this video is an unscientific comparison between the beaches that we’ve been to namely the beaches in Kenting fulong beach and this one which is special on beach by chuan Beach [Music] [Applause] you heard the man we set out to create a highly opinionated unsophisticated in truly circumstantial delivery of our favorite beach in Taiwan so far so prepare for a labored and exhausting video about sand textures and water quality before we finally reveal our number one just kidding it’s this Beach this is our favorite it’s called by chuan and it’s in the very north of Taiwan it’s impossible to make this video without pissing everybody off but without further ado here’s why we like it if the goal is looking for a beach that doesn’t have those unbearable douche bags with giant muscles crushing beer cans off their foreheads and playing volleyball or the little children that have no ethical moral or geographical boundaries then this place is pretty good yeah it’s just sunny there’s not many people here and you would think like it’s a Sunday afternoon and it’s beautiful it hasn’t been for a little bit like primetime to come yeah yeah it’s great it’s worth mentioning that our enjoyment of beaches is highly contingent upon many factors like the time of year the day of the week the company we bring with us and of course the weather we loved fulong beach because it was a relief from the rain that weekend it was hot quiet and has beautiful surroundings also Jermel was with us and we always have fun together however we found through long to be a bit far from transit and there wasn’t many places to get food at the time we went perhaps being a hungover and forgetting our bathing suits didn’t aid in our overall first impression either [Music] we loved Little Bay Beach in Kenting it was an amazing weekend overall the sand was soft it was quiet and we were with our friends eivin dan Mikan who make everything better there’s a little river that cuts through it and the scenery was truly beautiful but if you live in Taipei like we do this beaches anything but a day trip [Music] south bay beach in Kenting was great too it’s especially beautiful at sunset but as the Sun drifted away it became chilly and I would argue that the sunset is beautiful everywhere in Taiwan it’s also a lot busier and there were tractors driving all around us like it was the preparation for the Calgary Stampede by chuan Beach has it all soft clean sand clear water awkward outdoor showers public washrooms plenty of shops and restaurants all reasonably priced and very few people we were just missing the regular ragtag bundle of friends that usually come with us but this place wins our unofficial inconsequential award for being our favourite Beach so far [Music] your experience will be different so if you get there and find yourself utterly shocked and appalled that the restaurants don’t serve the caviar gram coupon that you’re used to don’t get all smashy and come looking to slash our knees okay bamm-bamm [Music] you [Music]