Sunset at Aninuan Beach resort Puerto Galera | Mindoro Oriental Philippines

good morning, magandang umaga, guten tag
Mula sa Sunset Beach at Aninuan Beach Resort here in Mindoro Orientals…
next to white Beach? its basically puerto Galera and it’s amazingly
beautiful from the included continental breakfast with the sweetest pineapple in the world,
to the fantastic morning beach I see a lawn chair over there with my
name on it this is amazing
this is like barely a 2 or 3 hour trip from Manila no planes no tanim bala, just a
bus and a banca, or a sea jeepney Which a friend of mine once coined
it and I thought that was rather clever Ahhh – Philippines this is Mindoro oriental
puerto galera near white beach. Malapit lang those white beaches are crazy, crazy
zone of like … I don’t even want to say… it’s just crazy But I’ll show you… I’ll show you later – Mamaya lucky number seven the rooms pretty simple
a little more expensive than main white beach of course only in the Philippines so quiet here it’s amazing I’m like the only person here and this
place is huge one beach over is the crazy white Beach
super party zone yeah I think I’ll I’ll take a look later but this is what I
wanted I feel like I’ve had enough of Manila enough of the bait switch, enough of
the craziness enough of the starving children and the
sad stories ang kaibigan ko suffering, it’s almost like it’s a different
world here this is the real Philippine is not that Manila madhouse although I
love Manila… some of the best memories of my life are
in Manila you know my idea of a good stage show
usually isn’t four dudes busting a groove in hip-hop threads and bikinis, but this
is white Beach and if you haven’t figured it out
or you just didn’t know white Beach is renowned for its ladyboy burlesque style
shows the stages are side by side in this one stretch of beach and they all
blare overly loud music to drown out the show that’s going on right next to it
it’s a bizarre scene and why you don’t want to stay in a room on the beach
here and this is a good example of why And this you don’t want to sit in the front row
for one of the stage shows here no this wasn’t rehearsed I figured if I
acted like a ham it would make a ridiculous situation
even funnier after all one can’t take themselves too seriously
when drafted for audience participation at the neighborhood burlesque Beach
Theatre and besides the obvious problem the challenge was I had no idea what to
do okay time out, at about this moment it
dawned on me that this must look just all kinds of wrong have you ever had one
of those it might not have been such a good idea kind of days? and then it gets
worse yeah! biatch actually grabs my package, that’s just all kinds of crazy
wrong you’ll notice I’m not actually holding that leg? yeah
she’s got it propped up there I’m thinking there’s no way I’m waiting til
the end of this song to get off the stage when I see my moment I’m out leaving the absolute insanity of ladyboy
white Beach behind trying to find my way back up to the road
this should be fun This helps – of course having a laser beam Cree
flashlight you should see how dark the road is all the way down here,
I can’t believe girl at the resort is like oh just walk down… in the super black
darkness back that way white Beach and the road
it has lights up this way, up there, this is the last light it’s into darkness
significant and serious darkness the cool thing about the red light is
that it preserves your night vision but it gets so dark walking up this little
stretch of road here that you really need a little something extra I highly
recommend the Cree flashlight cuz it rocks! it’s like a friggin laser beam yeah I walk right into that man what’s pretty amazing is when you kill
the main flashlight, the Cree which is awesome the darkness envelops you here
and sounds of the trees Or the forest here.. becomes like this other wordly, cacophony of creepy sounds. And you get super hard-pressed>to turn the flashlight back on WTF was that?? Dude walking up behind… He doesn’t have a light keep an eye on him.. yeah this is a breakfast actually here
at the sunset at Aninuan beach resort in the Philippines it looks like fresh water that’s feeding
out of the River? jungle? into the sea , i’ve seen this a couple of times in different islands I don’t know that’s freshwater so cool, I don’t think I can drink it, and
it’s probably got bacteria and stuff in it but you could boil it obviously house retaining wall when in the beautiful Philippines and
those antibiotics may not be enough good old tonic water to the rescue. does
a tummy right. chicken coconut stew Filipino style and I want to let you know Canada is in
the House today and check out what’s for breakfast good old San mig light! can’t
beat it! Philippines gotta love it right? (Absolutely) so I used to
think that the greatest thing that came out of Canada was rush and not to
diminish them in any way shape or form my new Kaibigan ko I was lucky
enough to meet him here at the resort what do you think of this place man?
absolutely amazing here four years now and I couldn’t picture going anywhere
else actually to be quite honest Oh fantastic and I think that that’s
perfect words of advice I was thinking about that and of all the places I’ve
gone in the Philippines and sometimes the hassle and sometimes it’s totally
awesome but when it comes right down to it this place is pretty close like the
two three hours from Manila no planes no bullet planting, no trains planes yeah
trains planes and boats so so well thanks thanks so much man it’s great
meeting you… fantastic can we catch up again absolutely looking forward to seeing your stuff… yeah enjoy yeah all right lunch time