The Duggar Family’s Attempt To Hide Their Double Lives

With The Duggar family’s many rules, from
banning beach trips to CCing their parents on texts, it’s no surprise that these conservative
reality stars have to lead double lives. At best, they’re faking their kitchen skills. At worst, well…we’re not even going to get
into the worst, because Josh would need his own video entirely. But here’s a look at the rest of the Duggar
family’s attempts to hide their double lives. Fired for being gay? According to someone who allegedly worked
on the show and spoke with Gawker, Michelle Duggar once got a gay crew member fired after
discovering his sexuality. Back in 2008, when the family began preparations
for its first trip to the Today Show in New York City, a new crew member accidentally
outed a gay member of the crew dubbed “Jimmy.” Michelle had reportedly approached producers
to find out if New York was, quote, “scary for kids” because she heard it was: “Overrun by…gays [who may be] causing problems.” The new crew member turned to “Jimmy” and
jokingly asked if he was causing any problems. Michelle then pulled a producer to the side,
started yelling, and demanded to know if “Jimmy” was really gay. “Jimmy” apparently responded with, “Well, darling, depends on who’s asking.” He was subsequently fired due to, quote, “causing
conflicts with the talent,” which is a unique way of saying Michelle was intolerant. “The truth comes out eventually, anyway, and
it’s not pretty.” Jill’s family recipes Jill Duggar might not be as skilled in the
kitchen as fans are led to believe. According to Inquisitr, the Counting On star
has been accused of plagiarizing recipes and posting them on her own blog. The saga began when Jill posted a stuffed
zucchini recipe and claimed, “Our neighbors gave us a bunch of big zucchini
right after we got married, and in trying different recipes, I adapted them into my
own and this one became a fave!” Of course, adapting means you’re changing
something, which Jill seemed to have done in a very minimal way when compared to a recipe
on The photo, however, was exactly the same,
but she later swapped it out. Inquisitr also claimed that Jill admitted
to lifting a slow cooker recipe from Chowhound, and possibly lifted recipes from Salvadorian
Recipes and SlideShare. Her website now has a disclaimer that says: “[Recipes] may have not originated on our
site and/or have been adapted from other sites.” “Keep it wild” You wouldn’t expect any member of such an
outwardly conservative family to have a wild romp in the bedroom, but such is reportedly
the case for Amy Duggar. “What do you want from me?” She tied the knot with her husband Dillon
King in September 2015, and by her own account, she’s been experimenting with her sexuality
ever since. In a TMI interview with People, Amy admitted
she gets down and dirty with her husband, quote, “all the time.” To stave off the bedroom boredom that comes
with spending so much time between the sheets, Dillon claimed the pair likes to: “Keep it fresh, keep it wild.” Apparently, that has something to do with
the massage beds, firelight, candles and, quote, “the whole shebang.” Though Amy and Dillon appeared on Marriage
Boot Camp: Reality Stars, it’s pretty clear they’ve worked out some of their issues. Joy-Anna’s shotgun wedding? It’s hard to pinpoint if Joy-Anna Duggar is
a family rule breaker, although her 2017 pregnancy raised a lot of questions among fans. According to some conspiracy theorists, the
Quiverfull Christian might not have been so fearful when it came to the act of premarital
sex. According to the Daily Mail, Joy didn’t help
the rumors of a shotgun wedding to her fiance Austin when the pair moved their wedding to
four months earlier than the original October 2017 date. InTouch reported that the speculation continued
when fans accused the star of posting old photos on Instagram to hide the fact that
her baby bump was suspiciously large. Some people speculated that Joy might be having
twins, but People reported that she welcomed just one baby boy in February 2018. Mission work or vacation? Jill and Derick came “under fire” in 2015
when fans questioned whether or not they used mission donations to take a family holiday,
according to Entertainment Tonight. In July 2015, the Dillards shipped off to
Central America with their then-five-month-old baby to do some mission work. They first solicited donations to their tax-exempt
organization, Dillard Family Ministries, and claimed, “God has put a desire in our hearts to serve
Him internationally for longer than the typical short-term mission trip.” Unfortunately, it didn’t really seem like
the Dillards were doing as much mission work as everyone thought, and it most certainly
didn’t seem as long-term as advertised. Radar Online reported that the pair took a
month-long break just two months into their trip, which started to anger fans, who questioned
what the donations were being used for. Jill and Derick eventually relented to the
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