater so the basic purpose of the snorkeling is to enjoy the water life and we wanted to see some life in the sea in the water and we enjoyed alot! so let’s continue and enjoy! snorkeling can be done from the surface of water without using cylinders and without the need to be completely under water as a result, less nervousness is involved than in scuba diving without any great physical effort it is adapted to almost any age since snorkelers can just let themselves float at the surface of the water snorkeling is a great opportunity to develop an interest and curiosity for the wealth of the undersea world while snorkeling we have seen alot of fishes and we enjoyed alot and it’s so beautiful they looks so amazing and there are alot of fishes we saw in the water